Channeler: Ray Dawn

Hello we are pleased to be speaking to you in this way.
We are from a distant galaxy of your known universe.
We are here to speak to you as a group form. This time that is in your now moment is at the of a new awakening.

We and so many others are here to witness this new human that we all
have been excited to see come into form. All of you are playing a part
in this unfolding, all of you are here as a witness and as an active
Enjoy your moments! Enjoy this journey that you are in form to experience, Now!
Know that no matter what comes your way, you have called it forth to be in a growth of your being ness.
You have called it forth in your now moments to help you to experience all that you are here as a present experience as well.
Know in truth that you are all the gifts that you give to yourself. You
are all the “ness” that you perceive as separate from your nature.
This time is for claiming yourself! This time is for the unfoldment of all that is possible! All truth, all gifts, all Love!
It is your time for joy; it truly is your time to shine!
Let go of all that holds you away from your ; be honest with the Love that is you, always.
Know that all of your struggles are allowing you to come home unto
yourself, for as you release them, you return to your natural order,
which is the natural order of Life!
This is for each of you to understand and come into with.
Each of you brought the tools to make this transition.
Each of you had trainings and gifts that you brought, that you are. Use
them now! Use all of your powers fully and do not be afraid of the
strength that you are.
Each of you has had so that have taught you how to move
thru each different situation. Each of you has the shields and the
strength to be the warriors that you are in truth.
The warrior does not move in ways that are in fear, the warrior allows
themselves to be who they are in each moment, no fear, just is ness.
Be that now. You have all done the necessary tasks to now be able to hold the light, trust that you can and let go!
There is nothing to defend, but just being your nature. There is nothing to do, just allowing all to be who and what they are!
Give glory to the power of creation and trust in the nature of the universe!
Let the goodness of all that is permeate your consciousness to your very soul and bloom there, in the perfection that it is.
We and so many others are here to be with you as you unveil the truth to
yourselves, to your world and to all that is, trust that it is done,
trust that it is in the flow of life, now.
Let no fear of annihilation be with you, let your nature flow unencumbered, like the river, powerful and strong!
We thank you and are so excited to see how you choose to start this
cascading of love to envelope everything, for you have a great part in
it, as does all that you are, which is coming more and more into your
consciousness, be not afraid of the Love!
Be and relax into your naturalness, for it is you, it always was.
Love the fear for allowing you the contrast! Love everything for being
your greatest teachers. We love you as well, for you are so incredible
to take on these tasks and bring this light to the darkest regions!
Be proud, stand tall and walk in peace!
A new day is dawning, look up and witness it, and be in joy that your time has come, it is here now unfolding!
Thank you for your service to all that is, remember who you are and be
proud of yourselves and be proud of the contrast for it is your greatest
ally; it allows the journey and brings you home to yourself.
We thank you,
The warriors of the light brigade…

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