Posted: 15 Sep 2010 09:41 AM PDT

Channeled by for Life

Dear Ones,

Is life not feeling like a breath of sunshine? Are not all, if not
most, of your concerns fading to nothingness or moving into a place of

For those who have not yet moved into this place, we want you to know
what to expect in the near future. And we want to reaffirm that many
others, including Brenda, are experiencing such feelings. That is not to
say that those experiencing such feelings are better, faster or more
intelligent than you, merely that they are scout masters whose role is
to rapidly create a path for you to follow.

For those of you who feel a bit jealous that some are experiencing
what you so want to experience, we have created this blog so that you
are aware that there is indeed joy at the end of your rainbow and all

Let us explain how this week’s transition came about for Brenda and
you will better understand some of your current dilemmas. She has had
several concerns tied to her home for the past two years that needed to
be rectified. Those concerns reached a crescendo in the past two weeks
with little hope of a rapid or positive fix. Yet within the last 24
hours, almost all have been rectified in a fashion she could not have
envisioned a few weeks ago. The errors, so she thought, have turned into

That is not to say that she is a “Pollyanna” – a type of person so
terribly irritating to most people. But rather, that she tapped into her
and the Universe without even being fully aware that she
did so. Brenda has discovered that her New Age tool kit is
operational&;as is yours.

Let us direct our thoughts away from Brenda and look at the bigger
picture – the picture in which you view your world, as do most others at
the moment.

The media delights in pointing out dramas and chaos – of course, your
world supports the media but that is an issue for another blog. You are
inundated by speeches of rage and anger. The political and economic
scene appears heavy and getting heavier. You, in turn, believe that you
need to hunker down so that what few resources you have will be
maintained when the world finally turns into the complete chaos the
media is encouraging.

In truth, your attempts to hunker down, to save, to discourage
freedom and growth in yourself and others is merely a repetition of the
Old Age thinking that you are trying so desperately to eradicate from
your being. You contend that our thoughts are well and good, but have
little to do with your current reality. Such thoughts are only true for
you if you have maintained an Old Age perception of your reality. BUT if
you would allow yourself to follow your dreams, and thereby access your
new tool kit, you would soon find that your current traumas are indeed
merely a shortcut to your joy. Let us explain.

Old Age logic is that you move from A to B which equals C in a linear
fashion. You maintain your grades in high school so that you can enter
college; so that you can obtain a good paying job; so that you can get
married; so that you can have children; so that they can achieve good
grades in high school and on and on. A pattern of life that as worked
well for your world for eons.

is much more about C+F=A. There is no linear pattern in
the New Age. Examples would be those few miracle people you so admire
because somehow they “beat the system.” Has it ever occurred to you that
people such a of and Oprah Winfrey did not beat
the system, but rather are creating New Age road maps for you? Both Bill
Gates and Oprah overcame seemingly overwhelming obstacles to become
extremely wealthy in an age where college degrees were required and
African-American women were not expected to become ’s daytime
sweetheart. Both are scout masters of the New Age. And now the second
wave of scout masters is awakening.

Many of you cannot fathom that you too could be the next Bill Gates –
it is too overwhelming to contemplate – which is a function of your
parents telling you not to get a “swollen head.” They instead encouraged
you to follow the patterns established by your forebears so that you
good lead a “good life.”

Of course, that good life meant a life very similar to that of your parents and grandparents.

This is the New Age. The Old Age good life no longer applies. Think
new thoughts. Expect new relations and reactions and most important of
all, expect joy.

Now will you or others become extremely wealthy by thinking
differently than your parents? You will if that is what will give you
joy – and you will do so by being a maverick as was Bill Gates. For the
key of this New Age is joy – not pain and work as was true in the Old
Age. It is all about joy.

Many of you are concerned that we addressed the issue of wealth. An
often taboo subject that the Old Age maintained a box around with many
descriptors indicating very wealthy people were never joyful – that
wealth is as much if not more of a burden than is true for poverty. Of
course, neither is a true statement in the New Age. Your joy is where
you find it. Better yet, your joy in the New Age is where you create it.

Which returns us to the first part of this blog. Brenda had major
concerns that she tried to solve consciously in an Old Age fashion.
Subconsciously, she used her New Age tool kit to create solutions that
can only be called miracles. Of course, today’s miracles will be the
expected in the next few years. And as the miracle momentum is created,
the miracles of the future cannot even be dreamed of yet today. But that
is neither here nor there.

Just as is true for Brenda, you can create miracles consciously or
subconsciously. That is your choice. But miracles are now part of your
everyday being, your tool kit  in the sense that the first cell phone
was a miracle and now it is an accepted and expected part of your world.
So be it. Amen.

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