Channeler: Aruna Byers

Anchoring light around the globe must come out of the mastery of
humans. It doesn’t begin in other realms. Other changes do begin in
, but light activation comes from the inner light
calling for more outer light. Gifts of the kind our Angels desire to
give to mankind are the most major answer to man’s health and
continuation of his species. Once the technology is given, it will need
man’s agreement to be manufactured. Most of its components are already
available, but not the heart of its mechanism, the conduit of zero-point
. This is the only consciousness that can allow this
great adventure.

My dear ones, this is the consciousness needed for . Only
this consciousness can manifest the delight we desire. When the Masters
are given a most definite go-ahead to activate more to their next
awareness, a new definition of Mastery can be given. This definition
cannot be understood yet.

Practices to ascend have been good as a generator of Merkaba
consciousness. All who do this are moving light into man’s domain. As
this light becomes more and more activated, more than one can ascend and
the that are coming can go on to their materialized
level. Happiness can cause more dreams to come out of hearts for
manifestation. Passive contentment can also create magic, if attitudes,
clear of negativity, are attracting hands of light to assist.

Face the controllers with mass consciousness at zero-point and
nothing they desire can be achieved. Mankind can create the destiny that
God promised at the mountain of Ararat in the desert of the mid-East.
Climb this mountain as Noah did, or get the message before the boat is

Chelas of mine are opening the door of Ascension consciousness. More
work must be done. Anchoring more light means being happy, giving from
the heart, acting like the world will be created as the heart desires.
Freedom is consciousness. Pure consciousness is the most awareness
possible while humans are under the influence of mental control. No
doing comes next, when the only one doing anything is God. God brings an
answer to every concern. Give up your mental dramas, and give your
heart and mind a chance to merge. This is the consciousness of your own
divine nature.

All the apostles of the one called Jeshua ben Joseph are now
incarnated. Their role in this drama is to lead the heart opening. All
their lives have been about opening their own hearts. Mary is also
incarnate, as is her child, the one called "Magdalene’s gift to Jesus".
This child is to be heard before ascension. Many do not believe in this
contract I am speaking of, but for those who do, my mention of this may
advance more happiness. Happiness is the way to ascension.

Give this message your greatest consideration.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

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