Is it that which is keeping us apart from the people we consider to be unaware of what we hold highest? We call it "Intuition", but they just think of it as "doing whatever feels right". To them it’s nothing fancy, they do it every day, and may or may not enjoy it. We make a big fuss out of it, drag in concepts like "synchronicity" which they just call coincidence. In fact, they are doing nothing different from us, just consider it part of living life, rather than the point of it…..

Well, they may be doing one thing different, and that is openmindedness: where they consider themselves openminded because they have no inclination to bash in their gay fellow men’s doors and brains, we stop at nothing to prove our openmindedness: whole hierarchies of and spirituals are invented to become plausible alternatives for the hierarchies found here already, in an attempt to make life more bearable. They just figure: hey, one boss or another one, where’s the difference in that?

We emphasize fantasy, and dilute 3D reality with all these concepts that make life a little bit more enjoyable. But our most revered prophets like and propagate nothing more than the average man or woman in the streets already knows: "Just do what feels right for you, follow your highest excitement". OK, so their highest excitements are a little bit different than ours: they absorb their TV-programs full of mindless programmed fother, shop for whatever they figure might take their minds of the shit they consider to be truthfully reported in the 24/7 news. We dropped TV to replace it with the endless streams of consciousness we consider to be holding more truth, shop in an entirely different section of the world’s stores called macrobiotic et cetera, and take our news from the likes of Nidle, Quinsey and other not quite nameless but otherwise quite unknown names in channeling land. Apart from the fricking details, that looks pretty similar to me. 


Now believe me when I say this is not depression speaking, but just a wake-up into another day, that happened to have a very clear beginning: despite all I’ve said and done, I’m no different from my next door neighbor who rejoices in showing off his new car, which he uses every single weekend to takes his family places.  And what did I do? I equipped my kids with suitable tools so they could find their own amusement, and now have them crashing at my place every weekend, without me driving them anywhere. They drive themselves, but in the end may not end up any better than the neighbor’s kids, who have their weekends planned by mum and dad.

And you know what? In the end, it doesn’t frickin’ matter  which road you’re on anyway! Whether you believe in a wrathful God or one of Infinite Love and Wisdom, you’re already part of One way more vast and unbelievable than anything you could possibly imagine. It not only known and controls every moment of our lives within the parameters laid out by our free will, IT IS EVERY MOMENT OF OUR LIVES! 

So, even though this may have sounded like me departing from the road I’ve been on, why choose another road if you consider that all of them lead to your destination? After all, this road is comfortable, it is known territory. So yeah, some things might change, like everything in the Cosmos does. But Moorelife will be Moorelife for the quite foreseeable future, unless 3D sees fit to terminate my existence here. Mind you, that was no wish, just the casual mentioning of a change that would be crucial in this instant. But with me Knowing I’m going to be celebrating my 94th birthday first, I figure you’re not rid of me yet!  


Alive at 47, and kicking!

Love you All!