Meditation puts the aim squarely on being, being less aware of ones surroundings, but even more of one’s inner state of mind. The more you practice it, the more just being becomes sort of Second Nature, something you do without thinking. On the other hand though, there’s this urge to ascend, which clearly goes against the principle of just being, or does it?

And it’s not just against Being, but also things like Accepting versus Wanting to Change. They’re all inconclusive situations, where the 3D mind sees only either / or. It’s like someone hands you a pink and a green elephant, and your mind’s first thought will be that their colors are different. There’s not even a need to tell you to not think of the different colors, because you do: lower mind works that way, thinks in differences. Because if it’s different, you need not worry about it in the other state you’re in, right? Worked great when intelligence was way lower, kinda like the stone age. Right now though, it is time to wake up and smell the roses, the coffee or whatever you need to get you on your feet.

It’s this thing I’m struggling with all the time now: waiting for something won’t work, but I’m afraid that if I forget it, I really will forget it, and never notice when it arrives, or in fact will not even care about having wanted it once.  But could I really? If being gets me nice and relaxed, my resolve to do anything with my life goes right out the door: no more plans for the future, just merrily going with the flow and living a life which most people would consider a total waste of time. Same with the books: passionate about writing them, but upon publication comes the drudgery of having to peddle them to local book stores, book reviewers, libraries and…. I already lost my appetite!

But even if I ‘lost it’ so to speak, would the Cosmos forget I ever asked? I don’t think so, because in hindsight, there are plenty of examples in my past that only later turned out to have become reality even though I did totally forget about them. And did I shun them when they arrived? Nah, I don’t think you ever forget what feels right, or at least felt right once. And since out there doesn’t forget, in here must at least a similar space, however tiny, where those forgotten bits stay alive. So go on, forget all you want: pretty darn soon, something will re-mind you again….

Love your forgetfulness,