This morning’s update got sidetracked by the girls putting on a spin-off of Death Note, a weird horror tale about a notebook that is given to some by Death, and grants them absolute power over their fellow men and women: the moment they know their face, and their name, writing it into the notebook is sufficient action to have them die of a heart attack, or something else if that is specifically written down in the notebook as well. I for one would definitely not want that kind of power over anyone….

This spin-off takes the mysterious ‘L’ from the first movie, who has a very sweet tooth, and solved the case in that story. This time, armed with his heightened mental power because of the added sugar intake, he is up against a recurring theme in movieland: the global killer, in the form of a deadly virus. The film in itself is entertaining enough, although not as intriguing as Twelve Monkeys, with Bruce Willis.

What made "L" strong was the ending, where the pros and cons of virus design and the underlying motives are worked out in a dialog between "L" and the bad babe, who intriguingly enough is one of his own agents! Not remarkable here is that even though she plays both sides against each other, she absolutely figures she’s doing the right thing: in my 47 years, I’ve come to see most people do, no matter what they do in Life! It really is all just a matter of perspective and labeling, especially if you notice how often in communications with other, you stumble on words which you both use in a slight or even totally different way….

But let’s up the stakes a notch or two: instead of just looking at the ’s "Kill most of the World" attitude, let’s pauze for a moment on why it feels so totally absurd to most of us: the people behind such schemes see themselves, but have no idea that others exist, or even have a right to exist! That frame of mind enables them to come up with measures that are destructive in nature, to anything outside their frame of reference. 

The rest of us in various degrees do notice and mind those outside our immediate sphere of  influence. Where we see beyond our reach, the first group reach beyond their vision. They will claim their vision is beyond their reach, but that is vision in the other meaning of the word: how they think it should be, rather than how they perceive it to be. 

And it is not like they could do without us, or even we could do without them: It is like one of those ancient riddles my grandfather gave me, about having a number of animals, and coming to a river. There is a boat, but it does not hold the entire flock at once, and you can only take certain combinations with you, or leave them untended on shore. The trick was to figure out just how you could get all of you to the other side, without losing a single animal.

I know that from 5D it really doesn’t matter when or how you die, because it is merely like getting ready for an extended vacation, but this story was  put here from my 5D spirit in a 3D setting, specifically for the newer readers on Moorelife. Believe me, destructive solutions are by far the less effective measures one can take. And symptom control comes next, followed by reconstructive approaches, healing, and finally of course the full control of just knowing you are in a healthy situation, regardless of what lower symptoms may try to tell you otherwise.

Why are reconstructive solutions lower than healing, you ask? Well, if Nature has shown you that in certain circumstances something cannot safely survive, you should think twice about resurrecting it: surely your home on the shore of an ocean prone to tsunamis should better be rebuilt a bit more inland…  Of course, having weighed the alternatives, and finding nothing better, you might decide to do it after all, or determined there was no risk of recurrence worth evading.

And of course it is all a matter of perspective: when my dad sees the kids playing computer games, he feigns not to be able to follow what they are doing, yet his eyes were glued to Laura’s screen yesterday. My mum probable saw them killing all kinds of nasties, if she was even able to discern which figurines on the screen were her grandchildren. I’m a bit more involved (and that’s nothing special) so I know that behind the big hunting parties that go on there, is a very constructive scheme of parties, guilds, and a complete bartering scheme with its own currency. The ladies themselves describe their ultimate goal as "leveling and gaining more power, but we’re actually doing it to gain more friends!" Helping others is very much encouraged, and our kids love it! Yep, they are very into the constructive solutions thing….

Love your Solutions, especially the constructive ones.