Woke up this morning, with a feeling as if I’d only come back half from Night School. Just about to keep me in control of my body, but with a lightness in my mind usually caused by copious amounts of alcohol. And I knew it couldn’t be that, because even if I can still taste it, my last Scotch was over four years ago. And even that wasn’t the last of a daily quota, but more like a quarterly indulgence. I’m quite sure it isn’t a case of too little blood in my alcohol.

At work things go fine, making steady progress, and with little or no setback, interruptions, or other stuff that distracts from the Now. Writing this is just the of a small coffee break, and having to wait for my computer to do some of the work for me. Otherwise, all is quiet: no mails except the occasional spam or contributions to , and hardly any reactions on what I do post. It’s like my Higher Self has posted herself just outside my of influence, to make sure I’m not disturbed. Maybe that for a ’s novel is a bit more important than I’m currently gauging it….

The idea came from a fellow traveller on the train. He figured kids nowadays are far more into reading than their parents are. And they are right: if I had a book case I wouldn’t know how to fill it with the four or five in my possession. But both my kids have ample collections of , CDs, DVDs, and computer games! They are the buying public nowadays!

So, let’s give them something to enjoy: Ashley, a somewhat shy twelve year old , is crazy about computer games. Her uncle, who develops stuff like that, invites her over to test his latest  brain , a level game which doesn’t even have a name yet. But it is a smash hit: a bit too much actually. Ashley dives in headlong, and is so caught up in it her uncle has a problem trying to separate her from her newfound addiction. She keeps coming back for more, even when her uncle isn’t there. Pretty soon he comes home to find her in a comatose state behind the controls. That’s where the story splits: on the outside, Ashleys family doing their best to get the to come out of it, and on the inside Ashley, who finds that her new addiction has taken on a whole new level…..

So yes, I guess I have something to do again, when the daily stuff is done.

Love your Creativity,