Evening All,

Today, both positive and negative syncs had me coming back to the idea of truth and lies again  and again. Lately, people around me seem to be plagued by relationships which seem far away from truthful, and I get to calm them down, most of the time: notice that it’s not that bad, and that there’s always a way out….

But from the Cosmological there simply is no difference between a lie and a truth. Just keep your arms, legs and heads inside the vehicle at all times, ’cause we’re going on a long ride!

is what it is, there’s no two ways about it. Nobody can possibly get away with trying to convince us it’s anything less than Infinite, with a ‘y’ tacked to it. But just how much is Infinite? No matter which example you use to give the reader a feeling about just how mindblowingly big it is, your examples all fall short: in fact, could absorb all those examples, and still not feel bloathed. It has been said that there is enough room in  there to actually provide a complete Cosmos for every idea ever conceived out there. And in that collection, the entire space taken up by books, movies, songs, myths and all other forms beings use to tell each other stuff only takes up a smidgeon of the total space. No wonder we’re often given to making up stories about we don’t yet perceive, which some amongst us call lies, simply because they are too far removed from the reality in their mind. But to the Cosmos all are equally valid.

All these different realities are no more than mere air bubbles, bits of nothing unless you happen to be an air-breathing animal who just happens to thrive on it. But what if nothing was there to keep these bubbles together? They’d all mix happily ever after, and pretty soon, All would indeed be One!

Lucky for us we’ve got soap to make bubbles! Every reality we conceive, we coat in a thin layer of it, to keep it together, and to buffer it against collisions with other bubbles. That soap comes in only one variety, as far as the Cosmos is concerned: information!  We humans decided that one type was not enough, but that we had to make a difference between truth and lies. In doing that, we simply turned the information into an indicator of just how well all other realites match with our own! There is information that holds a reality together, like the design plans we use to build a space shuttle for instance. And there is information like all those conspiracy theories, which holds us at arms length from those things we do not like to experience. Being so openminded my brain actually fell out once, I encounter them both, but choose to see the positive sides of them all: it’s all information, providing me with more experience about all I might and might not want to experience.

And I guess I’ve become quite an adept at using soap, because my world seems so non-confrontational at times, I fear I’m the only one left! ;-) Or would that be what’s called "attaining Oneness"?  Nah seriously folks. And story we tell, whether it is an accurate description from the viewpoint of the one telling it, is viewed from a different perspective, and thus cannot be the truth anymore. It is just information about one reality seeping into another reality to show that there is more. "What a tangled web we weave", indeed….

But the fun part of this soap bubble analogy is the bursting of the bubbles! We all know about such an event, when the soapy diaphragms between two bubbles can’t take it no more, and punctures. What’s left if not the end of two bubbles, but the beginning of a bigger one, and possibly even a cascade effect that rips through the inside of our soapy cosmos, and creates bigger, better bubbles! The only way we can reach that, is to inflate the bubbles from the inside, until the soap just can’t take it no more.

Actually, this story is so simple, I don’t know why I couldn’t piece it together before: it was given to me about ten years ago in a vision, a marvelous daydream that showed me the static nature of the Cosmos. At least that was the answer my heart gave me when I asked about the significance of what I’d just seen. But perhaps I was thinking in terms of galaxies and superclusters, when that bubble-like structure comes back at all levels, from the very tiny to the very large, and even the virtual dimensions in between.

So if you don’t mind, I’ll just go take a nice long bubble bath, right Now!

Love your Suds,