Sunday, 26 September, 2010 

At the very heart of you is the pure light of God. This light
has the ability to change your thinking and change your outer world. It
is a light which, like a flame when fanned, can fill every cell, every
fiber of your being and transform you. Fanning this flame means giving
the light within you a time of focused attention.

imagination holds the key to transforming your life. What you believe
can be achieved. Even before you believe something is true, you can
allow the possibility to be there and imagine it to be true. Wherever
you focus your attention, your life-force will follow.


the light within you shining brightly. Give yourself a moment to
inhale deeply and as you exhale, imagine a golden light beam moving
from the base of your spine into the earth. As you continue to breathe,
feel this deep connection to the earth relax you and provide a strong
base within you. Now, bring your attention to your , the
energy-field in the middle of your chest. Imagine there is a glowing
flame of light burning there. As you breathe in, this flame grows larger
and brighter. As you breathe out, the light from this flame begins to
fill your body. Continue to breathe and imagine this light expanding
behind your shoulders and down your back, feel it filling every organ
and every cell. This is the light of pure spirit, the healing love of
God. This light fills you with the and radiates from you
in waves of love.

Now imagine this light shining from you and
blessing your house, the area where you live and the planet. Imagine
this loving light blessing all the people you meet today. It’s a good
feeling to send light to others as well as to yourself. This light
promotes in the world around you and in your own body.
Peace begins within the heart of each person individually. God’s light,
shining from the heart of each person on Earth, would bring peace to
the planet and transform the world.

It’s safe to let your light
shine. Maybe when you were a child, it did not feel safe to be who you
really were inside – innocent, trusting and filled with the light of
love. But the consciousness of the people in the world is beginning to
change. Now people everywhere are turning to spirituality as the only
place where they can find true peace and happiness. They are longing
for more sweetness and love in their lives. So the Angels say, “fear
not.” When you shine your love light on the world, you will be a
loving presence. You don’t have to say anything. Your energy alone will
have a transforming effect.

The visualization of the flame of
love in your heart shining out to the people of earth is very potent.
No matter what is happening around you, keep this visualization moving
through you. It takes a little practice, but will have a healing affect
even if you can’t see it. Just your willingness to imagine it is
enough to create a light shining from within you. This light is that
which connects you and everyone around you to the infinite power of
Divine Love.

The master Jesus suggested that your light should
not be hidden under a bushel. Let your light shine forth to bless the
world and your life for the good.

Remember your message from for today,

It’s safe to let your Light shine!

, 2010
from The Gabriel Messages #36