I’ve never been able to truly the , figuring I’m a handicapped that way. Or it could be that that’ just the way I handicapped myself before coming here, just to see if I could make realization anyway. But that does not mean there is no hope….

My current company consists of youngest daughter Melanie, and two of her friends. But the weird thing is we just had a show of hands about who could see paranormal events: with me abstaining, there still were about two and a half hands in the air!

Melanie was the doubter: she remembered having seen certain things, but remains doubtful whether it was anything out of the ordinary. 

Ivan is an aura reader, and he spent about half an hour telling everybody about their brilliantly colored auras yesterday. I asked him about mine too, but for some reason he wouldn’t tell me. For me, such a refusal simply means I will have to do without that information. No big deal, been flying blind for 47 years anyway.

Tinus has a girl in his home. Not a real live one to fool around with, but a girl who regularly appears in his room. Contrary to the stories normally told about ghosts, this one and shuts doors instead of gliding right through them, and besides being seen, she can also be heared messing around. Of course Tinus’ mother, a lady somewhat younger than me, can not perceive this girl at all.

And that does not mean we  grownups have absolutely no skills when it comes to the paranormal: I remember when I was still married, that my wife and I woke one night, because we heard our poodle Macho climbing the stairs to us on the bed. But even as I heard those sounds I became aware that little Macho was already snuggly positioned in between our bodies, on top of the covers!

But the kids have the advantage on us, I think. The final kid in the collection, , recently was out walking the dog, and told me later that both she and Macho had seen my grandfather outside, the one who gave me my writing skills. She remembered him clearly from the picture where he was holding her as a :

So yes, I may consider myself challenged when it comes to perceiving the paranormal, but even I’m not completely void of such observations: two visions me essential information about the cosmos, and the actual encounter between me and a sylph: it flew along with my train, against the direction that all the other normal clouds were taking!

Quite an array of stuff beyond the normal, but desire for more remains: how I would love to see a UFO descend upon the courtyard in front of the school opposite my home….

Love your mysteries, they free your mind,