All parties who’s images and recordings have granted explicit permission
for use in this video and subsequent uses at the discretion of the

video is a documentary based on a peace project that was centered on
the 2010 World Cup period this past summer. By use of the Internet, we
were able to complete this project within three weeks, even though
portions of the project came from various countries around the world,
including , , Qatar, and . Our common goal for
global peace is what connected us idealistically, but the Internet was
the pathway from which our ideas could be connected physically.

this period, the political environment in the Korean peninsula was very
volatile. Using this climate to our advantage, without exacerbating the
situation, Miyoomo (an online-based community of Korean international
students in the US) created a project that would emphasize the need for
peace by metaphorically using the World Cup situation.

For the
first time in 44 years, participated in the World Cup this
summer, making headlines internationally. This kind of public
acknowledgment of global cooperation, despite the political and social
dissent, was very meaningful in the eyes of Miyoomo members. Through
this metaphor, we wanted to send a message of global unity and peace,
not just for North Korea, but for everyone.

With the help of
Berklee College of Music students, "Become One" was created as a message
of peace to during the 2010 World Cup. The core idea behind
the song and music video was to plead with North Korea to elicit a more
peaceful environment and thereby encourage the rest of the world to do
the same.

One of the most moving scenes during the World Cup was
when cameras caught North Korean Jung, Tea Se crying during the
playing of the national anthem. We interpreted his tears to represent
the struggle in obtaining peace for such a war-torn, poverty-stricken
area. As a result, we decided to emphasize this and make the message
more accessible by creating a music video about it.

By utilizing
the Internet, we gathered the ideas we wanted to emphasize in the song
from members in many different countries. All of our collaboration and
brainstorming could not have been possible without a means of
efficiently communicating globally, which is exactly what the Internet
has provided. Through , we were able to successfully
complete and distribute a message of peace and humanity to all corners
of the world.

Produced by MiYooMo (
: Sean Kim
Assistant Director: Eunice Choi
Editing and : Eunice Choi
T-Shirt Design : Eunice Choi
Technical Advisor: Justin Long, Heeyong Daniel Jang, Albert Hyukjae Kwon,

Music (Become One)

Composition: Jung Eun Kwon
Lyrics: Jongchan Marco Baek
Vocals: Jourdan Rystrom, Faustina Abad Sokolov, Jiyoon June Dong
Mixing Dongeun Ray Kim

Special Thanks To:

Emily Grace Mangione
Jwa-Min Nam
Hanna Kang
Won Taek Chung
Zachary Long
Sarah Milewski
Sangsoo Park

Gabriel José Peguero Céspedes
Jungwoog Dan Lee
Remi Lee
Yongjin Kwon
Mindy Kim
Jeonghyo Lee
Na Young Lee
Hyerin J Kim
Page Moon
David Kim
William Wells
Lauren Bracken
Kevin Greene
Rishabh Sharma
Hadrien Pierson
Nicolas Ruegenberg

Hyeon Cho
Jung Yun Hwang
Yoon Seop Lee
Julia Ji Young Byun
Sue Yeon Moon
Hye Won Kim
Bokhung Kim
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Christina Kawai
Allison Sakakida
Sangwoo Park

Kyu Hwan Kim
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Sorah Seong
Kyung-Ah Kim
Sooah Choi
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