Hi everyone,

Just warning you that this is not a happy channeling, but to read it in the mindstate of light and we can show no fear!
This is some predictions of what is to come, but again as many of us
know that so many possible futures are popping up at the moment, evry
prediction is a probable future.

When I came back from my spiritual circle last night I did some automatic writing and this is the information I got!
I have been communicating with this person for a few weeks now, and have asked him to keep me up to date with the battle.
: -Jacob from the
Channeling:- Mariel O’Keeffe

Yes, the battle is still going. There has been a lot of injuries, and a lot of angels have fell.
A tool has been produced to sever the wings off the angels. This works
on too, and many have been fooled into thinking they need
surgery. You must help convince other of the war, there is
much importance in the lessons of this battle.
They must remember who they are, and why they are here.

On the 17th of November 2010, there will be a massive event. This
will involve a stock crash, and it will extend into January 2011.
will more or less come to a standstill, jobs will cease. More will take place around this time.

Earth will slow down her ascension process, and come to pause while this period commences much needed changes.

During this period, we will have one of the first big shifts of
ascension. This will not be the big one, but it will be substantial.

There will be a christening of the , and it will be baptised in the waters of dust and come to a standstill.
The new world will grow out of the ashes.
At this point ET’s will come to earth to help. They will want to be seen as helpers only, and not saviours.
At this time, people will finally turn to the gaurdians for guidance.


Now I looked at the internet this morning, and there is a few other
predictions for Novembe that are similar to do with another economic
crash in the US. Also the predictions of more natural disasters is
obvious during earths transformation.
I do believe there is many who are ready for ascension and they are
waiting for some sort of big event to confirm the last of their doubts.
If this post resonates with you, please tell me!

Love and light always