Greetings dear ones for I am Kryon of magnetic service.

is beautiful to be back in Munich once again, enjoying the warm
weather. There is much love in the air and there are many, many changes
coming to everybody’s lives.

As we spoke last, love is the
answer?and after the year 2012 love will be the only way. Love will
be the way of manifestation and love will be the way. No longer will
the negative energies of anger, sadness and hurt come into play. This
is not for everybody in the beginning; first of all there will be a
wave of 144,000 people going ahead into the new and they will
create a new world and begin taking people forward into the new

The love is beginning to flow dear ones, the new world
is beginning, there are new processes and new ways of healing coming
forward; new ways to let go of negative energies and a clearer
understanding of love. There is a new way forward. This will bring
much joy and freedom to this world, a new state of being. There will
be new energies of love and this will merge with the technology that
has been created over the last three hundred years; a more fair state
of being and an easier way of being. Hearts will begin to open and
you will love your life with an open heart. The new energies will
bring a much easier way of healing and co-creation.

Dear ones
your spirit guides are coming into the room. Welcome them into your
space for there are many, many beings from spirit world arriving in
the moment. Allow the love to flow, allow the connection, and create a
space for spirit. Feel the spirit flow into the room, feel the
energies of Kryon… Kryon is going to take a much stronger role in the
healing of the planet.

Allow yourselves to close your eyes… and
drop into your bodies. Connect to Mother-Earth through the soles of
your feet and your base chakra. Imagine Mother-Earth beneath you, and
in the middle of Mother-Earth a beautiful pink heart. Allow yourself
to descend into this pink heart. And observe your feelings, observe
your breath. Allow your bodies to relax, observing your breath and
connecting deeply to Mother-Earth… and allow the love to flow…
connecting with your neighbor in the circle. Allow the love to flow
from your heart to everybody in the room and receive love from
everybody in the room. Allow for a deeper and deeper connection to
Mother-Earth and a deeper and deeper connection to your fellow man;
through your hearts.

Observe your heart; is your heart open, is
it closed? Are there blockages in your heart? Observe your heart and
be with your heart… the ears in your heart often hear better than the
ears on your head, and the ears in your heart are those that must
hear this message as you truly begin this journey moving from your
head into your heart. This is an age old journey that has been
practiced for thousands of years and everyone in this room has made
this journey at least once before and we call on that light to be
your guide so you can remember once again how to move from your head
into your heart. All you’ve learned on this earth is stored in your
head but your heart is connected to the universe and knows
everything, everything that there is to know about everything.

time to allow yourself to listen to your heart… allowing your head
to merge with your heart… and gently relax. In the West there is too
much emphasis placed on the logical mind, and in the new energy the
heart will rule. You are all on a journey to opening your hearts fully,
fully opening your hearts, keeping your hearts open at all times. In
order to do this you have to become very, very soft. Allow yourselves
to be soft and gentle; in the softness and in the gentleness you can
feel the love. Love is soft and gentle and in manifesting your life,
you are stirring the softness and gentleness.

What is soft
and what is gentle in your energy is very easily wounded. The Western
world doesn’t care much for softness and gentleness. It sounds like a
paradox that the softness and gentleness will create inner strength
but that is the paradox. You may not believe it in the moment but
this is something you have to put to test, you have to challenge
yourselves to move into a new world where everything is soft and
gentle; hardness is not part of the story, strength is part of the
story. The softer and the more gentle we become the stronger you will

Allow your energies to get softer and softer. We are here
this night to allow the healing of your masculine self. The deepest
healing happens when you feel the softest and the most vulnerable.
Allow yourself to become softer and more gentle. You are going deeper
and deeper into your bodies. You will learn to love your bodies and
learn to truly love yourselves. This state of self love happens when
your inner parents are loving each other. You need this to happen for
yourselves to experience self-love.

What is going to happen
in the next one to two years is that your inner parents will begin to
love each other and you will emulate this on the inner planes of
yourself. You are here to copy the universe; your solar system. There
are double meanings when you hear “as above so below” and “as within
so without”. This means that what is going on on the inside of
yourself you are creating without in your material world. The other
meaning is that you have an example of a solar system that works in
perfect harmony and this is what is there to be copied. This model
will allow you to exist in perfect harmony with yourself and the
universe… not only in harmony but in synchronicity.

So let’s
allow your energies to go higher and higher… allow yourselves to feel
what it feels like in 2012. Allow yourselves to connect with the
universe. Put all your awareness and your consciousness in the
universe. Purely through invocation you can do this and feel how the
universe feels. This will automatically take you to a higher
vibration; that is, you are going to higher vibrations and your fear,
sadness and anger can get in the way of all this.

So as you are
moving into the energies of the universe allow your feelings to come
and let them go. Let your feelings come and let them go… your
feelings are the gateway to the new world. The more courage you have
to feel what you don’t want to feel the more you can let go.

dear ones is going to get easier and easier… the energies of the new
world are coming to meet you now and gently guide you forward into
the energies of 2012. Change is never easy… one day you are one thing
and the next you are the other. When stepping into the unknown there is
always fear. There is always something to stop you stepping into the
unknown so be aware of this and let your fears come and let them go…
and just know that love is one of the things that you truly fear the
most, and your essence is one of love.

You are to become your
essence. If we can use the analogy of the story of a caterpillar:
when it is young it lives on the mulberry leaves, it eat and eats and
gets fat and then it covers itself in silk threads and eventually it
metamorphoses and leaves the cocoon… heading out into the world, a
world where a butterfly can fly high from flower to flower or
wherever it wants to go. A human being is no different, maybe not
eating a lot and getting fat, but going through a process and
metamorphosing is very human. This is a journey you are all on.

silk threads are an analogy of all your parents limitations and
wounding. So in order for you to hatch your butterfly you have to pull
thread by thread out of the cocoon in order to find your authentic
self… and that authentic self is not wounded; and will enter the new
world in a state of wholeness and oneness… totally connected to the
universe… at one with the universe and in absolute synchronicity with
the universe. You will be in love, you will be in love with yourself
and everyone will love you. You will become that magical being that
walks that magical path between heaven and earth.

That is your
journey… much easier said than done. I hear your complaints, “when
is this 2012 coming?”, “What is happening?”, “What is the next issue I
have to get through?”, “More inner work?” We hear all this, and just
know that each step that you take towards the new world is one step
closer… and you are growing and you are understanding the universe
and by understanding yourself you are understanding the universe and
by understanding the universe you are understanding yourself.

it is so important to work through your family issues is that the
sun is the energies of your fathers… your father is the collective
energy of all the fathers in your family. Inherently if your fathers are
weak, there will be no sunshine in your life. What you are looking
for with your inner work is the relationship between the sun and the
earth. This is what you want to bring on the inside of yourself… the
energy of the sun which is 95% of the entire solar system.

sun holds the earth, it does not control the earth; it doesn’t tell
the earth what to do. The sun just holds the earth and what you
looking for in your inner selves is that your father holds your mother.
This is all inner work; everything we speak of now is about the inner
world, the inner planes of the psyche. So you want your inner father
to be strong so that he can hold the space for your mother to have
the experience she would love to have. The stronger your inner father
is the more your inner mother can move into the feminine. As your
inner mother moves more and more into the feminine roles the more she
loves the inner father… your inner mother loves being feminine, she
will enjoy being a woman. And the most important thing of all is that
your inner child learns and grows from this experience and just
copies your inner mother and your inner father.

The stronger
that your inner father is and the stronger and more feminine your
inner mother is the greater the space for your inner child to grow
becomes. Don’t make the mistake of focusing all your energies on your
wounded child. True healing is healing the entire family
constellation… this includes your mother and your father and your
grandparents and great grandparents and your ancestors. Your aunts and
your uncles, your cousins, nieces and nephews all these aspect of your
family play a role, and as you bring each aspect into divine
balance, divine order, you yourself become stronger and stronger and
more and more connected to the universe… creating that space for you
to enter the new world… to have the experience that you really want
from of your life.

Dear ones, this knowledge has been kept
secret. For many thousands of years few people have learned the
secret and now that it is no longer a secret this knowledge belongs
to you. Own this knowledge and allow this knowledge to flow into your
bodies. Sometimes some things don’t go in too easily and in years
gone by a man would have had to meditate his entire life to come to
this conclusion. You are honored and you are honoring yourselves by
understanding this knowledge. The energies have shifted for
everyone’s family constellation, and it needs a little kick start.

you who are all healers here on this earth it is your job to get
your own family constellation in order… to bring peace and harmony
through your bodies in exactly the same order as the solar system. What
would have taken lifetimes to accomplish is now going to happen in
the next two years. The love is going to flow… the love will flow
from you to your brothers and your sisters, unconditionally from you
to your mothers and from your mothers and fathers… from you to your
children, to your aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews and
cousins. Everything is going to flow into divine order. This dear
ones is the journey.

Allow your energies to rise higher and
higher to the energies of 2012. It is the energy of harmony; it is
the energy of your family constellation flowing into absolute divine
order. Love will flow… you will have support… you will have energetic
support from your spirit guides, from your angels, and even more
support from Kryon; for the energy of Kryon is being beamed stronger
and stronger to the earth.

In years gone by, what took an entire
healing session will now take only a matter of minutes. Everything is
to be accelerated and everything is to be held. Feel the energy
gently moving up to the energy of 2012… handing over to Kryon the
issues you have in your family and allow yourself to see your mother
and father loving each other. This is the secret of self-love.

know we are repeating ourselves and we don’t want you to forget
this. Love is coming to planet earth, we don’t want a hit and miss
situation; we want you to be absolutely clear. We want to put big sign
boards up showing you the way to oneness and wholeness… to love, peace
and joy. We want these big sign posts to show you the way to the new

There are two energies that stand in your way; they
are the military energy and the wound. These two energies
once they are released, like taking the keystones out of a bridge,
will collapse. The healing will become as easy as taking candy from a

The days of pulling your hair out and wondering “what is
going on, why I can’t get that and this right?” are almost over. When
these energies are on the inside of you nothing will go right… it is
the way it is designed. If your father has military energy then your
mother will also have it; everything is a mirror. This will only
create attrition between your inner mother and father… it creates
disharmony and lack of communication… in fact this energy doesn’t
care whether it communicates or not, it just wants what it wants!
This energy doesn’t give you anything, it just takes. There is no
room for softness and gentleness; the energies of softness and
gentleness can’t survive near the energy of militarism. Even if we
say there is a place for this military energy on planet earth, which
we can’t say, this energy doesn’t belong in your family.

husband and wife had a vision or a dream for their marriage; and
where there is military energy you can throw the dream out the
window. Every problem, 100% of every problem, can be solved by love.
There is no love whatsoever in military energies or in the energy of the
fisher king wound.

Military energy is about control and the
fisher king wound is covert control. Control does not belong on this
planet. The sun holds the earth and everything works perfectly in the
solar system, nothing goes wrong… everything is in harmony… peace
and harmony. Every problem is resolved with love. All a problem is is
the absence of love.

There is no love at the end of a rifle,
there is no love whatsoever, it just makes the problem worse; it just
exacerbates the problem. Love is the only answer. Love can conquer
everything. In it was peaceful demonstrations that
brought the changes, not the armed struggle. Peace and love will
conquer everything.

There is nothing more fearless than true
love. There can always be fear of love, but when the fear is gone
then you feel the love, it is another world, a world of ecstasy and
constant connection… becoming that magical being wandering that path
between heaven and earth… that magical being is a love-being. Love is
flowing at such a high vibration that it is ecstatic.

You are
all between 95% and 98% of the energies of 2012… allow this energy
to go higher and higher… let the love flow and hand over your fears
of love. Surrender. That means hand over your weapons. No more
fighting; the fight you are having in your outside world is only a fight
that is going on in your inner world. The first to walk away is the
winner… so let the other person walk away and find someone else to
fight with. Wipe your brow and thank God that that is over.

is always going to win. All you are doing is stopping an inner
fight. It is just a waste of energy, two parts of yourself fighting.
You walk away from the fight and the love flows. Nobody can take away
from you what belongs to you… what is yours is yours… the more love
that is in your heart the more you have and the more it belongs to

Allow yourselves to feel the energies… what you feel you
create… and with this energy that you are feeling now you will be
creating the life that you want… the life that you dream of.

Welcome to 2012 in 2010; this is the new energy. Go well and god bless dear ones for this is Kryon signing out.

Good night, God bless and thank you.

Copyright © David Brown.  All rights reserved.