I know, reverence of alliteration would have me write "A Gift from God", but I feel very ‘present’ lately, as in right ‘Now’, get it?…..

It’s not that my racing mind doesn’t visit past and future anymore, but they are more like crystal clear water, as opposed to the sticky goo this used to swim in. Not as much drag as there used to be…

Like this morning, and actually every morning these past two weeks: wide awake way before my phone sounds the alarm, which is now more like a starting gate allowing me the freedom of Life, rather than a reminder to not be late for work.And speaking of work: doing it has eased into enjoying it, where I used to count down the hours. Frankly, jobs I used to dread are performed virtually whistling a tune. I mean I’d love to whistle, but my colleagues feel like they are doing something complex (and enjoying it), so I’d better not. But things now have a way of falling into place: where Fred was reluctant to hand me the post of before, he now seems to have just added that task to my list of things to do. It’s like said to me once about work: "when it is about dividing the work, everybody rushes to get the best bits. I just lean back and scoop up the perfect bits they left over for me.."

Consciousness is a funny thing. As long as Life has you wondering, things aren’t always exactly clear. But the moment wonder turns into awe, all of that no longer matters. You suddenly see that certain quality you admired before in a select few, greatly amplified and beamed back at you from everywhere!

So, ready for role call: "Present!"

Love your Now,