Inspiration comes from the most mundane things in life. The catalyst that started this article was something one of my ladies had done, or actually had not done….   Of course her mother phoned about it, because she is the one perceiving it to be a problem. But because she figured it was not her problem, she spent about ten minutes actively trying to get the juvenile delinquent in case to fix it!

When Laura had enough, and threw the receiver down, it rang again almost immediately. Laura handed it to me, saying: "I’m not gonna answer that!". Well, I won’t take any bets on what I then did, because you’d all bleed me dry! Yes, I’m that transparent: I calmly answered it….

And the weird part was, that while communicating with my ex, I found myself wandering into the subject of communication. Explaining to her calmly, that if you’re giving off the vibration of an attacker (not saying she is one), you are likely to get a defensive posture in return, instead of the willing cooperation you are aiming at. Things calmed down, and after that I had the occasion of talking to Laura about it: she confirmed that Mum’s expectation of being told: "Yes Mum, I’ll do it next week" for instance, was never spoken simply because even though Laura was willing to cooperate, she just didn’t know yet when she’d be able to comply.

Yes, that’s my role in this ‘household’: I usually don’t pick the fights, and people don’t even pick a fight with me, but I spend considerable time listening to all of them, trying to get them to see the other one’s point, making them realise their own behaviour, and in the process also disarming any misconception they have of my role in this: I don’t take sides, staying right in the middle. And that’s sometimes damn hard if your (ex)-spouse wishes to have you on her side, against any threat she perceives! 

Heck, I always thought of "diplomacy" as a rather nasty word, because there are a number of other concepts linked to it in my mind, but in fact it is remarkably similar to what I’m doing, right?  Basically, you are just trying to ‘push’ things along in the general direction of wherever your discernment is nudging you to go. I know you think it could be your ego pushing as well, but "All is One", remember? Call it whatever you want, but it is still you who are doing it!

And it is I who am doing it: basically just enjoying myself juggling words around, like the jester on ’s requiem for Freddy called Innuendo. 

There is this force field around language, and like many I can sense that. It’s like discernment knocking on the door every word of the way, showing you what fits best to express your true feelings. I’ve complained in the past that my discernment frequently let me down, but I just realised it didn’t: it’s just that I also never realised that my strongest link with it is writing!

And it doesn’t matter how I’m writing: whether it is oldfashioned handwriting, which I abhor, or typing it up on the keyboard, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that in writing, I am what Abraham-Hicks calls in the vortex, every single second of it! At that very moment, I perceive the Language Source, as well as the Communication Source beyond it, both closely linked to the Ultimate Source (and we all know who that is). 

Tapping into Sources is what we all do, without exception. We each have our particular set of Sources,  sometimes also called our talents. I guess it is just a point of finding the Sources within us that come through the loudest. But sometimes these are so common to you, you never even notice they are there!

So yes, I am a WordBender, but not in the way this sounds! In a way, we all are: we believe a certain thing, and thus try to gently steer our surroundings  into the general direction of where we believe it is going, because we also want to go there. Or away from it if we aim to avoid it. But why not take the alternate approach, the way of the WordMender: expressing our preference for the more positive alternatives, knowingly just enjoying to make our language aimed in the general direction of the Light? And it is not just our environment: we continually speak to ourselves as well, with the same language we use out there.

As soon as positive voicing becomes our second nature, we no longer worry about whatever happens next, because our beliefs will always steer us in the better direction. And then magical things may happen…..

Love your Language, but don’t mind it!