That lined has been with me ever since Dutch comedian Freek de Jonge used it in a stand up comedy show somewhere in the 80’s. He was bent on explaining something to his audience, and asked himself out loud: "How do I tell my kids?", before starting to explain them something…..

I found myself in a situation where similar prowess was required: while my two ladies are on Shaiya (a 3D online RPG), their friend Tinus and I came to talk about body and soul, and how it’s connection to the body hinders it from knowing a lot. Tinus is a clever kid, and quite inquisitive. He asked me to explain, so that line from Freek came to mind…

I thought about it, and having recently been cooking us dessert, the came rather easy: starting with the idea that the soul needs to lower its vibration in order to inhabit the body. I figured it easiest to envision by using the example of a pan, with a lid on it. If you start a nice fire beneath it, the water increases its vibration all the way into the gaseous state. Heated sufficiently, the entire pan and its hermetic lid enclose a volume of superheated steam. That steam however, like the human soul in a body, does not know its true, free state: in that true state it could not possibly be contained in such a narrow vessel. 

I think he got the message, but I’m quite sure I haven’t answered the last of his questions…..

Love your curious kids,