Channeler: sheryl pedersen

Question for the Lady of the Sun:
I would like to ask about our dormant gifts … I have been feeling for
some time that many of us have abilities which can be accessed as we
raise our vibrations. Is this the case …?

Within all of you lies the ability to do so many wondrous things that
you can hardly imagine. At this point in time, most of you only use a
very small portion of your brain’s capacity to process information. You
have learned to rely on 5 senses when in fact you are wired for 5×5 and
more. To explain this now would be beyond you comprehension, so I will
start with a simple explanation.

Look around at what some of your famous psychics, intuitives,
channelers and other such gifted beings are able to do. You are all
physically wired to do what they do. Your body and brain capacity is the
same for most of you, with a few exceptions of those who came in
choosing to limit their brain functions. Know that this is only a very,
very small part of your population for whom this the case.

If it is possible for one man, or woman, it is possible for all with
the exception I just noted. I will address those of you who do not have
the aforementioned limitations.

You can hear beings in spirit speak to you. You can see into other
realms of existence. You can know many things by just tuning into the
correct frequency. You can do these things and more.

It’s not so much about raising your frequency, but that can help.
and your level of spiritual connection can be affected
by things like your diet, your practice of meditation and taking care
of your physical body. These will indeed help, but the main block for
almost all of you is only a thought.

With so much emphasis these days on the , it is
surprising that so few of you have come to realize that your ability to
connect to the of spirit is the same as your ability to connect
to the energy of money. Energy is energy, it just takes different forms.
When you truly believe and affirm and hold on to the joy of having
abundance, abundance comes to you in the form of money if this is what
you so choose.

It works the same with connecting to the spiritual realms. If you
hold the intention, the belief and the joy of being in touch with your
own innate gifts, this too will manifest in your life. Your main block
really starts with your thoughts.

If you think you can’t hear us, then you’re right. if you think you
can’t see other realms, then you’re right. If you think you can’t sense
or know or connect with beings in spirit, guess what? You are right.

So if you want to wake up your gifts, first decide what you want. Set
your intention. Believe that you are able to do what others can do and
more. Ask your guides and angels for help. Watch for the messages that
are sent to you and take action as you feel guided. And feel the joy of
having these gifts awake in you.

And, to mention one other common roadblock to awakening you true
abilities – it is doubt. We send you a message and you don’t really
believe it came from spirit. We guide you to the perfect book or
resource and you call it coincidence, not a message from your guides.
You hear someone say exactly what you need to hear at exactly the right
time, and you brush it aside as happenstance without acknowledging that
beings in spirit speak to you in many, many ways.

We are always sending you messages, the issue is that you are not
always open to receive them. Once you truly open yourself to your own
potential and trust that we are really communicating with you, your life
will change. That we guarantee.

So in summary. You do have many, many dormant gifts and abilities.
Change how you think and these gifts will awaken. Trust that you all do
have these abilities and start to pay attention. And, have fun with it
all. Make this journey of discovery a game and not a difficult
challenge, for it is meant to be joyful and full of light.

And remember, I love you – LOTS!

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