Channeler: Ray Dawn

Yes it is I come to speak with you.
I am here as many others of my realm to be as one, as a one voice in unison.
We from here within , within , are as one people. We are as
one in unison with all that is. We are within the Mount of Shasta and
yet not totally within your Mountain as well for we reside within the
space between…
Know in your deepest hearts that we are with you in these hours before we can all come together as one.
Know that we are not withholding that from you, nor are you for that matter.
It is all a part of these purposes that we all agreed to play within.
Yet one could say there are many stories to tell of our nature, and of
your history as part of our lineage..

Know that these times are for remembering who you truly are; it is a
part of the reasons you came to be here. Many of you have lives with us
your family; all who know that on a conscious level are experiencing a
of that truth.
Feel the answers within you of your times upon this earth and your experiences elsewhere.
Lemuria is our homeland; we are connected to all that live within the
realms of the middle earth. Please remember that it is not literally
within the physical 3rd dimension.
We are in a vibration that is slightly different than yours, we are in
these times of completion, returning to a merging, a coming home for all
of us together.
It has been a long time coming, and we rejoice with you for you are all our family, our relatives in truth.
These times now are for remembrance and for honoring each other and the paths we have taken to get to here.
We are not awaiting above you, holding your entry at bay for you to pass
these tests of truth to then come thru the doors to our world.
We are meeting as one here; we are coming together as one being, as humanity, for we are a part of humanity as well.
Remember your lives as one of us, as with us, remember how we live, for
as you do, you will know too the parts of yourself that are in love, in
unison and as a collective.
Draw upon that wisdom, so you may feel our way of life. Join with us in
unity, as family, as a balance of how we can all live together as one.
This merging is deepening, for you are coming to us in equality, in peace and truth.
Know that as you do, you open the doors to us and we can meet you there in celebration, in life.
We are a simple people, we care for everyone, we work together and all
needs are provided for, for there is no lack. It does not exist, for we
have no need for it, the contrast is not needed.
Know that you too as a people are coming to these conclusions, as you
join your hearts together in unity, all is coming together as One.
This is bringing all to balance here and we thank you all for your parts in that as well.
Be honest with yourself; be in honest ness with your natures. Trust that it is safe to do this, now.
We are here to help you hold the honesty, the light of truth, we are
here to embrace you, your cultures, and join in unity. Be open to all
matters being rectified in a natural manner, in an easy and full of Love
It does not have to be painful, and trust in yourselves, and your abilities!
Call out to us, to all Masters, and to the Masters within you, for we are one.
We are a one people, and know this in your heart, feel it there, and allow the goodness to manifest upon your world now.
The Earth is in unison with this timeline. She is awaiting the return of
her children in unity; she has awaited a long time as well, and is so
full of support and love for each of you. Send her love and appreciation
now that is all there is to it; appreciate life now, here upon your
world. Allow all to return unto itself, and watch the cascade, we are
here with you.
Wipe away the tears, and look to your sun, open your heart to the
father, to the light. Dwell within the flame of its glory and honor the
compassion within.
We are here to be with you as one people and we love all that is for all
lessons we have learned. This time is for all of us, together, as One…
Reach out to the flame within and Be present with it, it is eternal, it is glowing eternal…
We here within Lemuria hold the flame eternal, now is the time to Remember, to come together as One..
Thank you..

copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Please feel free to re-post as long as credit to channel and website is included, Thank you!