We get our information from a variety of sources, expecting it all to add up, make sense. But this week I bumped into a conflict, regarding my dealings with asthma, my lifelong enemy. Helpful friends here at Moorelife handed me a solution based on the healing powers of water, that seemed  to be the route to follow, but instead resulted in worstening my condition to such an extent that this morning I just had to stay home.

Then chatting with one of my friends gave me the completely opposite advice. And chatting about it some more made me remember how that approach has worked for me in the past, by helping me to get rid of the asthma over the last fifteen  years. Hmm, two conflicting systems of healing, which don’t seem to mesh, because one calls the other one an . How to proceed from here?

Could it be that both are right? Could it be as simple as arithmetic? To arrive at a solution of NINE, you can follow numerous different paths: 3×3, 1+8, 2+7, 4.5×2, and infinite others. The human body systems is so complex, that to ‘fix’ a certain ailment, numerous cures may well be equally effective, yet completely counter-productive when used next to one another. So, how to choose?

I for one am going for what works for me. I’ve had experiences with both, and looking back I must conclude that the cure my friend proposes from his own experience best matches my own personal findings. No judgment of any kind intended, for both mechanisms have their own effects  and side-effects. But if it works, why change a winning combination?

Love your cures, even if they collide….