I’m quite sure where I met him, in my world that is. How he came to be there for me to encounter him, is somewhat beyond me, for our worlds should in no way have a need to intersect, unless it was of importance to me. Where he comes from, the Prime Directive certainly is in effect, because I don’t feel pushed beyond my limit of comfort in any way.

There’s just this fascination with his world, that has me eagerly absorbing any information I can gleam from this close encounter of the third kind. It’s a world where Abundance is not just a lofty word, but a rock solid 3D reality, as many of us will actually long to have it. I’ve even turned him into a writing project, to which no reservation or condition was uttered. Of course I’ll give him the privilege of determining whether or not this novel should hit the streets, but that is only fair: we both need to agree that the information shared benefits the civilization at large…..

What kind of an alien, you ask? Well, humanoid, breathing oxygen, a perfect blender as far as life on is concerned.  Highly developed where dealing with other species, and actually of the Service to Others variety. Out to harm none, but help Source in any way he can. "We have the same purpose", he said to me last night. And oddly enough, that is what it felt like. We go about it in totally different ways, but our end results all work towards that One goal!

I actually always wanted to meet an alien, but figured I never would. And you know they say that if you don’t believe, you don’t experience? Well, it is my experience that wanting to believe it, even if you don’t yet, is enough to have Source nudge you over the edge. But mind you, it does so in a way you will not expect! Don’t take everything at face value, for a Pair may well trump a Royal Flush, if the behind it is of superior benevolence…..

What does he drive? Well, that depends. But all modes of transporation have been specifically engineered to establish a cloak of believability amidst Earth’s traffic. So the next Audi Q7 you spot out there might be him overtaking you on the Dutch freeways, or a private jet leaving no chemtrails overhead might mean he’s en route to his next victory for One and All.

I feel privileged, to have been shown such a world. Not sure I want to move there just yet, so don’t worry. And even if I did, I’m sure we could find a way to keep Moorelife running. Besides, it’s like Bashar says: we each experience the exact world we want to be in every moment of every day. I could simply keep hopping from one reality to the other, if I wished…..

Love your Aliens, they are Everywhere!