There’s is a story following this, so consider this a Sneak Preview…..

This youtube video only talks about the World’s Great Mysteries, but that’s too restricted for my taste. The story to follow here in about half an hour will give you my view on Real vs. Fake…..

As long as man has tried to pawn off something as exclusive, usually to get rich more quickly, there have been other men trying to sell us cheap knockoffs, because most people cannot afford exclusivity. Most of us also don’t really stand on exclusivity, so both parties stand to make a pretty buck. But why on Earth do we care about the air of exclusivity? Simple, because we are raised that way! Media  invariably shows us bad news, coupled to ads showing us the beauty Life above our standard of living. Some can stand the mayhem displayed, but most will be chased right into the advertizing by it. Now good news would have the opposite effect, of drawing people away from the advertizing. That’s why only very select magazines bring us good news…. (that’s conjecture, I can’t name one…)

Why do people insist on having real items, real friends, real relationships, or even real boobs? If you think of it, it’s only the perception of it that really reaches us.  And if you can’t tell a real potted plant from a fake one at ten meters distance, what have you lost? Sure, there is a distinct difference in vibration, so real is ‘better’, but the fact remains that real cannot always survive in a lower vibration environment. Plants need far more care than I know how to provide them with (black thumbs, remember?), so if a plant ever enters my home, it’ll probably be a fake one, unless somebody with green thumbs moves in first! You may think: "Boy oh boy, has he maneuvered himself into the low vibration corner!", but there’s an escape: have you considered the fact that difference in vibration goes both ways? For all you know, I might not have any plants around because there is just too big a difference between us in any direction you choose to pick. Nah, just kidding, I don’t know why, but plants only survive in my neighborhood when they are really wild and full of . And that’s a fact I have to live with.

But back to Fake vs. Real: Consider the story that a band of criminals has a facsimile made of a certain Renaissance painting. The original is worth millions, and the fake maybe several thousands. These crimes aren’t planned by the criminals themselves, but usually are on demand theft: The collector wants something somebody else has, and arranges for it to be stolen. The crooks go in on a dark, moonless weekend, and pull the perfect heist! The fake hangs where the original used to, and nobody is the wiser. Now consider that many hundreds of people visit that museum every day of every year after that, and the switch is only discovered long after all of them are dead: Would you reckon it would have made a difference in the experience it was for them, to behold that masterpiece? I rest my case…  Mind you, I’m not saying I never buy brands. But if I do, it is because of the functions a purchase has to offer, rather than the logo it so poignantly displays. But I certainly don’t buy knockoffs, if only to protest against the whole brand thing!

And it is not as if the specs of the real thing are always better: many
surgical steel joints outlast the human who underwent surgery to be able
to walk again. As another example, we’ve all seen the state of American
and Russian equipment during the moon race. The american stuff looked
slick compared to the Russian buckets of bolts, but where performance
was concerned, and precision, the Russians ran rings around their
American counterparts. That’s not exactly a Fake vs. Real issue, but it
does show that the outer layer says relatively little about the insides.

There’s one area where I do like ’em real…..  And I hear a few of you rolling on the floor laughing, but I must kinda disappoint you. Although I do like my women real, the real important area where real is required is…  Friends! I’m not one for negotiated friendships, where every deed must somehow be counterbalanced by one going the other way. That’s when you get that feeling of being caged, in a plush cage actually, but it still is a restraint. For me friendship is like a dirty game of wrestling: "The only rule is…. there are no rules!"  But frankly that doesn’t matter if you know damn sure that both of you want to be in it. All is allowed, you can ask me anything, but don’t expect to have to return the favor. I’m more of a pass it forward kinda guy: you can thank me most by doing something good to another in return. Because that is how I feel Reality works.

Don’t confuse Reality with reality though: the uncapitalized version is what the average human holds for ‘real’.  The average Moorelifer feels much more like he or she deals with the capital ‘R’ variation: All that Is = Reality.  And then all of a sudden, those UFOs seem a lot less fake, as do the manufactured boobs and cheap knockoffs. After all, each and every one of them is made of virtually the same concentration of matter, which is just condensed energy anyway.

Love your Reality, but don’t forget the fakes!