I’ve been asthmatic most of my life, and it was worst when I was a kid. There were nights that the only thing I could do to relieve it, was to open the window, lean out, and pray to that it would end. End in any way possible, I didn’t really care in such moments….

But I’m glad nobody up there took that last bit serious. With time the little kid grew, and asthma became quite a bit less frequent. When I visited a psychic at 35 however, he seriously asked me why I did not have that under control yet! I stared at him, not knowing what to make of it…  Could it be controlled? Apparently, it could even easily be controlled, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked me that surely.

But the fact remained, that I had no about what to do to stop it. And Henk (the psychic) had no of giving me the slightest , kinda like he thought: "I’m not going to tell you what you already know". Time went on, and asthma became a rarity. I thought I beat it, but lately it came back.

Only this morning I finally figured out what the message behind it is: "Slow down kid, you’ll outrun yourself!" So today is a very slow day, with me going only as fast as lack of air will allow me to go. No frantic deep breathing to increase the volume a lot, because that won’t work. Just slow actions to a crawl, and breathe as normal as possible. That will get me where I need to go…..

Turtle mode, it makes you see more clearly,