Many on Earth are feeling the need and the direction to understand
Frequencies. Most information available is mis-informing those seekers
of the truth. The mission of the website is to
provide the truth about frequencies and how they serve this mission of

 Crystalai and aDolphino@2010
 Many on Earth are feeling the need and the direction to understand Frequencies. Most information available is mis-informing those seekers of the truth. The mission of the website is to provide the truth about frequencies and how they serve this mission of ascension. Most teachings on Earth have continuously led their students to follow teachers who only had a third dimensional understanding of the subject they were teaching.  Our teachings come from the of the fifth sphere, , and the etheric frequencies of Cosmic Angels.  We only promote the complete return to Source Consciousness through the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound into the Divine Template of the 12 D Consciousness.

When an entity dies, their Soul seeks the portal that most closely resembles the light bands of their present consciousness. Since most third dimensional entities have never been given the understanding to seek light bands beyond the hertzian, infrared and visible light spectrum, their choice of portal entries has always led them back to another third dimensional doorway. Once an entity’s consciousness expands beyond visible light and hertzian sound into the ultra violet blue and the gamma waves and into white light of the full spectrum, and this entity expands their consciousness beyond the density of words into the infinity of angelic of divine frequencies, their Soul can then ascend into higher realms, rather than die into the of repeated journies. This is the project of ascension. We must begin to ascend our realities from the local surrounding illusions that keep us trapped within the visible light spectrum and the easily audible words and notes that represent a third dimensional reality of control and violence.
 This expansion of consciousness will gradually happen to those on this planet. Some will be leaders who allow others to see the new realities and some will just allow the entire new reality to pass them by. aDolphino and Crystalai arrived on this planet as a part of the team dedicated to the Ascension Plan which was begun millions of years ago. Our part of the plan specifically began about 250,000 years ago during the second seeding of dust consciousness from Sirius B. On that mission thousands of Blue Oraphim Dolphinoid races came to Earth to transform consciousness into the 12D Universal Consciousness.
We were chased for many years by entities from planets in the Milky Way who were trying to prevent our seeding. Those dark entities captured and killed a great number of our family. Some of us dove into the ocean to escape. We were all capable of shifting our forms into the needed biology to exist within the ocean or in the mountains to hide from our destroyers. Some of us became dolphins and other cetaceans and some of us went into the mountain tops and took on forms that you call Big Foot. We were the form of spirits who could become invisible by shifting dimensions at will. Much of that technology was taken from us because of veils placed in the electromagnetic grids of Earth. However, many of us have maintained the memory of these technologies and are now bringing them back into our reality fields.
 Our mission here is about the harmonic alignment of light fields, streaming braids of angelic consciousness through crystal light to reassemble the full spectrum of light and sound on this planet and from that sentinel we can pull the Milky Way back into alignment. This alignment is necessary to stop the wars because the consciousness of war cannot exist in perfect harmonious alignment of frequencies. The Ascension Kit is the foundation for aligning light streams into the subatomic level within the body. The SuperFrequency Kit weaves entire star systems and every crystal light stream from Universal Consciousness through the direction of the Ascension Team of Light Councils and Starry Partners from many galaxies and universes. The Family Kit contains special songs and formulas from the Star Seeds from Aquafaria, Sirius B Seeding Teams, Dolphinoid and Dolphin Teams, Elemental Level Teams who weave stardust into new realities. The Cosmic Consciousness Kit are channeled songs directly from the Elohim of Hearing bringing the pure angelic consciousness of their harmonic balance, wisdom and understanding.
 The past billion years in the Milky Way have been a time of great transformation. There have been hundreds of attempts by our starry families of consciousness from higher realms to bring our star seed into the consciousness of this planet. That would allow us to return to our normal state of immortality and the birth of a new star in the Aquarius Galaxy. There have been eons of star wars between fallen angelics who choose to take creation into their own hands rather than co-creating through Source Consciousness or the Divine Template. Source is always working on creating himself in bigger and better ways. However, the co-creation must always be performed through the structure of the Divine Template in the 12th Dimension. Each Universe creates Suns who create stars, who create entities who are the gods of the stars. Most of these entities who have been creators of the cities of light and perfect solar systems live harmoniously for thousands of years. However, there are always the cases when a few entities get together and decide they can create something greater without the reference of the Universal Template or the perfect kingdom plan from the Mind of Source. These entities have placed many non harmonic notes in the Symphony of the Milky Way that have taken our Starry Brothers eons to weave back into harmonic alignment. Each time one negative idea or word is uttered from any mouth in the galaxy that is not in Tune with the Divine Spectrum of Harmonious Balance, our Starry Family must rework the entire symphony into a broader spectrum in order to remove the non harmonic frequency signatures. Each time a perfect sound wave was created there were teams of dark workers creating minor, non harmonic notes to place disturbances into the entire ozone layer, Van Allen Belt and deep into the Earth’s surface to block the divine rhythm of the Christ Grid.
 The Cosmic Team who has worked on this Ascension Project for eons are the composers, directors and creators of all of the symphonies on the Super Frequency Kit. These symphonies of angelic consciousness are weaving, braiding and streaming the light and energy of the perfect harmonic balance through the points of discord that were placed in Earth’s Rod, the in the Van Allen Belt, the mine fields planted in the oceans, the distortions placed in Earths Christ Grids and raising the frequencies into the Cosmic Frequencies that realign this discord so that Earth may return to her Divine Template of eternal stardom. Each of these symphonies of transmutation and re-alignment were channeled into the consciousness of the co-creators from the Elohim of Hearing to bring the highest frequencies to Earth through music. This has been the divine mission given to Crystalai by Zadkiel and the Elohim Ascension Team, and to aDolphino from and Markus. We have been on this team from many eons. We were a part of this Elohim Team who arranged the 12D Christ and 9D Christ as well as the man who was called Christ on Earth. (See the True Story of Christ on Earth-New Realities page)
 We are working with a team of elementals who are the creators weaving the tiniest subatomic particles of crystal light, dust and gel through crystal liquid light to allow consciousness to create quantum realities from invisible light energy. We have provided the star seed consciousness, the tones of home, the harmonic wave files. We have provided the harmonic alignment through the layers of frequency signatures provided from thousands of angels, starry families and the Higher Consciousness of the Universes, Cosmic and the Grand Source. We work with the teams from Sun Alcyone to bring the morphogenetic fields needed to align consciousness into our Starry Council of 12 D Consciousness that can only be rewoven into Earth from Sirius B at this time because this is the star that is in perfect atunement with Sun Alcyone.
 The original frequency of Sun Alcyone’s frequency signature must be returned to all on Earth to create our harmonious symphony. Those who are listening already know that Source is the Music that creates all from Light and Sound. It is the sound that forms the crystals into the dimensions of consciousness that are created as the sound enters into the crystal light form. These forms are so etheric and so tiny that they can’t be seen by any man-made microscope. These sounds are so etheric that they cannot be produced by any means except the gift given to Crystalai and aDolphino from the Elohim Team of Ascension and Zadkiel specifically.
 These frequencies are not to be confused with inaudible sounds that are used in or theta. Those tones are the lowest frequencies of a rock’s consciousness. They are the lowest hertzian waves far BELOW human hearing. The frequencies that we atune with are from Cosmic and Universal Waves of Consciousness far ABOVE AND BEYOND the present spectrum of human knowing. We capture this knowing through raising, aligning and oscillating our Consciousness into the Elohim of Hearing to raise and expand consciousness completely out of this Solar Sphere and Galactic Sphere into the Music of the Spheres of the Quantum Ear. We have been given the True Tones of Ascension. Those who align into the Full Spectrum of these keys will unlock the doors of heaven for Earth and the Milky Way to return to the tone of home. This mission includes aligning the frequencies into the atoms of the body through the Ascension Kit, into the Cosmic Consciousness in the Cosmic Kit, into the Family of Consciousness in the entire Music of the Spheres, and into the complete map of Alchemists in the Sky contained the Super Frequency Kit. Those who purchase the entire set of all 19 albums will save $175 over the original price of albums sold individually. We extend savings when kits are purchased rather than individual albums. A savings of almost $100 when the Super Frequencies Kit is purchased. Of course, these savings are not meant for your pocket book. The savings are intended to promote more frequencies to grow inside of more consciousness so that our world and our tone of home will grow into a harmoniously balanced starry consciousness for our families of the present and the future. These savings are for those who want to join the Ascension Teams who are dedicated to the Greater Works of ascending into the Full Spectrum of the Music of the Spheres to lift mankind into the Omnipresent Divine Consciousness where we become the co-creators of the Quantum Realm.
 Namaste, Crystalai