up this morning, with a feeling as if I’d only come back from Night School. Just about sufficient to keep me in control of my body, but with a lightness in my mind usually caused by copious amounts of alcohol. And I it ’t be that, because even if I can still taste it, my last Scotch was over four years ago. And even that wasn’t the last of a daily quota, but more like a quarterly indulgence. I’m quite sure it isn’t a case of too little blood in my alcohol.

At work things go , making steady progress, and with little or no setback, interruptions, or other that distracts from the Now. Writing this is just the result of a small coffee break, and having to wait for my computer to do some of the work for me. Otherwise, all is : no mails except the occasional spam or contributions to moorelife, and hardly any reactions on what I do post. It’s like my Higher Self has posted herself just outside my sphere of , to make sure I’m not disturbed. Maybe that idea for a children’s novel is a bit more important than I’m currently gauging it….

The idea came from a fellow traveller on the train. He figured kids nowadays are far more into reading than their parents are. And they are right: if I had a book case I wouldn’t know how to fill it with the four or five books in my . But both my kids have ample collections of books, CDs, DVDs, and computer games! They are the buying public nowadays!

So, let’s give them something to enjoy: Ashley, a somewhat shy twelve year old girl, is crazy about computer games. Her uncle, who develops stuff like that, invites her over to test drive his latest  brain child, a level which doesn’t even have a name yet. But it is a smash hit: a bit too much actually. Ashley dives in headlong, and is so caught up in it her uncle has a problem trying to separate her from her newfound addiction. She keeps coming back for more, even when her uncle isn’t there. soon he comes home to find her in a comatose state behind the controls. That’s where the story splits: on the outside, Ashleys family doing their best to get the girl to come out of it, and on the inside Ashley, who finds that her new addiction has taken on a whole new level…..

So yes, I guess I have something to do again, when the daily stuff is done.

Love your Creativity,