That’s what a friend told me last week, and as I imagined him lying down, I laughed. No Dre’, not the literal routine again…  But he’s right. Lying is ‘bitch work’, although I don’t mean to insult the ladies. I mean it’s the kind of job one would rather not do. In fact that term was used in the movie Bicentennial Man, uttered by a cute female with an attitude!

When in college, we were taught that laziness is the true mark of the , because if something is repetitious and boring, one of them will step up to analyze it, design something to fix it, and implement it. Not quite lazy in the general sense, but lazy in terms of not wanting to be involved in bitch work.

Let’s analyze lying: once you dig up a lie, you leave a gaping hole for anyone to stumble onto! And in order to cover it up, you will have to weave a cover of some kind, usually consisting of more lies. But none of them are a surefire protection against being found out. So lying is a lot of work, especially since you have to remember clearly what you lied about, in order not to plug any holes in your lie with new lies conflicting with the big lie itself! Man, I’ve got enough on my mind just trying to deal with the facts of Life themselves! Do you seriously expect me to cook up another world altogether, just to make you think the world isn’t what you think it is? Think again!

OK, I may sugarcoat the bitter pill for you by emphasizing the advantages, but if there are any problems, you’ll get those from me as well. Because if I didn’t, you’d develop higher expectations of me than I could possibly live upto, and I’d be in deep trouble again, pressured to lie my way out of it. So thank you, but no thank you!

Now I only wish that all of you guys and gals are just as plain fucking lazy as I am. Wouldn’t that do the world a world of good? 

Love your Truths,