Channeler: Ray Dawn

Hello to all people of the Earth, here within the realms of Earthly endeavors.
We are speaking to you in kind, from the realms of beyond the earthly.
We are here in greatest numbers to witness the birthing of the New.
Understanding that we are One, one in being ness and in nature of truth eternal.
We are the Pegasians and are from the Pegasus Star Clusters.
We are a part of the and all beings involved in the return of the Light here to your beloved planet.

Know in your greatest abilities to receive you will learn the deepest realms of Love.
Know that as one pauses you are reborn in .
We are here as many other civilizations to help in the Return, for all
is returning here to what was before these experiments in darkness or
dark matters of.
This is a long time coming in your perspectives, for time is viewed at a limited construct from your minds reach.
Know in your deepest hearts what is real and what matters upon your
experiences as all aligns with the blueprints that are natural here.
We and many others are here to witness and help be your midwifes thru
this process, for there are many stages that you are and have been upon,
it is in a natural arrangement to proceed.
This is all about your returning to the joy of living here, for it has
been not so much fun for a long, long time! As long as there is history
upon this world it has seemed to be in struggles with all that is. There
have been many understandings of the gods not being in favor with you,
many pray and pray and call out to all that is in utter despair of your
lives here.
We and all that is hear your cries for salvation.
Know in truth that nothing outside of you is holding it at bay! Know in
truth that it is all what was wanting to be experienced on a mass level
here and in an overall scheme of things that is not in a mass
understanding as of yet.
There are many layers to the truth, are there not?
There are many layers to what is real, your reality, is it real here and if not, what is behind the curtain?
Know that when all is said and done you will see and know and understand that it is you.
All that is, is you!
We are all one and yet where is the separation? Where is the borders of what is you and what is another?
There is much mirroring and speaking of this, so where do you as an individual exist as you go up the ladders?
You are many as one here and elsewhere. You are not just the personality
that you may deem is all to existence, we know many know of this, now
is the time to understand that truly, now is the time…
As so much is coming to oneness here, remember to release the fear of the unknown, for you will find yourself within it!
You will come to understand the orders of the universes, and we must
tell you it is simple, it is honest and real, just as real as you may
deem this life you are living.
We exist, as do you as do so many other races of beings and worlds they inhabit, it is all real, as you will see.
This contact, this coming to a meet and greet shall we say is in order,
for you all have come to an awareness now where it is due.
As all clicks into play here, enjoy the realizations, enjoy the diversity of life!
There is so much to learn and grow and develop and here we are ushering in the changes, ushering in the awareness of.
We are so much a part of your races here for we are connected by our
hearts and many other ways for that matter. These understanding for the
all, the mass are not so far away anymore.
Know that it will be understood on a heart level, before it will hit your airwaves to speak of this.
Know that our contacts with you as well as many other galactics will be
in divine timings of order that will bring us together as equals, for
you are all so much more than you seem.
You are Masters of these Realms, yet you have been downtrodden for so
long in forgetfulness! That is in order as well, for you have all grown
strong in understandings as the many lifetimes you have lived.
There is so much to explore and understand and grow together, it is a
whole new playing field that we are all coming upon, together!
Allow all to come home to their natures here, do not worry that so much
catch up has to be done on a mass level, have faith, for you cannot just
yet read everyone’s heart, you cannot understand truly where everyone
is at!
Know that as you release all judgments of who or what is holding you
back from the truth, you will see clearer and clearer, with New Eyes
upon this world. It will be as it is transformed.
These changes are all about perceptions, know this as truth.
Come home now to within yourself and find the center of balance.
Be as one with understanding of what is real, we cannot express this enough at this time!
Please also suspend disbelief for it has held you captive for far too long!
We are here to start the cascade, for that is what we do as well as
others. We come to civilizations as they are at the cusp of mass
awakening; we are here to inform you that you are there!
Be in faith of the outcomes for the benefit of all for enough of the mass is holding it as well, it is in order.
For now, do your best and allow the rest to be let go. Stay within your
heart space and see with the eyes of its nature, forgive and forget,
forgive and let go.
Know that is not to say you have no boundaries in your truth, allow all, but make better choices in the nows that you have.
By that we mean, allow all to be, but choose wisely where you hold your attention, or where you put your energy.
Know that in choosing wisely, you are not getting involved in others
experiences, for it is always everyone’s choice in what they want to
experience, even if it is disappointment, that is their choice!
The wisest thing you can be is yourself, no more, no less, just is ness.
Remember to be it, to let go when it feels you cannot, for life is not
in the pushing against, but in the flow of the now, in the center.
Be there and be in enjoyment of it! Have more fun, and remember to play!
Be as the child and not take everything so seriously, for life is for enjoying, it is for the experience.
As these times come to fruition, enjoy each moment of and see what is
holding you back from that enjoyment, be honest with yourselves of the
answers, no one is a victim!
Be kind to yourselves as you remember the truth and allow it to permeate your fields to bring you into the frequencies of Love.
Love is eternal, it holds no judgment, or trying to change anything, it
is in acceptance of all, it is in understanding of what is, and the
beauty in that, the joining embrace of oneness..
We are here to provide support in the truth saying, we are your friends
and families as many other star nations, who come at this time of
Know that as the day dawns all light befalls this earth and brings the
glory of completeness to these realms, as each circle is complete,
another leg of the journey opens and it begins again…
Here we are upon one cycle closing and as another one opens, be in truth, be in light, be in love with this now..
Trust all that is, that the power of creation is upon all of you,
remember your gifts as Masters of these realms and use them for the
benefit of all, it is in order…
We are here and provide the witness of this timing, as such we are in
agreement with the unfolding, and provide support, this will be
established in due time, but it is in order to manifest upon the realms
you are in, all is in order for the Reveal.
Remember that it is you thru the curtain it is your true nature that will be revealed to you, no more no less….
We thank you for your service to the One to all..
We thank you for your courage and naturalness.
We thank you for the wisdom you bring here, manifest your truth…
Be as ONE
We thank you, the Pegasians..

copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved