A while back I watched this comedy which had quite a lovely view of the downside of Life, our dear friend Beelzebub. How could it be anything else if the producers had Elizabeth Hurley playing dear old Nick. You’ve probably seen the posters back then, with Liz’s perfect body all dressed in red, sprawled across the bonnet of a black Lamborghini Diablo. Still though, it wasn’t as much appearance as it was character that made me into a fan.

It tells the story of a guy, played by Brandon Fraser, who gets a number of wishes from the devil in exchange for his soul. Comedy of course wouldn’t be comedy if those wishes did not all go wrong is some horrible way, so he got what he asked for but absolutely not what he expected.

Well, Real Life is exactly like that, regardless of whether you shop at Nicky’s, God’s or anyones miracle shop. No clean cut right the way you want it solutions, but always a quirk in there somewhere. And you know what? It couldn’t possibly be any way else, because those unexpected deviations from your plan, although fully within the specs of your query, signify the freedom of movement that Source requires in order to grant us our wishes.

Just notice, how often when stuff goes wrong, an element of humor is involved. Like my ex losing her purse right before her appointment with the pediatrician last night. Moving to get her to go there anyway, and as she relaxes she remembers she was wearing her other coat…

Or the ones where lots of tiny inconveniences kind of cling to your reasonably good life, giving it a bit grubby complexion. By the time you start to get aggravated by it, keep your cool an watch around you: odds are the solution has already manifested itself in a positive light you never dared to associate with the griminess of your slowly accreting inconvenience.

Humor is everywhere, and the One who invented it did so because once you already have it all, it remains the only way to have more: Love and Fun, not making more into still more, but making the best simply unquestionably better. Not true, you figure? Well, try going without those two for a while, and keep observing your inner peace….

Odds are, you’ll return to Love and Fun in no time flat. Because it really is way easier to help people if you’re not worried about the odds things that make life hell. And surely enough, just like you are out there helping, someone else has got your back! I can vouch for that, even if I am not that One. Oh wait, I am after all, since All is One!

Love the Fun,