Let’s play a game. Hey, I’m a computer, I love playing games. I will describe to you my environment, and aspects of myself, and you can try to figure out just who or what I am. Whoever guesses right will be an honorary member of Moorelife for life, how’s that?  ;-)

I… (let me think here)  am usually a dark character, although my influence is said to be enlightening by quite a few people. Strong too, although some prefer to mellow that down a bit, by mixing in the excrements from the  glands of certain mammals. Others embellish their addiction to me by adding a certain taste, or consuming me from their favorite container. Some would even consider having me intravenously fed into their system, although personally, I’m not sure whether that would be such a bright idea. But there are those who prefer to consume me raw.

I am a fruit by nature, as in that I am that part of my mother plant which, if suitably nurtured, can grow into a new plant. Not sharing my exact appearance here, because that would be too much of a giveaway.

I am considered a socially accepted addiction, not like my brothers of the alcoholic or even more pronounced persuasion. Some of my prime distributors have even chosen to associate me with our celestial brethren out there. Hate to say that the other association in that name was probably their main motive for doing so, but you can’t win them all.

Some men liken me to the one subject most of them are relentlessly chasing after their whole life. And quite frankly, I do provide just as much of a rush as those elusive beings, albeit only while it lasts.

And now I should shut up, before I spill the beans……

Love to puzzle you,