What energies and experiences can we expect during the month of September 2010?

month appears as a huge archway or .  There is something
really powerful about the archetype of a doorway.  It represents the
opportunity for change, and this month provides a unique transition. 
Humanity will take a collective, giant leap forward toward the
of 2012 during this month. 

This is a really important time for
accountability.  It is a really important time to be honest with
yourselves about who you are, about your strengths and your
weaknesses.  It is a last chance to face your mistakes and your regrets
so they can be redeemed.  It is also an important time to truly
acknowledge your gifts and abilities.  This is a really important time
to be willing to acknowledge every part of you without and
without boastfulness, but simply to accept yourself as you are. 

honest with yourself about who you are.  Commit yourself to
improving, but it is time to really own or take accountability for who
you are and what you bring into the world — both the things you view
as positive and the things you view as negative.  If you will do
that, you will find that your path opens up clearly before you.  You
will find, without effort, that the archway expands and you will have a
clear sense of how to move forward in your life.  You may not know
all the details, but you will have a clear sense that you are on track
and that will be an incredible blessing for you this month. 

this month you find that you feel unclear, lost, or overwhelmed —
instead of trying to find your way, bring your attention back to who
you are.  Look at what you have done so far and what this says about
who you are.  Acknowledge your flaws and your strengths and look more
deeply for an internal honesty, and therefore an internal sense of
integrity.  Strive to “walk your talk” this month and if you will do
so, your path will unfold before you.  Things will begin to be clear.
 If you keep trying to look outside yourself, trying to look for a
path that is laid out already, you are going to find yourself flailing
around and struggling.  Any struggle you have this month, bring it
back to a question about who you are, who you have been and taking
ownership for what you have brought into the world and what you intend
to bring forward in the future. 

A useful parable for this
month is the biblical story of Jonah and the Whale.  There are similar
stories throughout the world.  The story of Jonah and the Whale
provides a metaphor for what is happening this month.  Jonah was
swallowed by the whale and eventually released.  This month, allow
your self to be swallowed by the whale. It is important to trust the
larger path that you are on and surrender yourself to it.  The big
energetic doorway is allowing you in to something greater than you ever
dreamed.  Trust that as you move through your challenges this month
that it is leading you exactly where you need to be. 

overarching sense of the month is that surrender and trust in the
bigger picture will get your farther than acting or forcing anything
to happen.  You will be called to action throughout your process and
there will be times this month when action is called for, so not
become entirely passive, but do look for opportunities to surrender in
faith or trust to a higher power, to your higher self, to the
universe or to the power of love.  Whatever it is for you, look for
ways to surrender and to turn it over to the higher part of you.

Is there any further information the Keepers want to tell us about this month?

the midst of all this change, and in the midst of this really grand
energy, do not forget that everything goes better with laughter.
 Everything goes better with joy and there is a deep and profound
sense of joy available in the depths of energy that we are talking
about here.  Look for opportunities to commune with others, look for
opportunities to laugh together.  You may not feel entirely carefree,
but you can access a really deep and abiding sense of joy if you will
continue to look for ways to connect with others, to show love and to
use humor in order to keep things moving.

Be aware that
September 12-17 is particularly a time of great transition.  You may
find a strong sense of something coming or a sense of foreboding. 
These days it will be useful for you to do something to capture your
intuition.  Capture the intuitive thoughts that come to you during
these days.  You might write in your journal, you might write down
your dreams, you might do any intuitive exercises or methods to
channel information or get clairvoyant information.  Use meditation or
whatever other exercises you would like.  But pay attention to what
is coming to your mind; what your gut instincts are telling you these

There is much information available because there is a
strong energy shifting and you can learn a lot if you pay attention
this week.  Many of you, especially those who are sensitive, will feel
uncomfortable this week.  You will feel a sense of foreboding.  Do
your best to not slip into fear.  Do your best to trust the universe
and trust the bigger picture.  All of you know that humanity will
continue to go through suffering and that the changes required for
Planet Earth to become enlightened and humanity to become enlightened,
those changes will inevitably result in suffering for all of you.  Do
not resist or deny the fact of suffering.  Instead, look for love and
look for ways you can offer love, light, consolation and solace for
the people around you.

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