The world is not to be put in order;
the world IS Order incarnate.
It is for us to harmonize with this order!

month we get several opportunities to connect to a deep and powerful
healing, for ourselves and our planet. We can heal our past, present
and future by grounding our intent at this time. This month, we do a
lot of sorting and sifting, organizing and clearing that which no longer
serves. The first rule of the Universe is ORDER. This is the time to
get your life – mind, body and spirit – in ORDER. Consider it a
renovation of … renovating the "old you" – to rebuild a better,
stronger, more efficient & effective "new you". The "new you" has
all the old reliable and sturdy parts, but now we are "upgrading" other
parts and then integrating the two. And above all, remember this is an
energy affecting EVERYONE in one way or another, and we are all at
different stages in the process of "renovating" our lives, whether
physical, financial, mental, spiritual, emotional or all of the above.
(Mutual respect for each other’s process and a little go a
long way.)

The reason people renovate places
instead of bulldozing them to the ground, is because they have inherent
value which they seek to preserve. It is time for you to FIND the value
within YOU and PRESERVE IT by any means necessary. In order to do
that, you have to inspect and assess what’s damaged and what’s still
solid and useful (about your self and your ). Once you have
assessed what goes and what stays, that’s when it gets messy and
uncomfortable, because then you have to actually start pulling the place

Your effort to improve will inevitably
make others uncomfortable too. Be ready for that. As you change,
everything around you changes … or goes away. What I have discovered
is ~ those people and circumstances which leave during these periods of
cleansing and healing, sometimes are only gone temporarily and
eventually reintegrate back in to your life, accepting you for who you
are and forging new, stronger bonds. While other people and
circumstances that leave your life at this time, leave permanently and
that is ultimately for the greater good – to have them gone SOONER than
later, be grateful – not sad.

This month, you have access to discerning what is relevant and useful in the present moment.

Nothing is worth more than THIS DAY.
You cannot re-live yesterday.
Tomorrow is still beyond your reach.

  • What are you doing in the present moment to really take your life and circumstance to the next level?
    what are you doing in the present moment which no longer serves your
    Highest good, nor does it express the Truth of who you ARE (TODAY)?
    What are you doing DAILY to make your dreams, visions and aspirations happen?
  • Are you stuck in survival mode? (a distraction)
    Are you helping other grown folks when you don’t have your own life in order? (a distraction)
  • Are you attracting chaos & crises? (a distraction)
  • What do you do to honor your word to your SELF? (We always make more effort to keep our word to others.)
  • What are you doing this day that feeds your soul?
  • What are you doing to express who you are TODAY?
    Do YOU believe you are the same person from a year – 5 – 10 years ago?

you know that you ARE a different person, then the sooner YOU
acknowledge and honor that "new you", the sooner the rest of the world
will too.

This month is your chance to:

  • Release
    guilt and embrace the value of each experience’s lesson while
    forgiving your Self and others for any transgressions as well.
  • Release
    criticism and embrace compassion and patience with the process (as
    you would expect for yourself as you grow and learn).
  • Release the
    need to have everything "perfect" before expressing it and embrace
    trusting your Self to know how to respond in any given situation.
  • Release all petty distractions and embrace your inner authority to direct your own energy (consciously).