Nothing I can do about it anymore, but this afternoon I shattered a budding friendship with one single bad joke. A really bad one, which I won’t be repeating here. The lady on the receiving end probably figured that couldn’t have been a joke if it was coming from me, and took it hard. My next her way was about to apologize for my very obvious lack of taste, but it was too late: she’d blocked me, and it landed right back in my own inbox…..

And then I remembered that I hate : you either have to tell everybody up front you’re joking, which will ruin the joke, or you run the of somebody somewhere figuring it is for real, in which case you lose a friend, permanently! And the less you tell jokes, the more people tend to take you serious, so you either have to joke all the time so nobody will take you serious, or you have to refrain from altogether, because if you do happen to tell a joke, you are always being taken seriously, and treated accordingly.

Of course I wouldn’t give up that easily, not with several independent domains on the Web. I mailed the lady from another domain, to explain and apologize. That mail didn’t immediately come back, so it must have gotten through. 

But there my involvement ends:  my message can either be bounced again, not answered or answered. To us, only one option leads onward. But the other two lead onwards just the same. Just not in a common direction.

Sure I feel bad, very bad even. But it was an honest mistake trying to make a joke when I normally don’t. My bad, but like I don’t feel pity for others, now is not the time to feel it for myself. , yes, but not pity. So whatever happens, I know it is for the good. Any outcome whether it’s positive or negative, is just another building block for whatever comes next. But I’ll be damned if I ever try to joke again! 

Love saying what you mean…