Being the webmaster of , I’m privvy to a bit more information than most outsiders. Not that it is any more enlightening, just a bit more perplexing. Lately I’ve been puzzled by the case of the alien usernames, showing up in my list of self-proclaimed users. I mean I know the actual posting users, added them myself. And a few of the self-proclaimed ones also ring a bell….

But what to think of these? (total user list, names only)

      kibodabi      Hoffmann    LeptMeemo     AbemAscerry     kelaphacece     Cenopesenak     advarveExcura     xgReggie     Joya     misterrrssin     duenuessbab     DekdredoDut     Fawnnebynaw     khipu     MichaelloHH     EagleEyes     JeffH47     MagdalenQ     Queexdyense     widdiblePab     Bulourbelttop     cormulkOccurb     Sakovake     immaxiaSnodia     Fosyevemamy     bloorattylinz     WarifoenHeina     JustyssQ     Bougstito     poubcupeHor     XLJohn     buyrevia     PemePaluesk     buycheaffoftsa     Ageveallogava     woodstockman     SimpleFXtraders     myusenet     Enveraerutt     zevathearne     Arrilitok     myusenetfree     LorWousaprugs     abrangeseda     wheerharf     Alletneogue     GeorgAlvinTT     IdellaIdeveli     radiopodarokker     thuffPift     BizOnline     DenielKrownI     Vzlommailsw     Aroreorce     gedayupdaby     DixxeRell     annovaPam     IYKevinSpacey     tysfuntytus     ketentenBus     geodgininly     zooftcitApodo     buyfqweasdrq     Stobbybax     MCTanyaMsk     Abompebooni     garetillole     appotsmaini     DenielKrownBB     diub     ancesyQuesy     Idereerumbdus     groortJoisK     forexstrategysiYctf     Hydrongargodo     LinsSnors     EbatTarahtet     attaxDussaiff     radiopodarok     Mundensuere     kanoAnosomo     OrerryPertuct     arralsjoidorn     Exegistimmima     AcrorseNori     Littleethittabubots     Pekuncenduh     toilatork     Sergsander     agodsEstuag     Syncalkalty     tkdActiosinc     CreadlyVara     embedydon     buineeallendy     emenostet     unordWoundege     Pattaursela     clekAccotouse     Unidgebib     TricBrurl     ExpappyUphogy     Arrelmsnons     BrasseUsemenT     Addedepaync     howssweefly     FmikEson     Eagedevaf     AgadetinoMara     tucfagrurn     elittytet     GeranXT     heemalpehourl     plodorssewGew     mannohere     Pravagoabehory     Serjxlpt     SpammictHit     PlofsNotsoG     buymedicationszz     Lennyonk     NefOstins     werbcrese     geosmebooxMem     ChaleLefgreal     shulley     Unormoume     retKiSket     AltonySe     iloveu         Papabaze     CedFoepemew     tramalsprinter     prekly         Pebabaza     kinommanka     lizasychka     ahoetoror     vmaker5     Evokstusnon     travels     Stolenfinche     Unlilkvieveag     seishoncofecy     luxmobiles     sypeexposse     Cincthity     Lymnpypesep     Tineappotiare     Prieherywhelo     Drulleype     sculfiscuib     mespleXseno  enzypeDonocky     dauchemeamb     VopproseReX     Gregorstxt     lizasychkae     

Well, you have to admire the creativity that went into that. But they are often so meaningless to the untrained beholder. Even if I totally dig the one that’s called ‘iloveu’ I have no inclination to follow up on the accompanying E-mail address and site, for their characteristics make me have little trust in whatever might come of it.

Funny thing is these users enter their names and addresses, to add a user that can comment, while no registration is required to do so. And even more, of the mysterious variety, no one has ever added a comment with the user they added. Just another out there to keep me pondering….

Love your Mysteries,