Dear ones, all is proceeding according to plan.

You will soon see us, as well as evolved beings from many locations,  make an appearance on your lovely .  Be not frightened as many would have you be.  We come in love and respect, with gifts of awareness and knowledge to give you.  Please  understand that you have been taught to  be frightened of us.  It is a ploy of those who gain power and control through your fear.  The time has come to put an end to those who would have you in bondage to fear, to lack, to limitation.  This is a powerful .Many are feeling the energies of change and yet do not understand how
things can possibly be better or different.  All is ,
and the of the old is rapidly dissipating, allowing the new and
higher to replace it. Consciousness manifests in the outer as… 

Many are awakening, although it does not seem that way when you read the
news.  Try not to listen to all you hear on your news stations, they
are being prompted by the same energies that would have you stay in the
dark. Limit your reading and watching of the news if you are used to
being always involved in it.  Soon you will see and hear other news.  We
will make ourselves known to you in many ways.  Your media is going to
be of them, so be not afraid.. This is our biggest hesitation, we do not
wish to frighten you, but to bring our help and our love at this
critical time.
You who are aware of these messages, will be needed to help those who
will go into a panic as their crashes.  Many  will be
unable to process this new information and will choose to leave.  This
is fine, we welcome all individual choices, for all will evolve at their
right pace, and all will discover that you cannot die.  Can Source
die?  Yes dear ones, you are discovering that you are a manifestation of
Source.  Heretofore, this realization  has been called mysticism and
the belief was that only the "holy " saints and gurus were  mystics. You
revered them and prayed to them, not knowing that you are the same
manifestation as they are.  The only difference is that they remembered

The realization of Oneness is mysticism. That is the new energy you are
graduating in to.  Hooray!  You have done it, you are moving into the
realization of oneness and you don’t have to go to a monastery in the
high mountains, or live in a cloister in , or sit under a tree and
starve yourself.  These are all methods  used by the searching souls
who knew  there was more, but did not know how to access it. Many times
the searching soul had to enter a monastery or convent in order to seek
in peace.

You  are now of an energy that is able to access this deeper
information.  You are evolved enough to comprehend the mystical truth of
Oneness and are quickly moving into it.  "Ordinary" people are just as
much Source in expression and any Saint that has ever been declared. 
Many of the structured religious and dogmatic belief systems would not
believe this or have you believe it, but it is true. Where will the
churces go once people realize they don’t need them? 

You are, as all life is, the manifestation of the One. This is the
secret that only the priests and rabbis were allowed to know in the
ancient times.  I AM was a forbidden phrase, password, or symbol not to
be shared with the "ignorant masses". It is true however, that most
would not of been ready for this information and many did indeed misuse
However, you are ready now.

We say to you rejoice in this awareness, it has been a long time
coming.  The Lights of the past who knew this truth led the way with
their writings and their teachings.  The Master Jesus was one of these
lights who always taught; "The kingdom of God is within you."  He never
intended to be worshiped as the only one who was one with Source.  Do
not ever again look to another person to worship or see as more of God
than you are.

ALL are the manifestation of Source, only in varying degrees of
awareness of it.  That is all there is to evolution… remembering.

We love you,