Picture yourself walking through a forest when you come upon a clearing
and suddenly before you, is a meadow burgeoning wildflowers.

is the question: Was the meadow beautiful before you recognized it as
such, or did it become beautiful only when you came upon it? Is there
such a thing as beauty independent of an or must beauty be
recognized as such to exist? This theme is explored in greater detail
in the accompanying .

Similarly, are the following video
images beautiful in themselves or do they need that recognition from
you to become so? I am not taking any chances. Just in case they need
you, here they are

This is an important question because in all the works of incomparable
beauty that comprise this miracle planet, one of the most mysterious is
flowers. I have never met a person who did not think flowers were
beautiful. Apparently, a number of nonhumans also think flowers are
beautiful (bees for example).

We have all heard it said that
beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While this is true in its
original context, the phrase is so often used that its
implications go unconsidered.

Beauty would not be in the eye of
the beholder unless, independent of that eye, beauty was in actual fact
there to be beheld. Some things need to be before their
beauty becomes apparent (tarantulas for example). But flowers just
simply beauty. Watch a toddling through a botanical
garden sometime. No sophisticated art sense is required; the child is
in a state of obvious rapture at the surrounding beauty.

What I
have done in this video, is an interesting blend of and
aesthetics (I sometimes wonder if there is a distinction).

science arises from certain fractal rules that pertain to a wide variety
of floral characteristics. These characteristics pertain to such
things as petal number, configuration, size, and ; the fractal
branching rule seen throughout the natural world, symmetry, and the
astonishing profusion of every color imaginable. I remain faithful to
all of these rules in my floral images. Finally, there is the arduous
task of translating things like the Fibonacci sequence into fractal

The aesthetics derives from artistic license as
regards composition, coloring gradient, layout, setting, and ambiance.
The way my mind works in the process, I am also convinced that I
draw from archetypal reservoirs but that is more a matter of
Jungian conjecture than actual fact. Notwithstanding this, however, it
is still an aesthetic source.

So my friends, there is the synopsis. Greater detail is available at my website or through private communication.