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Message from Naeshira | Ashira

Telepathic transmission 15 September 2010


The remaining aspects within the year are for reminding you of
your inner glory and awakening your multidimensional eye to light
(information). This inner eye is held in such high regard, that its
availability is entrusted to those whose frequency has already elevated
to love and compassion. For the knowing that accompanies the activation
of this inner eye is expansive and precise. Clarity begins to permeate
your experience in a way which is transformative and liberating; which
might also be alarming, confusing and overwhelming, if one had not
already progressed to a state where the Law of One was beginning to
re-organize your cells, your alignments and your perceptions.

From within this orientation to new ways of seeing, vistas appear
which are not always understood, but over time your clarity will
improve. In the beginning you will notice new angles of
light—shimmering flashes in your peripheral vision, likewise forms will
appear to you even with your eyes closed—such as the energetic templates
of thoughtforms–as your visibility begins to expand beyond 3d layers
of reality.

In addition, there is a profound sense of knowing which is
circular and looping, ever aware of all potentials and possibilities.
This is a vast improvement from the limited 3d sense of factual, linear
and/or singular concepts. Your knowing becomes attuned to ever
evolving, constantly changing potentials–and you are able to navigate
moment to moment from a truly quantum state of clarity and

The inner eye, as it is called, is visual and yet often one
experiences this as knowing they see something rather than seeing
something. Some will have both this knowing and the actually visual
apparatus present. One is not better than the other; these are personal
preferences determined by your own sensibilities and natures, nothing
more. Not a reflection of consciousness in terms of how high your
vibration is.

Expansive, non-linear, quantum informed inner knowing awakened!

Now what?

The 10-10-10 Stargate is a powerful point of alignment. These
dates exist for maximum opportunities to shift timelines in concordance
with collective belief systems evolving and newer paradigms becoming
integrated. Unified focus—meaning unified beliefs, substantially
unified beliefs arriving in focus upon a specific now point, creates the
opportunity to shift timelines. Such is the opportunity of the 1-10-10
Stargate. Remember, a Stargate is a portal.

Once the timeline is shifted, the collective has immediate,
spontaneous access to the new paradigms and to alignment and
participation in the new timeline!

This does not mean that all existing forms of conscious life on
the Earth will immediately embrace the new paradigms. Oh that would be a
denial of free will. However all those born after this moment, will
indeed come forth harmoniously aligned and innately understanding the
new paradigms. In order for those existing on the planet to integrate
the new paradigms there must be willingness and allowing. (You do,
after all, live in a free will universe!) When these (willingness and
allowing) are present the integration of more liberating thoughtforms
will take place upon the shifting of timelines! All who desire to
experience the new, more expansive consciousness available will receive
the upgrade, in parcels which they need to re-organize and shift their
being to the new frequency and perspective platform.

Following 10-10-10 there will be a re-assessment of the progress
toward a higher frequency Earth plane and messages and infusions of
Light from those who are participating with you from beyond your human
reference point, will reflect the new foundation existing on the Earth,
following the shift in timelines and will once more endeavor to inform
you, encourage you and participate with you in the ascending process of

Your role?

Your role is to encounter yourself fully.

This is so much more than you perhaps consider.

We speak to the innately multidimensional nature of the emergent
New Human. And also the wholeness which continually expands as you
integrate an ever-enlarging understanding of your true identity.

To liberate this expansive re-integration of self, there must
first be a clearing. Many of you are experiencing the multiple phases
of release and clearing that prepare you for the multidimensional living
you’ve intended. The many "letting-go" moments, the heat in your
bodies, the moments you are awakened to allow key upgrades to take place
during the quiet hours of your night, the continual refinement of your
sense of self…all of these are or facilitate, essential upgrades to
your vessel.

Within this moment of introspection and awareness and in approach
of the September Equinox–a powerful moment of balance and alignment–
you must seek out and release all limiting thoughtforms which in any way
discredit your Divine nature. This it the remaining stronghold of the
old energetic paradigms; the refusal to fully embrace yourself with
loving delight and great joy.

Although you may find this simple and perhaps not lofty enough,
we encourage you to realize that your own wholeness requires a full
commitment to embracing all facets of you with divine love, and the
curiosity and interest of one caring for a treasured and ever inventive
living presence. You are morphing and integrating new information,
reorganizing and becoming increasingly whole. Do not focus on what is
yet to be done except in noticing it and moving toward its completion.
Otherwise focus on the momentum and the improved experiences you are
having as you increase the love-factor in your own life!

Imagine that you are an endlessly blooming, expanding energetic
flower of sorts, and that your visibility to your petals and layers
continually enlarges, and with this enlargement your delight is

Cultivate a sense of your own expansive awareness and find ways to reconnect with this throughout the day.

A morning practice is a divine way to begin this. IN sleep you
are naturally ONE with All-That-Is and your body, mind, emotions and
spirit are in perfect harmony and balance. When you awaken, take time
to notice this quality within your experience and take note of the
characteristics of this feeling.

What is it like to be fully one and ONE?

Quite comfortable and peaceful isn’t it? For the mind and for
all of you. Enjoy and savor this experience each morning and throughout
the day summon your memories of this fully harmonious, expanded,
integrated state when you can. The goal is to cultivate living in this
balanced, harmonious expanded state more and more. To do so requires
self-love; for any form of self-negation is resistance to wholeness and
balance. So notice, clear out and uproot these. And cultivate the new
integrated, divinely resourced and expanded YOU. This is the playground
of the New Human; beginning with your home base—your own vessel and
focal point, and eventually connecting to your expanded self—the Earth,
the Universe—noticing and articulating the experience and sensibility of
each of these. But I get ahead of myself.

And now I have something very important to share with you, which may surprise some of you.

Your role IS NOT in transmuting for others. It is not in
sending healing energy to the Earth. The Earth and others are on their
own individual paths to ascension. They are fully informed FROM WITHIN
as you are and have no need of your unsolicited advice or energy
transmissions. Only when asked shall you give focus to these extended
aspects of you—those which have their own focal point.

There is a lingering aspect of powerlessness being projected onto
other entirely sovereign aspects of the Universe, which is hidden in
these actions. Your psychology calls this co-dependence. And it lives
on in many Lightworkers. Notice this in your own lives as you may still
not be receiving the abundance and clarity around your work and
self-expression which you desire, and yet? What are you doing? Giving
giving giving to others and the earth as though you have everything.

You do, indeed have everything, but until you can create a way of
allowing it in for yourself, you are not in possession of your own
divine resources. They are in limbo awaiting a sense of worthiness, an
openness and ability to flow into your life. This is what you must
focus on if you are not already overflowing with abundance in your
life—in love, in finances, in clarity, in relationships, in joy, in
health and wellness. Your own wholeness is of utmost importance and
must be your primary concern. No one else can do this for you! And you
cannot do this for anyone else. The idea that you can is an old
paradigm that implied some are powerful and some are not. This is
clearly not accurate. Let go of this and you will find an amazing
amount of resources at your command for doing what you do best—focusing
light and creating!

The invitation dear Lightworkers, is to transition from
Lightworkers TO the New Human. To come forth as the New Human in the
New Earth and get on with the business of creating, expressing,
harmonizing and enjoying the love and unity which are flowing into your

Furthermore, you have a role in the creation of culture and
civiliazation which is far more expansive than anything you are aware
of. To approach this mantle, you must first make the passage to
claiming what you know and who you are. The days of stepping up and
into this role are close at hand (some of you are already playing here!)
and the fun of this scenario is extravagant! Outrageous! Prepare

Call forth all the support and insight you need by asking. Focus
your attention on aligning and balancing your energies. Use the
morning awareness of oneness to learn more how to find this expanded and
naturally harmonious balance within yourself. Learn to listen and give
your allegiance entirely to your inner sense of truth and clarity.
Love yourself until nothing anyone else says matters at all to you in
any way. Marvel and the diversity around you! Use it for inspiration
and ideas if you like! Your life is your life is your life is your
life…is this clear?

You have a sacred purpose. You have an entirely divine blueprint
which has an important role in creating the civilization of the New
Earth. You are needed, vital and profoundly love.

Move into alignment with this at once. Let go of all else.

I remain, divinely focused on your efforts and report that the
heavens are united in our ceaseless enjoyment and happiness as your
expansion continues to unfold.

I AM Naeshira | Ashira.