Monday, 27 September, 2010 

Has this been an intense week or what?

My experience of this past week, not yet resting from the urgency of September and with the energies of expansive Jupiter and the Full Moon Equinox
breathing down my neck, has been one of explosive movement and color.
You, too? For me, this has manifested as what will end up being a very
big personal shift, the exact shape and size of which is still yet to be
determined, plus other fun goodies like deep, deep sleep punctuated by
a plethora of vivid nightly dreams. I ran an informal poll tonight at a
party I attended of mostly healers, and every single person I
spoke to admitted that they, too, had been experiencing more than the
usual number of dreams this week.

What does this mean?

me, the dreams have largely been relating to my personal life. I’m
undergoing a transition, and I’m still on the road (still in for
now and heading to next week), so working things out within
the context of my dreamworld makes sense to me. And yet, there is
something larger here. I suspect that my informal small poll reflects a
larger trend that is occurring now, which is that more and more people
are beginning to move into a space of more frequent conscious awareness
of the connection between the waking world and the dreaming one. In
other words, we — as a global whole — are beginning to move towards a
new sense of awareness.

I’ll be honest here and admit that I’m
now regularly having two or three dreams a night (and likely more of
them that I’m less aware of) and I haven’t been journaling any of them.
I know that dreamwork is a highly useful tool and I recommend it
often, but the thought of switching on a light and becoming awake
enough to chronicle the dream doesn’t seem as appealing to me at 3 am
as it does in broad daylight. 

I’ve kept a dream journal in the
past and found it fascinating and often enlightening, and I think
there’s a way to make it work without disturbing your sleep much. I’ll
be working with these energies myself for a while, and welcome you to
do the same.

Keep a notebook and pen by your bed, and have a light available that isn’t terribly bright but emits enough light to write by.

you awaken from a dream, spend a few moments going backward into the
dream you just left and allow yourself to feel anything that comes up.
When I awaken from a dream in the night or first thing in the morning, I
allow myself to rest for a few moments in the sensations I have just
awakened from. I think that part is important, to revisit the feelings,
sensations, and emotions that were a part of the dream. Feelings are
so much more powerful than words and images, and from a feeling you can
evoke an entire dream.

The only other step remaining, then, is
to jot down some keywords from the dream after you have allowed
yourself back into the feeling of the dream. Those keywords should be
enough to recall more details in the morning when you are fully awake
and feel more like writing.

Right now, while this
is still with us (from now until November) is the perfect time to begin
journaling your dreams. You can try asking for answers to questions
through your dreams, or to contact specific people, or simply to play.
What you do with and in your dreams is up to yo. Resting in the
feelings they bring you and bringing that energy to conscious awareness
through keeping a dream journal can give you a window into an aspect
of your Self you might not easily connect with otherwise.

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