Channeler: Ray Dawn

Hello we are the , we are pleased to speak with you in this way.
There is much unfolding at this time in your reality; it is in order of prosperity for all.
This is in order for all is coming into resonance with its natural state of being in form and without form.
As much is coming into with what is in truth, your part in
galactic reality, you are having a knowing sense from within of changes
that are due.

Know that as you all create what is in wanting to change here, you will
begin to feel a difference in what is possible, as you already are
implementing the necessary configurations for this new flowing of
We as the Arcturians, are your friends and in memories of times past that are truly all in the now moment.
As this merging is taking place, you are remembering our and others with you, as family.
These upliftments are in order and it is now very soon, for the feeling
is already cascading into your reality of massive change afoot.
Know in truth that it is your calling forth of this! Know in truth you
have all the power to make this transition in the most delightful way!
Reclaim your powers of manifestation, right now and proceed with your
eyes on the prize shall we say. Proceed as planned, as your shifting of
the guard, as your shifting of the powers that be, it is in alignment!
These matching of frequencies that are here upon you are in nature, your
naturalness. This is a knowing from deep within you of the parting of
the , for you all have spoken of this for many, many times now. As
this alignment with what is new and true is upon you, allow it to be in
swiftness of grace, for it is your abilities to claim that Now!
You are the power of all that is that you seek, it is within each of you and is bursting forth from your beings.
Be in happiness of your gifts for you have brought them here to this
reality to be manifested in this timing, in this dimension, now.
This is a part of the planning that you all made before you came.
All of this is in memories stored within you and coming to you thru intersecting time lines.
All possibilities are possible; it is for your individual decisions in how you would like this unveiling to manifest for you.
There is also the mass consciousness, the collective experience.
As you choose to experience this shift in joy it adds to the
possibilities for all to experience this shift in joy, it is up to your
each individual choice of which frequency you choose to reside.
The time is past in trying to persuade others choices in choosing
frequencies. The time is now in your choice, that is how the betterment
for all will unfold.
It is time to choose what you want to experience from this time forward.
As all time is intersecting at a central point, many choices will be
made, and many parallel realities will be chosen.
Fear not that you are not powerful enough to help a mass ascension, for
it is only in focusing in your individual experience at this point that
will be in betterment for all.
Let go of comparisons and breathe a sigh of relief that you have done your jobs wisely, and relax into the unfoldments for all.
Know in truth that you are more powerful here than is recognized. Know
in truth there is nothing more to learn, but in allowing the wisdom to
come from within. Allow the wisdom to be manifested here now upon your
You are wise beyond your wildest dreams, and you are the glory of the in form, here now!
Be what you are in truth, Be the light and love of creation!
Know that now is the time for manifestations, one by one by one they
will begin to be apparent in your reality, that the scale has tipped in
your favors. Know in truth it is nothing outside of you causing this, it
is you, combined with all that you are creating this change.
For you are the power of creation, you are the gods made manifested in human form, here now, believe it!
We the Arcturians are here to help you in manifesting your frequencies.
We are here to help you remember who you are, and to reclaim your divine
powers to manifest them for the betterment of all.
Smell the breeze, align with life and nature, listen for the sound of
your divine nature, it speaks to you always, come into resonance with
Thank you all for the courages you have and for the struggles you
willingly have been thru, you are to be rewarded by glory eternal, and
by happiness in your now moments.
Watch for the upliftments, without a doubt they are upon you, relax into
it, and release fears to the power of the universe, it is in order.
Be as witness to this divine timing, be as witness to the truth and remember who you truly are in form, now!
Thank you and ask for our assistance in helping you to remember your
galactic histories on an individual level, ask us as well to help you to
come into resonance with your natural frequencies of Love eternal.
We will be with you at all times, and especially whilst you sleep, we
help in cleaning and aligning your forming into higher frequencies of
the light that you are!
Be as One…
The Arcturians.

copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved