, your hearts are the key to transforming the world.
Your hearts are the magnetic power of Love, and the world, of course,
comes forth from within you, a reflection of what your hearts believe.
Thus, everything that presents itself as the illusion of duality can be
awakened into Love, as you embrace it. Your hearts are the key.

yet, beloved ones, how does your heart know what Love is, when it has
been covered over by the defenses of the ego&; when it has been filled
with the story lines of pain and suffering, until it has come to believe
that Love will hurt you.

How does your heart know what Love is, when your heart is so important. The answer and the only one is from Me.

experience of Love is born every moment at the very highest of all
vibrations. It is birthed into a cosmos of the Love of God that speaks
itself as the "I Am" of your heart, and it goes forth secure in its
knowledge of Love that is limitless and without boundaries.

Love is exquisitely indestructible and yet intimately personal so that
you know this Love is given to you…you, as the individuated stream of
Love, the facet of the you are, deeply and powerfully
personal in the person of your cosmic identity.

I have said to you
again and again that you are meant to receive Love from Me and to
receive from Me your , that you might then be the open
heart that extends this Love eternally and multiplies it continually,
that Love might feed the universe and gift each life with full awareness
of the touch of the heart of God.

How do you know what Love is?
You receive it right here in this communion as the accepting
its reality, that the nectar of our Love may always nourish you. But
beyond nourishment, it will give you the gift of the true experience of
being loved, that you, beloved ones, might love perfectly in return.

do I say to you that it is of such importance that your precious hearts
be open to Me, returned to this guidance of the purest Love, that you
might be attuned to the truth of Love at the vibration of God in the
continual living Now Moment.

So, as the world moves and hearts
awaken, there is a search for the understanding of what Love is. There
is a longing for the resonance of pure Love within you. And so you look
in many ways to find this resonance of the heart of God that is the
truth of who you are.

But, oh, my dearest ones, precious hearts of
unlimited Love, you are born into the cosmos as the heart of God and
the truth that lives within you constantly is that the attunement to
this Love that I give to you is the key to everything. Deep within,
your heart knows it.

And yet the ego mind is ever pushing away,
frantically at times, keeping you from this experience, because in this
moment of pure communion the ego mind cannot hold sway and you recognize
who you are eternally and experience through your whole being what it
means to be loved.

I promise you that you cannot love until you’ve
experienced this. You cannot give Love at this highest note until you
have at last accepted it. You cannot close the gap that creates duality
unless you close the gap with Me and experience in this ongoing moment
of grace, what it means to be truly loved by Me.

Because your
heart creates "the reality" of life on Earth, then what I give you now
comes to bear on everything…your every experience of life, the
fulfillment of every hope, the fulfillment of your longing for your Twin
Flame’s Love. All that you seek in your deepest heart starts here with
Me when you recognize and fully experience what it means to be truly
loved…not only unconditionally…and not only without limits or
boundaries…but loved so purely and with the resonance of such truth that
all the distance created by the ego mind simply falls away and you are

The moment that this occurs, your heart is present in the
fullness of this perfect Love that it might be the transparent conduit
for this Love to be given to All That Is. It is this important and

Your ego mind is occupied with life on Earth and "holds
court" continually, seeking to be or of the universe that it
has made by creating the separation from Me. The truth of Love, of who
you are, your true identity is so much grander than you can ever find
looking outward, looking inward. Only looking at Me can you receive the
gift of the Love I Am, the gift that Real Life can give you.

it matter what you call Me? Not a bit, for the ego mind’s definitions
have been part of its ploy to keep you filled with barriers from this
essential truth — the experience of what it means to be loved, truly
loved by your Creator with such power, such presence, such overwhelming
joy that you, the heart of God, are at last fully functioning and fully
alive in Me.

There is no separation between us. There cannot be.
But you must feel this. Not know it with the mind that names it many
things…but rather, you must experience this Love so powerful that it
truly brings the ego to its knees, that you stand free and fully alive
in the truth of your creation.

How do you know what it feels like
to be loved? You know it through your heart as it is received from Me,
and thus can you be the power of Love magnetic without faltering,
without losing your resonance and without a moment of separation from
this ecstasy of the glorious Love I Am.

Am I Real to you? To the
point where I Am every breath? Where when you breathe, it resonates
within you through the vast and endless spirit of Love you are? Then,
pouring through your transparent heart, the world is wrapped in this
Love so powerfully that every illusion of "not Love" is gone instantly.

this resonance of Real Love is held, dear ones, there can only be a
transformation of the experience of the life of every human. Each is
being brought back by the Law of Resonance to this communion and to the
truth of what the heart feels and knows.

How do you know what it
feels like to be loved? To be loved beyond any definition, beyond any
possibility of the slightest doubt that you are the very explosion of
Love that sets Creation on course?

How do you know how it feels to
be loved so purely, so truly, so powerfully that right now in the midst
of your experience of life, in the midst of your ego mind’s diary of
time and space…right now your heart takes wing, and nothing can alter
your surety. You are filled with a luminous and indelible warmth and
washed in waves of infinite grace that bring to you the most palpable
experience of peace, upliftment and absolute conviction that I Am the
Source of your very life and of every good that is possible in the
cosmos. The open heart is the recipient of every gift of the whole of

So I ask you, beloved ones, not only to open your hearts,
but to come to Me, wholly conscious, accepting this powerful communion
of Love that is the truth of your being and the Love that guides you, so
that once you know how to drink from this cup of eternal life and the
gifts of truth, nothing can deter you because there is no choice. There
is only Love as your Reality, and thus as the Reality of the world.

are heart, as Creator. You are the Creator vehicle, the heart of God,
present, open and allowing this explosion of Love to wash through you,
to pour through your open transparent heart that is ever the pure
"en-conscious-ment" of the forces of Creation in the limitless Now,
flowing into the world to be reflected as the world of Love as it is
created to reflect your deepest heart’s beliefs.

If you believe in
Love through experience and accept this Love between us that is a
miracle, then you shall always be at the highest resonance and
everything alive is loved through you perfectly by Me.

One degree
of separation between us is all it takes for this miracle to occur…the
miracle of the stupendous, indescribable, numinous grace of My being
able to see you and to love you as My heart in full expression.

degree of separation is what Creation is, that All I Am may be known
and loved. You are the vehicle through which this occurs. Can you even
imagine what this means to Me? How passionately I love you, beloved
ones…each of you a unique expression, a facet of the whole heart of God.

please, I ask you to spend your days discovering what it means to be
truly loved. Allow yourself to turn to Me and to feel the longing
assuaged by this experience of being perfectly loved, perfectly seen,
totally acknowledged, rejoiced in, lifted up, honored, respected, and
filled with grace…and the constantly flowing gifts of all Creation.

substance of Love is All That Is. It is time to recognize your powerful
place as the co-creative heart of the All of Love, as the outreach of
the Love I Am and as the expression of this indescribable miracle that
is the Moment of Creation. As you become receiver of perfect Love, then
you also become Love’s outreach and creator. That which Love finds true
in your heart of hearts shall be brought forth before you to be
reflected as an ever-expanding experience of the heart of God giving
more of itself.

I want you to know how it feels to be loved
limitlessly and totally unconditionally, and you will only find this
perfect Love when you return to Me and heal this separation that the ego
mind, the choice to believe in other in Love has created.

dearest ones, the turn is simple and your heart is Mine immediately. The
veils of the ego dream fall away in one cosmic heartbeat, and then you
shall turn and give forth this Love that in every human heart comes
recognition of what it means to be truly loved, cosmically,

Then shall the world that you have co-created
become the reflection of the heart of God receiving this glorious Love,
its true identity, the awareness of the Twin Flame within it…that in
every pulse of the Moment of Creation that pulse might be given as it is
intended…to be this assurance that each of you is loved perfectly,
endlessly by Me.

So I Am asking you to begin this quest…to make
this your heart’s true dedication, that you will turn from time and the
ego’s enticement and all the ways it has manipulated your belief in
Love…turn back to Me with this one question: "God, how does it feel to
be truly loved unconditionally by You?"

In this choice, not only
are you restored to the true relationship that is the heart of God
receiving from Me, but you also become Love’s magnetic conduit, bringing
into alignment with Love every experience on Earth so that Love might
be restored to its intended place as the center of the life of the
hologram, as all that is needed for freedom.

When you awake, dear
ones, each morning…turn to Me immediately. Open your heart and call,
that I might fill you with this experience of true and endless Love and
holy communion, the experience of grace being given and received, and
then, through your open heart, extended.

How does it feel to be
truly loved? Every experience of the world, of the personality is truly
seen through the mirror darkly. It is searching for Love, while turned
away from the Light that is meant to illuminate your every moment. Out
of the return, the re-dedication of your heart to receiving from Me,
your true identity will come … what you really need to know.

heart can love the ego free when Love becomes such a central truth that
the deep and powerful experience of Real identity prevails. Then the ego
mind becomes a helpful tool for creating a certain kind of

All the while the heart experiences the truth that
Love is unlimited and we are not separate. And yet we have this
indescribable gift of loving and knowing each other as the heart of God
receiving and then giving forth all that is received so perfectly that
the symbols of life around you are of a perfect world in which Love
fulfills every need and every heart is in communion with Me, endlessly