Now is the time to reconnect to our 12th dimensional Christ
Consciousness. This formula of ascension frequencies to oscillate consciousness
into each of the twelve dimensions to align each of the individuals 12 dimensional
selves is needed by everyone on earth right now. This is the time of ascension. We
can all help ourselves and each other by aligning all 12 of our Merkaba fields into
the absorption of this light frequency.FEELING FREQUENCIES
What will be different in this course, is the understanding of what the frequencies of
these dimensions are, how to collect them, how to hear them, how to align with
them, how to sing with them, and how to allow them to teach your crystal cells in your
body to sing. When your crystal cells are singing in harmony with the crystal cells of
, you will then be able to start raising and aligning your crystal temple into
the Islands of Light of the .


What is a frequency? A light stream of communication from other dimensions.

We can lower our frequencies into the third dimension of density or we can raise our
frequencies to reach into the fifth through the fifteenth dimensions.

We raise our frequencies into higher dimensions by oscillating our consciousness
into higher places. Some have guided the raising of frequencies within the
parameters of seeing your other dimensional selves in the third area of the belly
button, fourth of chest area and fifth above the heart, and only go as far as the
seventh a little above the head. These parameters won’t create much oscillation or
much of a frequency shift. We need to lift consciousness up to at least four universes
above and down deep into the earth’s core and down through the earth out to the
other side to reach out to another six universes.

We are expanding into all of the spheres of this matrix, far out beyond this sun and
into several other suns. We must learn to oscillate our consciousness far beyond
this realm into the twelfth dimension of . This is the point
where we reach clear out into the etheric realm and then connect that back into our
temples through our crystal heart to connect the physical and spiritual into oneness.

We have heard all of these ideas before in the metaphysical teachings. We must
become one with the Christ. We just didn’t know what it meant. To become one with
Christ Consciousness we must connect to every thread of dimensional frequencies
between here and the twelfth dimension. We must find that frequency and soak in it
day and night.

As we raise our frequencies through light and sound, we align with our etheric
selves, we combine the physical self back into the spiritual self. When this alignment
is completely balanced – we pop into zero point frequency where we can pop
out of this density – all the way up to the 12th dimension. We must go to the twelfth in
order to get to the fifth dimension. We are headed for the fifth, but must get the light
of the twelfth first.

The 12th is the complete balance of physical and spiritual. Right now we have
between 90% and 60% physical make up in proportion to 10-40% spiritual make
up. Those who have used this music, already have at least a 40-50% make up and
the remaining 50% come through in an increasing rate over the next year and a half.
Those who are on this path will reach zero point by 2012. There will be many who
 want to move into this frequency and many who will fight to hold on to the third
 dimensional frequency.

The harder the spiritual body has to work to come into balance with the physical
body, the more pain the body will experience as it reaches zero point. Many will not
be able to endure the pain, because they were not willing to remember the spiritual
nature of themselves.

Originally, we were 12th dimensional Christ Light Beings. The light between this
dimension and the 12th dimension has been blocked for many eons. We also have
this 12th dimensional in the oceans.

Our cetacean families of dolphins and whales hold this same light inside of their
crystal cell bodies. The difference between them and us is that they remember who
they are and we don’t. We were here before. We were here thousands of years ago
from the 12th dimensional planes of Aquafaria, Cloud Cities, Urtha, , Pleidies
and other 12th dimensional planes. When dark forces came to capture the
Aquafarians, some of our family jumped into the ocean to be saved. Others of us
were taken off to other planets to have our patterns of ascension removed from our
crystal cells and had implants put into our pineal glands to make sure we never
remembered who we really are.

The Cetacean can shape shift because the 12th contains the elements of physical
and spiritual chemical elements where we can create anything we want. The
dolphins can help us remember who we really are. They can also provide the light in
the ocean to communicate through all frequencies. They communicate with
frequencies. They communicate with light energy. The cetaceans light energy has
been used by the for eons to keep the frequencies up to a level
on earth where we wouldn’t completely fall into darkness.

The Oraphim Blue Dolphinoid Family originated from the Aquarius Galaxy, Sirius
Etheric Realm. The family that remains here now is Sixth Dimensional. They are the
electronic circuitry of this entire system. They continuously run currents of connection
up through the Cloud Cities. Now our Starry Family is connecting that circuitry to
align us with the entire five spheres of this matrix.

Now is the time for us all to reconnect to our 12th dimensional Christ
Consciousness. This formula of ascension frequencies to oscillate consciousness
into each of the twelve dimensions to align each of the individuals 12 dimensional
selves is needed by everyone on earth right now. This is the time of ascension. We
can all help ourselves and each other by aligning all 12 of our Merkaba fields into
the absorption of this light frequency.

The frequencies help those who already do merkaba and 12 dimensional shield
work to do it better and for it to become stronger, more powerful and to stay in the
body continuously through the day and night. This continuous state of the spin state
is required for shifting our standing wave pattern into that of Aquafaria. It is also
important to take many trips into the etheric communities of inner earth, cloud cities
such as Aquafaria and any other 12th dimensional zone that you resonate with. It is
important to go to these centers and soak in the crystal chambers that they have
prepared for us.

It is important to glide your mini me self or etheric self down into the liquid light core
of the earth and soak up that energy and merge with your spiritual twin in the etheric.
We are one with the earth’s frequencies. We need to spend a great deal of time
united into the earth’s energies and into the 5 spheres of this matrix. This is who we
are. We are not an isolated part of this universe. We are the universe. We are these
frequencies. When we remember who we are, we will become cosmic entities.

The frequencies will help all remember their true immortality. The frequencies align
as a symphony inside of each crystal cell in the body to help the body remember its
soul song, its Akashic records of all eternity in all dimensions- to remember who we
are, who our over souls are, to remember that we are the co-creators with Divine
Mind–to remember that we created the flowers and birds–the universe and the god
of our being–our higher selves can now connect into the all of source. The Elohim of
Hearing shoots a golden pillar into my left ear, brings the
standing wave patterns of the 12th and uses the to align my
frequencies into all frequencies of each dimension through this magical power of
energy light and crystals.

What is a dimension and what are their qualities?

The third dimension was a frozen zone where there was very little movement. There
was manipulation through control in this frozen zone. There was a very slow rhythmic
beat that allowed very little ability to raise frequencies higher.

This third dimension was like a holding zone where people just kept watching
themselves do the same thing over and over again until they finally got it right.

However, this was not a normal third dimension. It was a mutated third dimension. A
normal third dimension only freezes entities in this place to re-examine their life and
decide where to go next for one or two lifetimes maximum, and there is no control or
abuse in the normal third dimension.

The fourth dimension has a rhythmic flow that allows those in the 3rd dimension to
begin to flow out of the third and into the exploration of other dimensions by creating
the visions in the imagination through art and music. The more this activity of flow is
sustained, the faster the individual can flow up and out into other dimensions.

Wherever the flow of creativity is focused, will be where the individual will flow to.
When the focus is on the frequencies of the fifth, the visions of the true divine imprint
of the ideal, living in the perfect ideal is sustained.

If the focus is on the sixth dimension of unconditional love and the electrical circuitry
into communication with all dimensions, this activity will be directed and sustained.

If the focus is on Christ Consciousness of bringing the allness of Source into
Consciousness in preparation for the Divine Manifestation Template of Instant Co-
Creativity that will be sustained.