Sunday, 01 August 2010

This channel with the Goddess came as somewhat of the first anniversary from the time the began to contact us.  We all have light bodies within and around us that work to support who we are.  The actual that comes through as a consciousness is different.  This is a very high vibrational that is now available to us in our daily lives.  This is a part of the crystalline vibration.  It is also what will take us to the next phase within our lives.

During this channel the Goddess took us into the All That Is which is where we go as a part of each channel.  This time, she opened a door into the !  It created a bridge and was a beautiful thing to see. The energy had a who speaks for this consciousness.  While androgynous, he often times manifests as a .  He assisted us in experiencing the Omniverse.  For many, the expanded out to experience stars, planets, ; whatever it was they wanted.

Rather than working with the hologram of the earth, the Goddess assisted in creating a direct column of light down into the earth.  At that point, Gaia came through and spoke.  She spoke about the changes.  She spoke about the balancing.  She also spoke about the taking place in the .  Many others have commented on the spill, this was the first time the Goddess or Gaia has spoken of it to this group.  As she spoke and all the energy of the Omniverse was being infused into the earth, it created a huge vortex.  What I realized as the Goddess was speaking was that this vortex was moving through the Gulf and covered approximately two thirds of the space!  It was a brilliant light, it was open and the energy flowed with ease.

There is so very much that took place in this channel!  I encourage you to experience it for yourself and see what comes to you as your focus.

Nama sika: venia benya               I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family.  I reach out to each one of you; I reach
out and send forth my love, my awareness, and all that I am so that I
may be of assistance to you in any way that you need.

This time upon the Earth is filled with many different levels of
transformation.  If you consider back over the last 15 to perhaps 20
years or so when the Earth’s consciousness made the decision to move
forward with the ascension process of the Earth, it was as if humanity
itself stepped onto the fast track and so many things began to happen.

Many of you were at the forefront of everything that’s gone on and even
so you feel the shift taking place.  There are many others who are just
beginning to open up or awaken and they too feel those same, similar
type of feelings.

So no matter where you are, be aware that not only are you yourself
moving through whatever is happening in your life, be aware that the
Earth too is transitioning.

I would like to share with you that this is a time in which there has
been a greater amount of the higher vibrational energies flowing
consciously into the Earth than there ever was before.

As you allow yourself the opportunity to let these energies blend with
you, flow with you and assist you, you will find that there is so much
that is to your benefit.  Turn around and go with the flow of the
energy; there is no need to push against it or push into struggle.

Breathe deeply once more; breathe all the way down within yourself and
then as you do so let your consciousness release.  Have a sense of
letting your energy shift into the space of the magnetic grid.  As you
do so you can feel your consciousness as it expands within this space. 
Open up and take in the many different pathways that move through here.

You find that this is the space in which your higher self resides a good
bit of the time, so perhaps there’s a message waiting here for you from
your higher self.  Perhaps you’d like to send out a message to someone

From here you shift through; you move through the interlocking grid
until you find yourself within the crystalline vibration.  The
crystalline grid itself will give you a sense of dimensions, a sense of
shifts in consciousness, a sense of the various layers of energy and
light.  You feel the space that resonates with you.

I then invite you to consciously allow your energies to move into the
soul plane.  As you arrive here within the soul plane, feel who you
are.  Allow yourself to merge with your I Am presence.

As you reach out and embrace who you are as your divinity, let it all
flow through you.  With all that’s been hectic and frantic upon the
Earth in the last couple of weeks, I invite you to take just this moment
to truly let yourself feel that flow of your divinity as it moves
through you.

As you do this feel the love, feel the support, feel the awareness.  I
have a sense of each one of you expanding even further as you allow for
this flow to move within and around you.

I the Goddess take this as an opportunity to move here within this
space.  I reach out to each one of you and embrace you.  I merge my
energies with yours.  And as I do so you can feel yourself expanding and
shifting into the space of the All That Is.

As you allow your focus to move within and around this space, I invite
you to be open to look at the crystalline energies.  It was right about
this time last year that the lightbody energies began to make themselves
known to you.  So in a sense I wished to have tonight be somewhat of a

I am going to step aside and allow the lightbody energies to come forth and speak with you.

Lightbody energies speak:

We greet you.  We remember how that very first time we came to speak
with you in this manner, it was so very awkward.  It was awkward for us
it was awkward for Shelly because the shift in vibration was quite
different than anything that we have experienced.

I speak as the voice of a collective consciousness; for what is known as the lightbody energy.

Each of you as a human have had various energy fields within and around
you for your entire life.  You are made up of multi-dimensional aspects
of yourself.  You’re made up of your physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual aspects.  Those are the four that humans have focused upon for
quite some time.

This bringing forth of the lightbody energy is actually giving you an
opportunity to manifest a more crystalline vibration.  So that it can be
there to help you through your days, to help you with whatever you are
doing within your life so that it gives you an opportunity to have as
much or as little growth as you may so choose.

I invite you to take a moment and truly consider what it feels like as
you blend fully with your lightbody energy.  Some of you feel it as just
an expansion of your consciousness.  Others feel this energy as a
particular type of vibration that is unique unto us. We see others have a
perception of a color, a shape, a sparkle.  There is of course no right
or wrong; it is simply one’s perception.

The reason that I wanted you to consider it in this manner is that I
would like you to also have a sense of turning around and look back over
the past year.  Whether or not the lightbody energy has been with you
for that entire time, you can still allow yourself to merge with these
energies and see what has happened for you.

Change comes in many, many different forms.  Sometimes there’s a sense
of being stagnant; of a lack of motion or movement.  I wish for you to
have a sense of recognizing how while it may seem as if you are not
moving in your life, or things are not happening as quickly as they are,
look at the other dimensions around you because in many cases you are
actually quite busy and still setting things up for yourself.

As the Earth itself continues to integrate more and more of the
crystalline energy, each of you will have greater access to how it
affects you.  You’ll have greater access to opportunities; you may find
your potentials shift.  You may find you actually end up moving in a
direction of which you had no previous notion.

I am going to take this moment and manifest more of this crystalline
energy as I speak with you, so I invite each one of you to open up your
senses with the conscious intention of becoming aware of my expansion. 
What I see happening is that it is as if there is an expansion within
me, but it also is as if it is creating a doorway for you.

As I open up this door it creates a view into the Omniverse.  It makes
me chuckle because as soon as I mention opening the door, so many of you
rushed to move through.  There is a bit of a jam so I’ll expand the

This is what we so dearly love about humanity. That continuous urge to
learn new and different things; that sense of adventure for going new
places.  That is what has led you to where you are today; that is what
will take you this next step.

We’ve now moved through that door and we merge with this area.  At first
I had thought to just speak of what was there but now that I see how
each of you prefer to actually interact with this, I invite you to let
yourself fly.

As we are out here within the Omniverse, as you are looking at this, I
encourage you to open up your awareness to perceive the planets, the
galaxies, the aspects of the Universe that are in alignment with you at
this time.

There is so much of this crystalline energy that is available out here
within this space and as all of you come forth, as you look at this,
it’s as if you see streams of light and streams of energy.  Some come
from specific planets; others come from a sense of manifesting out
within the Universe or the Omniverse.

This is lightbody energy; this is pure crystalline energy.  Some of you
consider it the new energy.  Allow it all to stream down through this
place and see it as it comes back in here within the All That Is.  Have a
sense to send out a stream of light for some of those who are really
going far out within the Omniverse.

If this is your choice to do, whether at this time or another time, I
remind you that you are fully connected with the Earth plane and you
will always be drawn back within the Earth at the end of our little
excursions.  So I would advise you not to let fear hold you back; this
is pure consciousness, pure energy, pure potential.

As you look around the All That Is, you can see this energy as it has
manifested.  As you consider whatever may be happening within your life,
bring it here into this space at this time.  Here within this space of
the lightbody energy, not only are you present as your I Am presence but
you are present with your Earth-bound consciousness and you are present
with all this energy.

Now that I have brought this into this space I’m going to turn it back
over to the Goddess so that I too may blend with this energy and you may
tap into my essence with greater ease.

Goddess speaks:

You will find that there is less of a distinction between my essence and
my vibration and that of the lightbody energies.  There are less lines
of delineation than there has ever been before.

As you look around you, become aware of how this lightbody energy is not
only in the space around you but it is completely blended within you. 
If you so choose you can reach out and allow your consciousness to blend
in such a smooth manner that there is no separation of you and this

Indeed when you align with this within yourself, it is completely
integrated.  It is only because we are working with the energy in this
manner that you have that sense of separateness or something more than

Consider your life.  Consider if there is anything that is holding you
back at this time.  As we move into something that is more analytical,
your consciousness stays expanded but it is not quite as expanded as it
was a moment ago.  This is because of bringing in that sense of
categorizing your life or analyzing the various parts of your life.

For some we have a sense that you can put your finger on something
specific that you would like to see transition in order to get from
point A to point B.  If that is the case for you then I invite you to
draw up within these energies the end result of where you seek to go or
what you seek to have.

And here within these lightbody or these crystalline energies, let that
flow through you; let it flow through whatever this is.  In some cases
it is as if it cleans out the energy.  In other cases it assists in
creating a greater clarity for you.  See, sense, feel yourself as having
accomplished whatever this may be.

There are others who have a sense of wishing to just feel better without
a particular end result.  They just want to feel different than what
they do right now.  I invite you to release the resistance and breathe
in this crystalline energy.

As you breathe in this energy with the intention of being open and
allowing it to flow up and down through you in every manner, feel how
good that is.  The crystalline energy gives you the opportunity of
creating change with greater ease.  It gives you another manner of being
able to be in the light of your divinity.  To have it reflected back
towards you.

As you are here within this space, as you recognize that you have access
to the entire Omniverse if you so choose; then know within you that you
have the answers.  That you have the resources available to you for
whatever it is that you seek within your life.

I invite you to have a sense of shifting your awareness.  I know that we
usually work with the hologram but this time I would like for you to
work directly with the Earth.

As you shift your focus in such a way that your consciousness once more
is looking towards the Earth; sometimes people just slide down,
returning their full consciousness to the Earth. But if you can, remain
in this space of the All That Is but look towards the earth so that you
may have the perception of what’s going on.

As you look at the Earth you can actually see a pulsation that
emanates.  This is the heart beat of Gaia; it’s the heart beat of the
Earth itself.  It is also a means of showing you the shift between

More and more of those higher vibrational energies are becoming
available to each one of you.  But here in this space of the All That
Is, as you look down have a sense of opening to or seeing the ways in
which this energy merges with the Earth.

There are some immense portals in various locations.  There are portals
that blend with various dimensions.  There is also a flow of the
lightbody energy that comes into the Earth through humanity.

So as you shift your focus in such a way, allow yourself to open as we
blend with the Earth itself.  And we can feel Gaia as she comes forward
to speak with you.

Gaia speaks:

I greet you beloved family, beloved friends.  I know you so very well. 
Many of you reach out to me, loving me, supporting me, honoring me on a
very continuous basis.  And those of you who are less aware still have a
bond with me that is there and running as if in the background.  Indeed
you may call me the background music of your life.

Many people have expressed concern about the changes taking place upon
the Earth.  I have deliberately chosen not to speak of some of these
changes so as not to give it the entire focused attention that would
come with speaking.

Now of course in the way I did this, it’s as if it’s that elephant that
everyone knows about but we try not to speak of it.  So as the energies
shift around that, I invite you to let yourself blend with the Gulf of
Mexico where the oil has been leaking.

Now as we speak of this, immediately I feel many people going into
fear.  And I would like to say that everything that happens upon the
Earth happens exactly as it needs to.  If you will once more step back
from the Gulf and really, really look you may notice the immense beam of
light that takes up almost half the Gulf that beams out from that

You will remember how this part of the world has numerous hurricanes. 
That swirling of the energies, that blowing of the energies that come
with the hurricanes are often times brought in through this portal.

With what’s occurring right now it was in part a shift in the vibration
and a shift in the intensity that has created some of the difficulties,
as you the humans call this.

Before the time that you as a humanity would consider it history, things
not perhaps exactly like this but similar to this would happen from
time to time as Earth was moving through its transition. This is one of
the reasons why I can move with the flow and the understanding that all
is well.

As you look at this space, as you look at this portal of light, you see
how there is an alignment that goes back to your ancient times.  It also
goes back and creates an essence or an alignment with the energies or
people who live within the Earth.

There is also a beam of light that connects directly with that crystalline energy that is coming in from the Omniverse.

This is not the only place in which it is infused; it is but one of
many.  As you move through your days be aware that equilibrium is being
created.  An equilibrium in a very physical manner from the solid Earth
to the water, to the plant life, to everything that is within this
space.  Indeed the humans who work here are also a part of that
alignment and that anchoring.

There have also been a multitude of other lightworkers who have focused
upon this space; some with the intent of healing and balancing, others
as a means of highlighting what is wrong.  We see transition that leads
to a balanced energy that allows a much greater and easier flow of
lightbody energy into and around the Earth.

So as I said this is but one space.  Look around at other parts of the
world and you will find places of earthquakes, places of other natural
occurrences, and I ask you only to be aware that it is all a part of the
normal transformation of the Earth.

So breathe deeply, come down, blend with me as Gaia, feel and know for yourself that all is well.

I do thank you for your love and your devotion.


Goddess speaks:

And with that the energies come back up here within the All That Is. 
Feel yourself integrating that experience.  Feel who you are.  Know and
understand within you, accept within you that you are deeply aligned to
the Earth and that the Earth’s energies and the Earth’s experiences are
there as a support to you.

Here within the All That Is it is as if you standing in the midst of the
flow coming in from the Omniverse, moving through you and moving down
into the Earth.  So too in your daily life you stand in the flow in just
such a manner.

Let’s go back again for just a moment to what you are considering about
your life; what you would like to have.  And as you balance it here in
this energy, have a sense of tossing it up and then breathing deeply and
breathe it down through you.  Breathe it through your consciousness;
breathe it all the way down into you.

Feel it, accept it.  You may find you want to do that two, three, four,
any number of times.  There is no limit; it is for you to enjoy.

With that I would say to you have a sense of shifting your focus in such
a way that you merge once more with the soul plane.  As you do so, look
at how much more you are able to perceive.

As you look around, there is a greater clarity as you look at your
divinity.  You may find that the larger portion of your divinity or just
a portion of your divinity remains within this space as you shift into
the crystalline grid.  Absolutely, you are blending at this moment
within a higher aspect of the crystalline grid than when you first
arrived.  This is a direct result of what you have moved through.

Allow your energies to shift once more until you find yourself merging
with the magnetic grid.  Here within this space you once more feel that
magnetic pull of the Earth. You find your energies once more coming back
into this space of what it is to be human.

Allow your consciousness to return to your physical body.  I invite you
to breathe deeply and for those of you who went out far, far into the
Omniverse, you’ve already been pulling yourself back.  But as you
breathe deeply, breathe in all of your consciousness, breathe all of
your consciousness back within you so you may ground within your
physical body.

Expand the energy field around you so that it will accommodate this new and expanded you.

As you are grounding back within your human self, take a moment and
consciously become aware of your lightbody energy and increase that
flow; work with it, allow for it to move through you.  Also reach down
and feel the energies of Gaia, feel the energies of the Earth as they
come up within you as another means of grounding you.

Know that you are connected.  Feel that and integrate what it is to have accomplished what it is you seek in your life.

As you continue to breathe deeply, as you come back within your human
reality, I invite you to come back within this conference room if you so
choose and I am here to answer any questions that you may have.

Question:  Hello.  Hi Goddess. Can you hear me? (Yes, now I can.) Okay, I
have so many things going on, that I don’t know what to ask, but maybe
you can just guide me.

Answer:  Beloved, as we are looking at you, we know that you have been
fully aware and we know that this last month or more has been
particularly a strain for you, but the first thing that I wanted to do
was here in this space, of all of my energy and everyone who is here and
around you, I wanted you to take a moment to open up your arms, open up
your heart and let yourself truly feel the flow. Feel all of my energy
as I come within you. And as I’m doing this, I’m working with you to
create a shift and to create an opening. There we go! Phew.

We have a sense that you have been very tired for a long time, and we
wanted you to be able to shift aside that tiredness so that you could
come back and you could look at life with new eyes. We have a sense of
you being overwhelmed right now. So, if there’s anything else that’s
left that feels like a burden upon your shoulders, take this as an
opportunity to push it off. Take it from your shoulders and shake things
around and then breathe down your lightbody energy so that you can more
fully integrate it within and around you. There we go.

Now it feels, we have a sense, that you have decisions to make within
your life. We have a sense that some of these decisions are very hard to
make. It has to do with finances, it has to do with your children, and
it has to do with your own life and your own career. And, so as you have
been trying to do everything for so many people, it has gotten
everything folded on top of itself, and congested instead of being open
and clear. So, with what we are doing, we have a sense of clearing out
all those energies and then everything seems to fall in line.

We have a sense with your daughter that she is going to start in school.
And we have a sense that there is funding or that there is something
that comes across at the last moment. It feels like she may start late
or there may be some sort of a delay, but we do see her starting in
school this Fall.

As for your work, we have a sense that there is more work available to
you, there are things available for you, but we would encourage you to
look around in such a way that …..ah it feels like what you have been
doing is not traditional-type work, it’s more consulting-type work. And
it feels like there are things available that are more consistent-like
work. One feels like an office building, another one feels like there’s
something to do with [for some reason…sorry about that there’s so much
that’s being downloaded]. Phew. We would say to you look at – it looks
like child services, like something to do with accounting or some sort
of something that would use an interpreter. So it feels like something
they would hire you on to work for their department as opposed to being
an independent contractor that would come in from time to time.

We see that as one opportunity. We see other businesses that are looking
for – looks like a receptionist or it looks like someone that we see is
sitting at a computer a lot, but also doing interpretation. It feels
like no matter what you are doing, it has to do with interpretation.

So perhaps, if you Google in the want-ads, if you Google various
locations, for interpreters, which we think you’ve already done, it
feels like you may have looked at stuff and it wasn’t the right time.
So, clear out your energy field, just like we’ve done with you, and then
give yourself a chance or an opportunity as you go back and look at
what’s available. We have a sense of you staying where you are and that
the work is not that far away from you.

Thank you so much

Alright Beloved.


You’re welcome.

Question:  Hello. Hello. Can you hear me?  (Yes, now I can. You’re kind
of quiet, but now we can hear you.)  Okay, I’m so relaxed.  [laughs]
(You did enjoy the journey. We see your energies as you were one of the
ones going quite far out there. Maybe you’re not quite grounded either.)

I feel really good. Yeah, I wanted to ask you, regarding how do you see
my energy now. I wanted a little bit of guidance also with how I can
handle my situation with my father. How can I work things out with him
as far as the property that I’m in so I can move out and he can be
responsible for himself. Any suggestions on what I can do and if you can
see my partner coming in? The one I’ve been seeking [speaking?] out
for, if he’s already coming in. 

Answer:  We see a lot of congestion around you, and it’s difficult to
see the situation with your father. So, what we would ask you to do is
take a deep breath in, and as you are breathing in, invite me to come in
and link with you. Then as we breathe out, let’s have a sense of  just
kind of clearing out that energy. Clear out all your energy – because
you were in that place of  floating and being very expanded and then as
you came back down it was like we saw about five or six different things
all clamoring together and getting in the way. Phew!

Okay. Two things that we wanted to mention to you. Number one is we
think that sometimes when you are looking for answers in your life, you
do get that kind of an overwhelmed feeling or unclear answer because
there’s just so many opportunities and there’s so much going on around
you. And so, we think that it would benefit you if you practice doing
some sort of a breathing technique or grounding technique that will
allow you to kind of consciously clear out that energy and clear out
those things that get congested, is the best way that we can call it,
from other sources or from all the things going on in your life.

So, when you do that and you go back and you look at your Dad, then we
have a sense of …it feels like…we’re seeing something that says two
months. It feels like there’s something else that needs to fall into
place, there’s something that needs to happen. And when we look down the
road, like long-term, he feels like there’s a debilitation or there’s
something that is going on with him. Is he having difficulty either with
memory or something?

No, not with memory, but I think he said he has to have a hip replacement, more with his body.

Oh, okay, so that would be it. Because it just feels like there’s a lot
of limitation around him and it feels like he’s not in a place where he
could be fully sufficient on his own. And, so, whether it’s you staying
there or it’s like people that come in on a daily basis, like a
temporary-help type of thing. It does feel like he’s going to need some
assistance, at least for a temporary period of time. And, when we look
at him and more towards the four months or six months down the road, we
have a sense of him gaining a greater independence.

Is that what you were asking about the property or was there  something that was up for sale?

No, I just don’t know how to….yeah, the property is now under my name
but it’s really his house because it was being foreclosed. Back in 2005,
and he hasn’t been able to make the payments on it, so I’m kind of
living here with him, but this is really not where I want to be. So I
wanted some guidance as far as….he makes promises that he’s going to
start paying and then he doesn’t, and something else happens.

Okay, so when you look at it in that light, that brings it around to a
different manner. When you’re asking like is he going to be able to pay,
we have a sense that he feels like he doesn’t need to pay and we don’t
have a sense of him getting into a consistent basis of paying. 

And, so, it may be in your best interest then, if you think this is, to
consider working with him to relocate him into some sort of a different
home or different place that would…yeah. We feel, we get this sense of
you having supported him and done a lot for him financially many, many
times over the years. And that this is something that he will allow it
to continue to happen, indefinitely, for the rest of his life. Or, if
it’s not something that works for you anymore, then we have a sense that
it can change and it can be something that is going to be more

We have a sense that, oh, it’s very difficult to explain this. It feels
like the two of you have a very complicated history, and it is for many
different reasons. And, this him promising to pay stuff and not
following through on it – it feels likes that’s been a pattern in his
life. And, so, we just would say that we don’t see that really changing.
Does that resonate with you?

Oh yes, yeah. Pretty much.

So, in that case we would just say do what works for you and he’s going
to be okay. We have a sense that – you know, he’s someone that kind of
fusses a lot or he talks a lot, but that if you made a choice of
something to do with the house or letting it go, then he would just have
to go along with it.

And, we feel that before you can actually move on with your life, and
have your own place and move where you want to be, that this is
something that just has to come to conclusion. And, by that we don’t
have a sense of you writing him off or anything like that completely.
It’s more so about you and your energetic alignment with him. We feel
like there are some cords that need to be cut, but there’s some…it
just feels like this is going both ways. And so, as you make the choices
for your own self and your own life, and you release whatever you need
to release….this is getting to be a little bit more complicated than
we first anticipated.

So, anyway that is what we would say to you. Take the time to first, put
some sort of closure between yourself and your father. Release these
cords that you have between you. Now, as far as cords go, we know that
people have always talked about them and cords are a very natural thing
between relationships, you know, everybody has them.

But the cords that we specifically talk about releasing are those that
begin to hold you back or keep you from doing what you truly want in
your life because of that connection to another individual. And so,
that’s what we feel needs to be worked on.

Alright Beloved? And then as for as having a partner, that will fall into place once this is all resolved.

Fantastic. So you don’t see a timeline, more or less, when I will be meeting this person, then?

It’s not real clear to us right now because there is so much. It’s like
beyond six months there’s just not much to see. And it feels like the
next four to six months are going to be taken up in this focus. It’s
something that could happen in a moment. It could manifest in an
instant, or it’s something that could just stay lingering out there. We
see your energy as not being fully in alignment with that, because you
have too many other things on your plate right now. So shift things
around and let your focus be on having this relationship and having the
time in your life and having the space. And that will help it manifest
more quickly.

Thank you so much.

You’re welcome.

Question:  Hello Goddess!  (Hello) Thank you so much for tonight. I
wonder if you have an personal message or how to get on with my service

Answer:  For some reason, as you were asking this question and we looked
at you and aligned with your energy, we had a sense of a circus.  We
had a sense of seeing someone riding on a unicycle and juggling at the
same time.  What are those guys called; the clowns or something? It
feels like that is what your life has felt like for quite some time
now.  Um, and so  It feels like you have been struggling to just keep
things alive, keep all the plate, the things, the balls up in the air.  
We have a sense that actually if you will take time to really ground
your own energy, if you will do things that are more nurturing to you,
that allow you to feel this greater sense of being present and grounded
in ways that create joy for you, that create a sense of excitement or
relaxation or peace. That is what will help you to really kind of bring
everything down in a way that is comfortable for you and balanced for
you.  Then we see you getting off the unicycle and that some of the
balls diminish. Then we have a sense of seeing a greater contentment in
you and greater ability to accomplish what you seek to have.  It feels
like you have a lot of great ideas, you start them, then it’s not the
right timing or not the right alignment so they go by the way side.  Is
that correct beloved?


So what we see happening with this is that as you focus on really
grounding yourself and bringing things in….now we recognize that you
have a lot of responsibility and we have a sense there are a lot of
things that are just a part of your daily life.  But if you approach
your daily life and approach all the tasks and things you’re responsible
for from a space of being balanced, anchored and grounded; we just see
things falling into place with greater ease and unfolding with greater
ease.  Alright beloved?

Okay.  Thank you.

You are very welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess? (Hello)  I want to say thank you very much for
answering my prayer for this meditation tonight.  (You’re welcome.) I’ve
been trying to get well within my body.  But it seems the more work I
do, the more tired I get.  Lately my veins have been swollen and it’s
been a concern for me.

Answer:  Beloved as we look at you in your physical body, we have a
sense of imbalance.  Okay, we were trying to discern what we were
looking at here and two things came to us.  Number 1, it feels like it
would be beneficial to you or you have been going through a
detoxification.  Sorry, we downloaded too much into Shelly.  (Pause)  
As we look at your physical body, it feels like there are too many
toxins in your body and that it would be beneficial for you to go
through a detoxification like one of those cleanses that people go
through or something that helps you get rid things that are held onto in
the body.  Now the second thing we saw; we know you mention your veins,
but we have a sense of swelling and retaining fluid, as if you are
holding on to things that are not beneficial to you anymore and through
the holding on, it’s causing your body to react in a similar way.  So
then as we go on to the third thing that came to our perception. You
have been working very diligently and we see all this beautiful
lightbody energy and all these other things. It’s like we see you as
your 5th dimensional self that is this beautiful immense energy person
that is just filled with light.  Then we look at the part of you that is
your physical body that’s going about your business and doing things,
that’s where the imbalance takes place.  So by doing some sort of a
detoxification with your physical body and doing something that keeps
you from retaining fluid, letting go of past experiences, letting go of
past energies, just things that might be still hanging on to you will
help you to then more fully integrate your 5th dimensional self with
your 3rd and 4th dimensional self.  Does that make sense to you beloved?

I’ve been trying to detox it with water. But the more water I drink, the more it retains.

We have a sense that there is something more that needs to be done.  We
have a sense of you going to an herbal shop and there is something that
needs to be done with the liver.  With all the water you’ve been
drinking; it is working to a degree on the kidneys.  But if you will
look at a liver cleanse that works on your kidneys and your digestion,
that whole route will give you more of what you are seeking in terms of a

Okay, thank you.

You’re very welcome.

Hello? We started to hear someone, but then we didn’t hear anyone. 
Maybe the Q&A is slow tonight going from person to person?  (pause)
Perhaps this individual has hit mute on their phone in addition to the
*6.   Okay, well let’s go on to the next person Vilma.

Question: Hello Goddess, I’m sorry to mess up on the phone I guess, I
wasn’t understanding the process.  Thank you for that wonderful
meditation, it was totally amazing!  My question is; I did have a
private reading a couple weeks ago and I did ask about my 3rd eye and
seeing a vision like with these meditations.  I’m still not able to see
and I’m wondering if there’s something I’m doing to myself that is
blocking this.  

Answer:  We honestly don’t think there is anything that is blocking this
as much as your mental body.  We see your 3rd eye as being open. We see
it as moving around.  We see that it is going to get more open and
there will be a greater flow of energy than what is occurring right at
this moment.  But for now we do have a sense that it is clear and there
is that flow of energy. What we do say when things do not manifest in
the timely manner as someone is looking for many times it’s due to the
mental body and the things that have not worked in the past and are not
working right now.  So in this manner what we would recommend to you is
that you take time to let your focus, you can even put your hand over
it, through the energy that is coming through your hand consciously
focus on putting energy into your 3rd eye with the intention in your
mind’s eye you are creating an image that has it flowing, that has it
moving, that has it turning. With this movement it is opening up and
pictures are coming through like a slide show.  There is a picture and
you consciously bring it in through your 3rd eye. There’s another
picture, you bring it in through your 3rd eye. If at first it’s all
completely through your creation then what you can take a picture of
what you want to have in your life.  Create that as a picture, take it
in through your 3rd eye and then breathe it all the way down through
you.  What you are doing is training your third eye to receive these
pictures then you are training your mental body to receive them and
receive the discernment that comes with that.  So it may take months and
months of this or it may take years of this, or you may way wake up
tomorrow and suddenly you can see it.  So giving yourself a task such as
this will give the mental body something it can think about or a task
to work with. We just had a flash of just seeing indigo going in through
that.  Just see a stream of pink going in through that.  The lightbody
energy said just see a stream of sparkling crystals going in.  You’ve
got an immense or an unlimited variety of different things that you can
train or focus upon integrating in through your third eye.  So that is
what we would recommend that you do, some sort of a task like that where
you can practice and integrate what is coming through.  Does that
resonate with you beloved?

Yes, definitely, thank you.

You’re welcome.  We see it as open. We see this as something where you
one day wake up and say ‘oh my gosh’ you go into your meditative state
and things are just suddenly streaming in through there.  The first time
you have a sense it worked, the more that will build on it, the more it
will be easier and easier and easier.

Okay. I do feel something and I do see color and energy moving around. 
But I never see pictures.  I don’t feel I have any fear, but I don’t see
anything but color.

So the color and the sense you know it is open are all things that are
pointing out to you that your 3rd eye is open, it is functioning, you
are receiving information through it. So if you want that information to
be fine tuned in such a way that you see pictures and images then that
is just taking it the next step in your process. If you get caught up in
thinking it must be blocked, I’m doing something wrong, there’s an
issue, there’s a problem, then of course your self will create that. 
But just trusting that it is open, it is working and I’ll be getting
these pictures before I know it is a whole different energy and it’s one
of opening and allowing.

Okay, thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

Question: Okay, I think it’s me.  Oh, hello! Hi.  I’ve been feeling a
LOT of stuff going on this past week. One of the things I’ve feeling is
the resolution of whatever role I played in Atlantis.  Can you speak
anything about whatever role I played in Atlantis and can you speak
anything about the Atlantian energies and resolution. Is that what’s
going on?

Answer:  You know, much of the transition taking place upon the earth
over the last 10 years especially has about the resolution of Atlantian
energies.  Atlantis was a pivotal time upon the earth. It was the time
the earth itself went from utopia into greed, manipulation, control and
all of those types of things.  As that set down the precedence and as
the fall of Atlantis took place it was due to all of those things even
more that were taking place in the energy of the earth at that time.  So
as the earth itself has been revolving and transitioning, as people
have consciously been in the state of releasing energies of past lives
and past existences for themselves and their family line; for all these
myriad different things that have been the focus.  It is indeed a way of
helping to heal and transition the experience of Atlantis.  The other
thing taking place was that people were trying through control and
manipulation to raise or shift the vibration of the earth.  Now that
that humanity upon the earth is shifting the vibration or the dimension
of the earth in such a conscious way it is coming full circle to one of
the things Atlantians had tried to do.   So that is another reason why
people are letting go or putting resolution to Atlantis.  Is that
something that is going to be completely done at any period in time? Our
sense is not any time in the near future.  But for those people who
have been very seriously connected to it and have really worked and
focused upon their lifetimes in that time frame then indeed we can see
you as a part of your ascension process putting closure to it,
completing it so that as you move forward it was just another lifetime
back there as opposed to one of those lifetimes in your I AM presence
that is still having an impact upon you.  Does that make sense to you?

It does. Do you want to say anything about what this week has been for
me?  Was it resolving all that Atlantis stuff because it’s been coming
up a lot this week.

It has been in part about Atlantian.  We see this has been as much about
you stepping forward and moving out into this completely independent
and self-contained individual who is stepping forth.  You this summer
put forth what you are setting to do for the next decade or more in your
life.  That sounds big and pompous a little bit; but that’s in essence
what’s going on.  So in order to manifest that fully, you had to put to
completion whether it was Atlantis or experiences in this lifetime.  It
feels like this whole summer has been about putting closure to things so
that you could so much more fully step into your future. You opened up
the door to step into your future and as you did that you were clearing
out as you left the other behind.  Does that make sense?

So it was a blend of different things, not just that I am letting go or
putting closure to Atlantis.  (Okay!) More than that or less than that!
It depends on one’s perspective.  (Uh huh)  But it feels as if the
energies of this past week are going to continue to get intense over the
next several days.  But then it feels as if after the 10th or so of
August, we’re saying this to everyone now; that is when this pressure
boiler is going to reach a release point.  Then things will be much
easier for everyone in their own life.

Oh, good!

So ease is coming.  Remember to work with your lightbody. Remember to
let that crystalline vibration; we see it swirling through you as if
it’s a cooling shower that clears out everything.  It brings you into
that state of balance, that state of your divinity, that state of your
awareness so that you can much more fully experience your life with
greater ease.  

Okay, thank you.

Alright beloved, you’re welcome.

Okay, so with that we’re going to take one more moment and I invite you
to just swirl out of those energies of the individual people and find
yourself once more as if you are standing there in your life; standing
there with everything happening within and around you.

And consciously bring down or flow into you the crystalline energies and
the lightbody energies, and then consciously send it through you and
out into your life and into the Earth and into everything around you.

You are the creator of your life.  You are here as a part of this magnificent experience of Earth.

Allow that crystalline flow to move through you and remember to stand in the flow in such a way that it assists you.

I am ever with you.


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