First draw 12 petals which are quite large. Next draw 12 more petals on
top of these that are a bit smaller. Keep drawing 12 more petals until
you have drawn 12 layers of 12 petals. Each layer of petals is a bit
smaller than the one below it because the petals represent the frequency
length of the dimension that it is associated with. The bottom layer of
petals is very large because the frequencies are very long and slow.
The next layer of frequencies are a little shorter and faster. The 12th 
layer is extremely short and fast.
Now think of each petal as an entity. Each entity has an individual
frequency signature. So each of the 12 petals on the bottom layer have a
unique frequency signature, even though it is a slow frequency. You
could color each of the petals a different color to remind you that each
has its own unique identity.
In order to help you understand the significance of the Individualized Immortality album, you can begin by drawing a big, blue crystal lotus blossom.
First draw 12 petals which are quite large. Next draw 12 more petals on top of these that are a bit smaller. Keep drawing 12 more petals until you have drawn 12 layers of 12 petals. Each layer of petals is a bit smaller than the one below it because the petals represent the frequency length of the dimension that it is associated with. The bottom layer of petals is very large because the frequencies are very long and slow. The next layer of frequencies are a little shorter and faster. The 12th  layer is extremely short and fast.
Now think of each petal as an entity. Each entity has an individual frequency signature. So each of the 12 petals on the bottom layer have a unique frequency signature, even though it is a slow frequency. You could color each of the petals a different color to remind you that each has its own unique identity.
The Divine Blue Print is represented by this lotus blossom. The complete Divine Blue Print includes all 144 petals in the lotus blossom. The Divine Blue Print activates when all 144 petals become One brand new frequency signature. As long as the petals remain separated, they remain inactive.
In order to activate the individual selves within your Divine Blue Print we oscillate the frequencies of the lowest petal up through all petals into the highest petal. We do this from the lowest to the highest of each of the twelve petals. We weave all of these frequencies into one brand new frequency.
This can only be done through the breath of Consciousness, because the breath can carry the exact frequencies from one entity’s frequency signature and exhale those exact frequencies. In order to do this we connect our consciousness into attunement with the Elohim of Hearing.
When we create an Individualized Immortality Album (in the form of or CD) the frequency signatures of the Lotus Blossom belong to that One Individual. The Album is created for that Individual, and it is private and personal information for that one individual to connect with all 144 of their Divine Selves to bring the At One Ment of their Divine Blue Print into their Crystal Cells.
The activation of the Divine Blue Print creates the potential of a Full Spectrum Light Reality where the invisible and visible become united. This allows the Consciousness to expand completely into the Universal, Cosmic and Source Domains of Infinite Reality.
Please remember that this is creating Potential. The Guarantee of it happening lies within the Individual becoming willing to see the Invisible growing from the specks of light into Orbs and into rainbows until they can see a complete Morphogenetic Field growing around them pulling them into the Frequencies of the Ultra Violet Blue Wave and the Gamma Wave and into the White Light of a New Creation.
This has happened for aDolphino and Crystalai over the past three years. The new atmosphere of our Light Bodies and the new Hydrolaise Atmosphere of Aquafaria are appearing more and more as our New Reality each day. It was a steady process of seeing a few more specks of light each day. We could at first stare into the Sun and see tiny little specks of light . Next, we could see the specks growing into tiny little orbs. Next, we could see little entities inside of each orb. They looked like tiny little embryos. It was like watching a birth of tiny little fairies all around us. We could see these realities more and more each day until we began to see fairies and unicorns. We could see the hydrolaise in the atmosphere. The hydrolaise is a completely different than exists in our third dimensional atmosphere. The consciousness must shift into the 12-15 dimensions to be able to see and feel this atmosphere which is three parts nitrogen and one part oxygen. So far, we can only see it. We know we see it because the entities who are flying and swimming around us are in a different atmosphere than we are.
When we can walk out of our third dimensional body by shifting more and more into the full lotus blossom spectrum, our body will transmute into a form that can actually walk into the same dimension with the entities that we can see in the Quantum Field around us.
Each day we can see the atmosphere in our house becoming thicker and thicker with more layers of . The are forming into the realities that we desire to place within them.
The training that I received from my Elohim Team taught me to hold these crystal spheres of energy in my hands and in my heart and to breathe into my hands the reality that I wanted to be created by the crystal light, crystal dust and crystal gel. These spheres of energy contain the creative power that removes pain, transmutes and transforms into a new reality and creates a new reality.
Now, I will explain this harmonic attunement another way. There are five spheres in the music of the spheres of the Cosmos. Each of these five spheres – or harmonic universes- contain three dimensions. Harmonic Universe One contains three dimensions- 1,2,3. Harmonic Universe Two contains three dimensions – 4,5,6. Three contains dimensions 7,8,9. Harmonic Universe Four contains 10,11, and 12 and Harmonic Universe Five contains 13,14 and 15.
Please note that the Divine Blue Print is a Universal Template created in the Christic 12th dimension of the Fourth Sphere. There would be 144 selves or petals in those four spheres. However, the music of the spheres always requires the base tone of the higher sphere to pull the lower sphere up into resonance. So we also acquire the frequencies of the Cosmic Sphere in order to pull the Universal Sphere into Attunement. We do this by combining all of the frequencies from the lotus blossom petals and placing them into a new sphere and then creating a sphere of Cosmic Frequencies and pulling the Universal into Attunement with the Cosmic Frequencies. Finally, we call on Source Consciousness and pull all of the lower frequencies into attunement with the Infinite Unknown to create White Light.
We achieve this by aligning our Consciousness through the Elohim of Hearing and then oscillating the strings of frequencies through the process of transmutation of the lowest being pulled into the highest. However, each individual frequency signature or petal is completely within the multitudes of frequency signatures.
We can re-create our Divine Blue Print this way, and we can also learn to use this same process of creating with the morphogenetic spheres of creation to create our new Crystal Reality. Once we absorb the frequencies of the Divine Blue Print, we can exhale them into the atmosphere around us and walk into them. When we listen to the Immortality CD’s, we can hear the standing wave patterns and the morphogenetic fields of a brand new consciousness and we can walk out of the low, slow waves into the high fast waves of the complete Divine Blue Print.
When an individual purchases an INDIVIDUALIZED IMMORTALITY ALBUM  they receive one 48 -55 minute  album. The album is broken into 12 four minute sections or 12 four minute songs. This makes it possible to send the mp3 songs as emails or the mp3 can be purchased as one complete 48 minute album. We create the immortality album in mp3 form because we record at 96,000 hertz and the mp3 plays 96,000 hertz, whereas a CD will only play 48 khertz. However, we are willing to mail you a copy in CD form if you prefer that form.
The process of creating these albums is very time consuming and extremely energy consuming. If you would imagine having a one hour Akashic with a Spiritual Medium. Some of you have had one of these or given one of these. That one hour is how long it takes to create the alignment in our consciousness through the Elohim of Hearing and through your higher selves to create the perfection of the breathe that holds the frequency of One Single Petal up through the 12 petals above it. We must do that once with each petal in order to create the perfect alignment. It takes us a minimum of two or three weeks. This requires keeping our atmosphere of our home and our recording studio completely Cosmic and we must keep our minds completely out of the world all of the time. The price of these Albums may sound expensive to anyone who hasn’t already paid $250 for a one hour Akashic . But, if you realize the difference between the Consciousness Level needed for the and the breathing of pure Consciousness, you will realize that this is very, very cheap. We don’t actually plan on keeping this price beyond this year. We know that when Consciousness begins activating after February 2011, people are going to start to realize that there is nothing more valuable than to activate the Potential of their Divine Blue Print to come into their realization and their utilization. We are talking about bringing the into the Lives of those who are dedicated to this mission.
This is not to say that listening to any and all of the mp’s and CD’s that we have created and placed for sale on this site are not also very helpful in the process of aligning DNA into higher neuronets, activating ascension processes, activating the crystal cells, etc. However, those albums were created for Mass Consciousness. We must have the permission of the Individual in order to connect with their Individual Higher Selves contained within the 144 frequency signatures of their Divine Blue Print.
The 48 DNA activation process is set in motion to become continuous and eternal by the frequency alignments woven into the  Individualized Immortality Albums. It is actually the angelic family of the individual who does the activation continuously and completely. We channel and breathe one harmonic thread of each  frequency signature of the individual’s harmonic family at a time. It usually takes at least twenty minutes per signature. There are 36 signatures in each harmonic universe. And there are 5 harmonic universes. The alignment of these 180 harmonic signatures results in the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound that realigns the individual into Oneness with the Divine Template of Universal Consciousness. We really only need 144 harmonic frequency signatures to align into the perfect divine blue print. However, we oscillate completely out into the Cosmic Realm to pull the Universal Template completely into Attunement with Source. We are preparing for a full alignment beyond the 24 DNA strands into the 48 DNA which lift an individual into the potential for the alignment into a divine template that will be able to step in and out of their body at will. We align the frequencies completely into Source through 96DNA of the complete Spiritual Template to create the template of the entity who can Orb and de-manifest from Light Body to a Holographic Body of Form. This is the highest potential for ascension.
The word POTENTIAL is KEY to this entire process. There are millions of starry entities who have been working on this Ascension Project for millions of years. In order for it to be successful, those who ascend into positions of Guardian Masters who will be leading their sheep into the kingdom of heaven, those who obtain the necessary DNA will be required to climb the ladder into purity of Consciousness through the desire to become One. This means the desire to be removed completely from the little personality ego and rise into the EGO of I AM Consciousness.
We transform into the Divine Blue Print by walking into those frequencies and staying there. This means the mind must stay in alignment with Universal Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness and Source at all times. This doesn’t mean we get to jump back and forth and listen to war stories part of the time and then jump back into the heavenly realm every now and then. We create our new kingdom through the Consciousness Movies that we project from our minds. If we continue to project war movies, we will be placing that frequency out into the world. If we continuously project the Heaven Frequencies of the Divine Template, we will be projecting God’s Movie into the World.
It should also be known that once you make the choice to raise your frequencies by listening to Cosmic Frequencies, that it will hurt you when you go back to old worn out pendants, crystals, rhythms and any other technology that is not purely created through Divine Mind and the Elohim of Hearing.  You can’t be jumping back and forth between one reality or belief and the other. Your first reaction will probably be to think the angelic frequencies are the cause of your problem. The angelic frequencies are shaking you loose from your old realities.
There are many other teachings out there that have nothing to do with Raising Frequencies. There are many who will help you lower your frequencies into the Alpha State. This is the same Hypnotic technology used in Warfare. We do not recommend it or endorse it any way. We personally will not allow our ears to come any where near alpha waves, solfege, or any brain wave technology. It is very dangerous.
We have found it equally difficult to listen to 99% of the YouTubes advocating that they are teaching some Divine Reality as they simultaneously play some of the worst Reverse Spin Music in the background. When your ears are in tune or attuned to the Frequencies of the Universal and beyond, you will no longer allow your ears to be contaminated by these reverse spin, hypnotic, alpha waves that are only there to pull you into the hybernization zones of the illusionary dreams created to trap and control you for the past ten thousand years.
The Aquafarians who work with us in aligning our frequencies into the original crystal cell template have maintained their form in our atmosphere and in the heart of Earth for 500,000 years. This was the last time entities on Earth were able to rise into this form. This template requires a complete shift in the atmosphere of the individual and a shift into the morphogenetic field held for us by the Aquafarians.
This process is very similar to the one used in creating the other MP3’s and CD’s except this time we ask the Elohim of Hearing for the alignment with the Individual’s Higher Selves Frequency Signatures. The other albums align our Elohim and Sirian Families of Consciousness through specific star alignments that are used for specific harmonic purposes. These are our Ascension Families and the main Guardian Families of the Entire Ascension Process on a Galactic and Universal Level. So those albums are for the Mass Ascension, while the Individual albums are for Individual Ascension. The Individual will feel a very personal relationship with the frequency signatures.
We can feel the divine presence and the magic of the actual signature coming through in each breath. We are told by our when a breath has been retrieved through the Elohim of Hearing. It takes several hours per day for one or two weeks to collect the entire family of consciousness for any one individual. The process requires many hours of focused energy of atonement with the Elohim of Hearing who guides the process of aligning the frequencies through our ears. The process of focused breathing to make sure the exact consciousness is extracted and purely placed through the microphone is exhausting. The is a pure capsule of immortality aligning the individual’s Family of Consciousness on all Dimensions into One new Breath which contains their individual Full Spectrum of Light and Sound. Each of the hundreds of threads of consciousness are woven together and spun through the magical spheres of crystal light, crystal dust and crystal gel into spheres of magical transformational energy.
The signatures are frequencies. Frequencies are breaths of consciousness. All of our angelic soul families are streaming their individual frequencies of consciousness. This is their light signature. We (Crystalai and aDolphino) can hear each of these specific light signatures when we oscillate our consciousness up into their frequency range and then exhale into an extremely high quality microphone. Each of these streams of consciousness merges and unites with an entire family of consciousness to create a monadic family of light. We record all of these streams of consciousness that come to us through the breaths of the angels. We stream and braid each of these streams of together to create the exact same coded frequencies that are transmitted to us through the angels breaths and the activity of , crystal dust energy and crystal gel energy.