Friday, 17 September, 2010  (posted 21 September, 2010)

Where do we go from here?

As the sun slips below the
horizon these nights, I notice the change of seasons with the turning
of the Earth. Another cycle is coming to an end. The Equinox
approaches, a point of balance in the solar year when day and night are
of equal length. The waxing Moon dances with Venus in the western sky.
The Evening Star will disappear soon, to travel through the underworld
of deep transformation as she prepares for her next journey. Cycles
within cycles, all is change.

At sunset I contemplate the
enormity of the challenges we face. What are we harvesting,
individually and as a people, from the tremendous opportunity we’ve had
this year to redirect? Have we seized the chance to change, to craft a
new way of being, to initiate a new sequence for the times ahead,
beyond 2012?

As an astrologer, I know this opportunity won’t
come along again. We have two years to turn things around on planet
Earth. And within that two years, this is the time to commit to making
it happen.

What’s It ?

The way the planets
align form special portals for the transmission of specific cosmic
frequencies. In 2010, the planets have lined up with points in deep
space that have sent our earthly reality into a tailspin. The Grand
formed by planets in our solar system aligns with the
center of our galaxy and the center of the supergalactic cluster that
includes the Milky Way. With this Grand Cross, the Universe has
engineered an unavoidable wake-up call. We’re supposed to be paying

Ways these energies might play out in our lives
include sudden illness, accidents, career changes, relocation, and the
loss of loved ones, relationships or your home. Depression is common.
Many are diving headlong into addictions. At the same time, many are
reporting sublime spiritual experiences, accelerated healing, an
abundance of new opportunities, magic and synchronicity. Through crisis
and triumph, we perceive the hand of the Divine at play in our everyday

Prophets and sages, elders and rishis, yogis and
shamans throughout the ages have known this day would come. The world
is turning inside out as the rate of change accelerates on planet
Earth. This truth has been prophesied since ancient times, encoded in
the Mayan calendar and facilitated by the divine intelligence of the

We can choose to align with the galactic forces and
collaborate with the Universe in shaping the way things go from here.
Or we can resist and try to hold on as the creative-destructive
energies wrench the past from our grip.

Equinox-Full Moon Portal

We have another supreme opportunity to attune to these universal forces next week.

a display of cosmic synchronicity, the solar and lunar cycles dovetail
this year as the Harvest Full Moon coincides with the Libra Equinox.
Within hours on September 22-23, the Sun and Moon align with Jupiter and
Uranus first, then cross into Libra and Aries to form a portal with
the Supergalatic Center. Pluto and the lunar nodes complete the cross
in Capricorn-Cancer and echo the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 26
this year. Cosmic energies stream to Earth to support our evolution.

rare sequence is an extended moment of balance, a point of initiation.
The effects of prayer, meditation and ritual go quantum as the planets
align. The Galactic Initiation Portal occurs overnight September 22/23
and culminates as the Moon crests to full in the wee hours of Thursday

As the crisis in the and natural
disasters around the world have shown us repeatedly, our world is out of
balance. The time for change is now.

Don’t miss this opportunity
to align with the cosmos and decide to make a difference, to step
forward as an empowered co-creator living your purpose at this critical
time. The details of what that might look like don’t matter. The focus
right now is the commitment. The way and the how will be shown.

Equinox-Full Moon portal next week is about taking action and making
the changes that will carry us into a higher vibration. As Earth’s
future hangs in the balance, change isn’t a choice anymore. Our
survival depends on it.

Shift 2010

Since November last
year, we’ve been exploring the meaning and opportunity in the
extraordinary planetary configurations of 2010. Here are links to some
of the articles. I encourage you to research the interpretations of
others, too, who have keyed in on the importance and potential of 2010.

is such a privilege to be here, now, in this magical twilight between
world ages. As I stand each night in the glow of the Sun setting
silently over the Pacific, I pray that we will awaken to this
opportunity of a lifetime, that we won’t miss this chance to change, to
evolve, to embrace love and choose life.

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