Me, I’ve been on that track for quite some time now. It’s nothing really, just those quirky little things that don’t look right, that defy whatever rules you have governing your reality for you…

Like for instance getting a where someone mentions that more info on them can be found at two sites, one  of which you even know, and have an account on. When you click the link though, the known site feigns being unreachable, and the mystery site presents you with a nice front that has no apparent links to anything more substantial. In which case the front of course is the message, for you to ponde.

Now let’s just speculate where this might come from. Purely conjecture here, so don’t pin me down on there being lots of totally different explanations for such . I’m just throwing up a ball here, to see if it will result in a game….

What if Bashar is right, and the 4 laws are all there is? But we get ourselves involved time and time again in situations where we forget all that, and try to figure it out again? According to  whatever we experience, we sooner or later discover that "Enjoy" is just about the only command most people would love to follow. But they’re too restricted by the initial limitations, the handicap they gave themselves.

However, once you do know for sure that Enjoy is the Prime Directive, then the more playful elements of that group would soon find each other in a game of Killjoy Rescue! Rules are simple: those not thoroughly enjoying themselves are game! The ‘hunters’ do not enjoy killing the game, but rather enjoy the thrill of getting them to enjoy the Game too. They are masters of deception, but in a good way: none of them will ever present you with a situation that you might label as undesirable. And their knowledge base is huge!

We often talk about what information can do in the wrong hands, and there are plenty of conspiracy theories that cash in on that subject. But what if all that info we leave wherever we go is accesible to a group who has no other agenda than our personal Joy? I think I see a few faces lighten up here and there.

I know mine did, when that mail just came in. And since there was an open promise in there, I figured I might just have to prepare just in case tonight is it. 

Are we having fun yet?