Awakening the Power Within by the White Beings

Channelled through - 06/09/10

We envelop you in our love as we step forward to guide and inspire
you. We are the Celestial White Being, we are and
more than form or personality, and we exist as, with and through the
Creator. It is our greatest mission to share our celestial light and
with humanity and the Earth at this sacred time when
change is afoot. We present ourselves to you as a that you
may connect with to enhance and empower your ,
realisation of yourself and acceptance of the Creator. Simply ask during
meditation to be aligned to the source light of the Celestial White
Beings and to receive a boost to your energy and spiritual development.

One of the greatest realisations that we wish to make you aware of is
that you are more than you could possibly imagine, and if you could by
chance imagine, then you would be so much more than this too! To focus
upon yourself as you see and understanding yourself now is essential for
your spiritual development and schooling on the Earth but it is also
delusional because in many ways you are concentrating on a false aspect
of yourself rather than your greater truth. This can be difficult to
understand because as you exist on the Earth you must stay grounded and
anchored into the physical planes and your reality to enable you to
remain as a student of the Earth. To contemplate that everything around
you is an can bring thoughts of fear, uncertainty and mistrust
but you must remember that you are always taking small steps forward,
meaning that you are realising the truth about yourself and your reality
with every moment of your life. Therefore you are gradually shifting
from a reality that is created from a lower aspect of yourself to a
reality that is born from a higher, brighter, finer, clearer aspect of
yourself, truth and soul. If you are willing to accept that everything
in your life is needed and holds a purpose, that you created situations
both good and bad and that you have the ability to transform anything
you desire, then you are taking a step forward in awakening your inner
The most powerful observation and belief is that you are worthy of all
that you have already created in your reality. You are even worthy of
the bad experiences because they allowed you to grow, realise and become
a stronger person. When you begin to appreciate all that you have and
appreciate that you created the life that you live you begin to
understand how powerful you actually are. Even if you believe you are
not spiritually evolved, looking at your reality and observing all that
you have created through thought, intentions and emotions, this belief
becomes an illusion and an acceptance of your greater self is revealed.
Essentially you are accepting the power that you hold, through this
acknowledgement you are able to wealth your power with greater precision
and care.
Power is not an energy that dominates, suffocates or causes
distress to others as many are persuaded to understand on the Earth.
Power is your life force energy, the very essence of your being, the
fuel that drives and maintains your activity both spiritually and
physically. Power is the magical, active, transformational, focused,
strength and purpose of the Creator. Power is the energy inside of you
that is loving, caring, compassionate and supportive to yourself and
others. Power is your core strength, your intuition, your soul and the
Creator combined as one within you. True power can only be found within
you, true power is not even within you but it is you as you are now, and
as your higher greater self also.
Many do not associate themselves or their truth as being
powerful, the words that spring to mind when searching or experiencing
your inner soul energies are love and peace but power is your truth,
power is love and peace. In many ways a person who is connected to the
source of their soul and the Creator within them or that they manifest
as, who exists in love and peace eternally is far more powerful than a
person living from fear or the ego. Yet we see those who hold and create
fear as having a greater power over others. The person who exists as
love and peace wealds a power that is immensely strong and expansive
because this person holds the ability to transform situations,
experiences and their own reality. They have to power to use their mind
and energy to create positive change that brings about a greater
presence of the Creator’s light. This person guided by the will of the
Creator has the potential to create anything through focus, clarity of
mind and working as one and in balance with all.
We ask that you begin to appreciate yourself, your abilities
of creation and the sacred presence that you hold. Appreciate, observe
and welcome the person that you are now and the life force energy that
you hold. It is through this practice that you will awaken the power
within you which is essentially the source of the Creator that you are.

In Eternal Celestial Love,
The Celestial White Beings