It’s a highwire act, creating something like the Cosmos and keeping it balanced all these aeons. That is, if you consider balancing to be something that evens the odds, the closing argument in making it all work out. But what if we’ve got it all backwards? What if Balance is the Cosmic Constant, and anything being done is simply countermanded by something which may seem unrelated, but never is?

What if Balance, in more ways than one, sets the stage for all to happen
in Divine Time, completely balanced simply because it cannot be any
other way? Rather than putting a lot of effort in reaching balance by
actions afterwards, Nature simply unleashes an equivalent but opposite
phenomenon somewhere, in order to balance the books. That should give
you a clue already: balancing the books is something you do during  the
fiscal year, not afterwards before the IRS comes calling!

Why do I come to such weird conclusions? Simply because I cannot explain
away a few weird things happening around my life. Like for one, this
endless stream of spiders that seems to be able to finds its way into my
home: there is this favorite spot they have, in the top left corner of
the living room, where one always makes its web. I’ve removed it on
countless occasions, through vacuum cleaners, glasses with cardboards, a
dust buster, anything to get rid of it. But whether I remove it
violently or in a benign way, it never takes more than three days before
another one takes its place. Now I’m not afraid of them, but my
daughters are both terrified of spiders. So I can only stall my evicting practices that long. After a certain time, the ladies will no longer visit
the rooms that have these nasties in them. And for some reason they
also always seem to find their way into the downstairs toilet, a cramped
little space just big enough to sit in relative calmth. The fact that
they have to come through several closed doors, or a long ventilation
shaft coming down from the attic doesn’t seem to bother them….

But I’ve always been puzzled by such sudden manifestations of life. I
mean, what will suddenly have your garbage bin exploding with countless
maggots? And what is it about spiders and flies that they always can be
found indoors, whereas flies are usually hardly ever seen outdoors?
Bees, wasps, mosquitos, yes. But I cannot remember when I last saw a
common housefly in open Nature. Well, maybe they don’t call them house
flies for nothing.

I reckon that all things and beings have two (or maybe even many) ways of manifesting. In fact, I’ve even observed it once or twice, but you need an open mind for it: otherwise you’ll just dismiss it as a mirage, a trick of the light or a glitch in your vision systems: I still remember it well, hunting the living room for those pesky and almost undetectable strands of web that love to clutter in the upper reaches right near the ceiling: no spiders there, just these strands collecting dust (come to think of it, where does al that dust come from?). My mum and dad were coming, so a little extra TLC was needed for my living room. But as I looked up at a hard to detect thread, I suddenly saw a movement where I was sure nothing had been there before!  Right in front of my eyes, but out of focus because I focused elsewhere, a tiny spider suddenly became visible, web and all! I had to rub my eyes, think back to a moment before, in order to convince myself I was actually staring at something that had spontaneously materialized right where I was looking. Did I daydream? Had I just not noticed it sitting there all along? Nope! Because the spot I saw it appear was the same one I’d swiped with my cleaning utensil just seconds ago!

And  of course, the closedminded people will now crucify me for speaking such heresy: they have all read about the life of spiders and maggots, and can produce in excruciating detail how flies lay eggs, and eggs grow into maggots. And spiders do not materialise web and all, but they’ve seen them build one on numerous occasions. Well, so have I, and believe me I’ve watched some of them with relentless attention, like the one that brightened up my standing train ride once, by constructing a beautiful little web right in front of my eyes, underneath a fluorescent light, and in between two poles mounted from floor to ceiling. But I’ve also seen webs already constructed in places that required a span of more than five meters, between a fence and a garden shed! Just imagine if the closedminds are right: a spider not even an inch tall would have to climb down a two meter fence, cross a wilderness five meters into the direction of the garden shed, then climb up to the top to attach its silk wire, and then not have it entangled in the plantlife below as it climbs back up!

Now the nature lovers have a simpler solution for that: the spider sits on its high vantage point, and spins its thread into the free air. That gets picked up by the wind, and carried over to the fence where the stickiness attaches it automatically. But do they have any idea of the forces five meters of spun silk driven by the wind would exert on our poor little spider? I think not….

But these kinds of webs are invariably found stretching from edges and corners, and there is something to be said about those: did you know that edges and peaks and stuff are the places where electrical fields are most likely to collapse? Lightning usually strikes towers and lightning rods simply because it has an easier access path there than on a flat surface! And what goes for million volt lightning strikes, also applies to microvolt differences, because the same rules apply. I’m daring enough to claim that like electrons switch between wave and particle, there is a similar symbiosis between matter and . And even though ‘normal’ people must always be able to depend upon their ‘normal’ explanations of things, it is a privilege of us openminds to every once in a while observe that which by normal reckoning simply isn’t possible!

So yes, it is entirely possible to me, that a fair percentage of the mails and chats I exchange with you out there have no human beings attached in the regular sense of the word. After all, of the hundreds of people I knew on the Web over time, I have only met two or three once in real life! Could it be that our reality is like the fridge light, that goes out the moment you close the door? Could it be that our reality is just what we can observe at any one moment, and is Just-in-Time expanded the moment we shift our gaze? 

I’ve met people who imparted deep wisdom on me, and immediately after I learned my lesson told me that they were not mad or anything, but that I shouldn’t contact them anymore. Simply because the lesson had been learned, and no further interaction was needed. They were for all I know, solid material human beings. But their involvement in my life had a very transient nature. I figure, if you keep the open mind, you are more likely to encounter those situations that simply can not be explained away by closedminded thinking. I used to think that those extra classes meant I was a slow learner, who needed prodding. But lately, they’re beginning to feel more like my old crafts classes: back there, I had a that let me use materials I liked better, and let me toughen up my own assignments, just for the fun of making it more challenging. I was a straight A student in that class, and lately the extra assignments of Life begin to feel just like that….

I Love your manifestations,