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28th September, 2010.

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From Ashtar:

Well well here we are again. I will be brief for there is much
transpiring. We wish you to know that our incredible gratitude is with
our earth personnel who are doing much in disclosing our immeasurable
presence around your globe. This is merely the beginning. You will
experience much more in the coming days. It is time to allow and be open
to the flow of all that happens from this point on. There will be no
dramatic measures from us and we are hoping that what has already begun
with your media will blossom so as to fully transmute any and all

We are at the ready to make contact with your world and we are
deciding to take it in baby steps. The earth and it’s population has
been through much and we fully honour this. This is why we are letting
you know that any introduction to us your star family will be a fully
guided affair with all earth personnel firmly at the helm. I have been
taking some time out of late in order to prepare for the coming time.
Mark was uncertain of channelling his aspect of my . We have
cleared up this and you will be hearing more from me as developments
push on.

There is a snowball effect that has just been put in place by your
news conference that has just transpired and this is gathering much
momentum already. The still believe in a third
dimensional existence although most light workers now operate in a
fourth and fifth . The merging of worlds and the
lifting of veils is now fully in swing. You will see much in the coming
days. We have advised all our in the best steps they can
take in order to be of assistance but do know that heaven is on your

Lightworkers have held the light for much time when it seemed that
this day would never come. We have always been true to our mission and
we wish you to fully know this. You are very special and we work with
you all. I will certainly keep you abreast of all developments. We can
tell you that any disclosure of our presence from this point on will be a
gentle one. We have no wish to alarm. Goodness knows you have been
through enough. Make the most of the equinox energies and of course the

Powerful doorways of new love and light are opening the world over
and will continue to do so. This is heaven’s contingency plan. You no
longer have to do this alone and we wish you to know this the most. You
have all done sterling work. Be gentle with yourself and others in all
future developments and we will certainly keep you abreast and updated
of any further developments. My thanks for your attention and focus dear
friends. I am your friend and brother.


Blessings, Mark.

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Irish News Report:

Hi friends,

I was listening to the irish news this morning and they said that
there had been reports in the us about aliens having deactivated nuclear
weapons. I am of course excited by this. I was surprised to see no
emails this morning when i checked. Could anyone let me know if they
also have heard anyone. I asked my guidance about these news reports and
they said it was ashtar and the command who are responsible for the
nuclear disarmament. spoke a few days back about first contact
being a probability but that no definite date could be given. Do let me
know friends many thanks.

Blessings, Mark.