Channeler: Maria Bertram

This message comes from and Manne Lindberg who runs the
global Network together outside of , . More
information on the network follows after the channeling.

Public channeling of , Örebro, Sweden, October 5th 2009


This is a public channeling that Maria Bertram did of the Divine Consciousness (God) at a small
spiritual center in Örebro, Sweden on October 5th 2009. There was no entrance fee. There were
around 10 people in the small room. After the channeling we performed a healing session for Mother
Earth together with the audience.

The headings in the text are added subsequently.

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Let go of fear / The divine human being / Mother Earth / A meditation / The transition to the New
Spiritual Age



My beloved child. It’s time to wake up from your beauty sleep. It’s
time to open your eyes and look around, to see what kind of world you
have created. If you continue along the same road that you are now on,
you will not survive. It’s time to stop and turn your faces to the
light, to the love. Let love be the unifying force that is guiding your
life. Today it is fear that is the driving force in your societies.
Liberate yourselves from your fears, your limitations. Liberate
yourselves from all that is hindering you from expressing yourselves in
your full potential as . I am here, and I am waiting for
you, patiently. It’s not complicated, it’s not difficult. It’s just
about letting go of fear. Let go of control. Open up your hearts and
heal your sorrow. Reconcile with that which has been. Reconcile with the
pain, with your traumas, the uncertainty, the anger, the bitterness…
and let it go. Let go of the control and let yourselves be carried along
with the flow, the divine honey-colored flow. Remember that everything
is just the way it’s supposed to be, and everything will be just exactly
the way it’s supposed to be. Stop struggling. Stop recreating inner


Remember you are divine beings, and that you’re creating your own
reality. Day by day, thought by thought, you are creating the reality
you are experiencing. And it’s not until you have made peace with
yourselves that you can create peace on Earth. And it’s not until you
have learned to love yourselves that you can learn to love your fellow
human beings. And it’s not until you can have trust in yourselves that
you can have trust in other people. Don’t forget that you are all one.
You are mirrors of each other. You are all carrying the same sorrows,
the same longing for unconditional love, remedy, recognition, to be seen
and loved for who you are. But do know this: I love you
unconditionally, above everything else. I always have, and I always
will. Take down the . Take the first step. Tear down the first
wall, and then the next, and then the next… Start tearing down all
these walls and limitations that you have built up around you, in this
sophisticated society of walls, of resistance, of conflicts. Let the
light pour in. Create room, create space, liberate yourselves from your
emotional, mental and spiritual prisons. The time has now come for
humanity to learn to fly. You have what it takes, and you are ready. You
have never ever been more ready than you are now. Turn your faces to
the light and let yourselves be guided. Open up the gate in your hearts
to the divine highest white light. I am giving you the key here; to each
and every one of you I am giving the key to your heart. The road to me.
Because I am not only present around you – in the canopy of heaven, in
the Earth, in nature. I am not only present in the eyes of the newborn
child and in the tadpole’s movements on the surface of the water. I am
inside of you. I am a part of you. And now it’s time to once again
become one, to take the key, to unlock the gate, and open up to the road
home to me. I am your origin. It is here from whence you came, and you
have traveled a long way. And it is to here you will return. All of the
long way home again.


You were born on Earth as guardians of Mother Earth. It’s your
responsibility to take care of her, to worship and honor Mother Earth.
To send her healing and love and gratitude. You are one, and dependent
upon each other. Humanity needs Earth for its survival, and Earth needs
humanity’s help for the transition to the New Spiritual Age and the
difficult challenges that stand before us. Earth does not feel well, she
is suffering. She can’t handle the enormous pressure she is exposed to
and the enormous imbalance that is current on Earth today. There
is an enormous lack of on Earth today.

Every energy body, every human being, every celestial body needs
balance between the male and the female energies to be able to live,
develop and exist as a being and consciousness. Earth has way too large a
surplus of . She needs to balance her energies to create
balance between her male and female energies, just as humans need to do
to regain their balance. It’s not related to gender, but rather divine
energies that have to be in perfect harmony. Together these energies
create the Divine Power of Love. It is the base of all life in Cosmos,
all development and all consciousness-raising.

Humanity must help the Earth to rebalance herself and to open up her
. This ancient wisdom you were given in order to carry out
your task here on Earth. Somewhere along the way you lost it. You
turned your back on your Mother and thought you could manage without
her. You thought you could exploit her and dominate her, without giving
her the reverence and respect she deserves. That was a mistake. Humanity
is nothing without Earth. Humanity’s and Earth’s fates are one with
each other. It’s time now to wake up and start taking responsibility for
the situation present on Earth today. Be aware that you can all make a
difference. It takes 12001 persons on Earth to heal Mother Earth, not
more. You are divine creatures, you all have divine potential. Use it.


You can all achieve the highest, most complete state as a human being
through healing, through meditation… You can all have access to the
highest divine within you… To be present in the moment… to be present in
the now. When you are present in the now… that which is right here and
right now… beyond time… beyond space… when you let go and let
yourselves be carried along with the divine flow… when you let
yourselves be surrounded by the great white ocean of divine light… the
cosmic ocean of white fire. Let the waves sweep in over you. Open up
your hearts and create a clear channel. Feel how you’re sinking deeper
and deeper into the ultimate of all moments of now… all the way down to
the zero point… to the ultimate border of your existence. Feel the
calmness and presence… right here… and right now… Here you are
completely safe… nothing can happen to you here… you are one with the
heart beats… like the children in the protecting womb… I am watching
over you… and I love you, above all else. Here you can always come
back anytime you wish… I am
always here for you… no matter what happens, I am standing here
waiting for you… and everything is just the way it’s supposed to be… and
everything will be just exactly the way it’s supposed to be.


Humanity is standing before challenges for the future. The transition
to the New Spiritual Age will be demanding and difficult in many ways
for the human beings. You will have to create a new way of living
together. A new way of distributing the resources on Earth. New ways of
living, new societies, a new way of making a living and managing your
survival. Remember that the only protection that really helps is your
love. Nothing else. It’s love which will protect you. The open love
chakra. Through standing with both feet on the Earth, grounded,
surrounded by the female energy. Through standing in your full strength,
connected to Earth’s interior and at the same time having access to the
cosmic light, surrounded by love. When everything you give out, every
word, every thought, and every action is imbued with love. When you are
one with love in every movement – then that is also what you will get

The transition to the New Spiritual Age will imply that the law of
cause and effect in Cosmos will be strengthened here on Earth, which
means that all which you send out, you will with ever larger expansion
and with ever greater power also get back. It means that humans who
continue to make a living by greed will get greed back, and humans that
try to create a life of love and solidarity will also get that back. You
have to find new ways for everyone on Earth to live together, without
conflict thinking and without lack thinking, where all humans get their
slice of the pie. Where everyone gets what they need based on need and
not on effort. Where everyone contributes in the ways they can and gets
what they need. That is the only way for humanity to survive. All humans
who won’t be able to keep their focus on the love in their hearts will
not survive the transition. It will not be possible for humans to do it
any other way than living their lives in love. Money, weapons and walls
will not help. They won’t be any protection against what is about to
happen. The one who before has been poor will be rich, and the one who
before has been rich will be poor.

It will be the humans who have the ability to love and find solutions
for their survival who will manage this best, humans who can cooperate
and together create new solutions and new possibilities. In the same
way, it won’t be possible to impoverish Earth’s resources since what we
do to another, we receive immediately. Humans will have to find
solutions that are in balance with Mother Earth, and that is also
possible. There are other forms of energy, there are solutions for
everything. But for those solutions to emerge, you first have to let go
of the old. The old structures have to be demolished for the new to
evolve. Humans will once again create a paradise on Earth. A paradise
with a divine abundance of exactly all that you will need. And it’s up
to humanity how long it will take to achieve that paradise. It’s up to
you. But don’t forget that you are not standing alone. I am always here
by your side. And you have help and support from the spirit world, and
from other civilizations in Cosmos that are helping and supporting you
during this challenging time. Ask for help and you will receive help.
Ask for guidance and you will receive guidance. Ask for a helping hand
and it will come. Maybe not the way you expected it, but you will
receive the help you need.

My beloved child, I am finishing off here. But I want you to remember
that it doesn’t mean I am leaving. I am always here with you, day and
night, in every thought, in every moment, under your eyelids. I am with
you all the way. All the way home. Thank you.


The Mother Earth Network is a global spiritual network run by Maria
Bertram and Manne Lindberg outside of Stockholm. Maria is a spiritual
guide, healer and medium, and Manne is responsible for information and
communication. The network’s main purpose is to bring people together
from all over the world to help our beloved Mother Earth through monthly
global healing sessions.

Maria receives guidance for the network’s activities from the Divine
Consciousness, nature spirits on Earth, masters and other helpers in the
spirit world, and friends from other civilizations in Cosmos. Maria
work as a channel to bring messages from other civilizations. She’s also
a link between the Mother Earth Network and a gigantic cosmic network
with all of the friends mentioned above, that we cooperate with in the
healing of the Earth. They are always present and contributing with
their energies during our global healingsessions.

The ever growing network consists of more than 1700 members worldwide
(July 2010). Our most important activity is to send healing to the
Earth at every (Swedish) full moon from 8:00 pm-8:30 pm (Swedish time
zone – use www.timeanddate.comto translate to your local time zone). The
healing is sent according to channeled instructions. Our vision is to
bring together all the networks and individuals across the world who
want to help our Mother Earth, and together send healing to her
regularly. During these sessions we’re sending her the red female
energies from Earth’s interiour, that she needs to rebalance her energy

We hold free public channelings in Sweden of the Divine Consciousness
(God), and we plan to hold public channelings of other civilizations in
Cosmos. We are also spreading instructions on how to channel Mother
Earth-healing for yourself (channeling the red female energies from
Earth’s interiour that humanity is lacking today). This channeled
technique is a very powerful tool for your spiritual development that
helps you preparing for the shift into the New Spiritual Age. We don’t
have a website yet, but it is in the planning stage. The network is run
non-profit and everything we offer is 100% free.
If you are not already a member – send your e-mail adress to to recieve our newsletters with healing
instructions, global healing session reminders, new channelings and
other updates.

With Light, Strenght and Love
Manne & Maria, the Mother Earth Network