When I announced this final piece, I had no idea at all what it was going to be about. What I did learn to trust on however, is the delivery of inspiration when I need it and where I need it, like clockwork…..  ;-)

If you had economics in school, odds are you’d figure Just-in-Time to be just a mechanism of logistics that minimizes inventories by creating a clever trick of getting the stuff where it needs to be just before it is actually needed. But do you really think that is a concept humans invented? Think again!

As I left my PC behind, and selected my intended meal from the fridge, the phone rang. I shouldn’t be wondering who it was,  because nine out of ten times it is my ex doing the calling. But still, because of the ten percent margin of mystery, I wondered who kept me from putting a pan on the fire. Only slightly disturbed for being interrupted, I answered it cheerfully because you never know, and the interruption wasn’t that bad: Of course, my ex! But this time she had something to offer, other than a problem she would love me to solve: If I hadn’t eaten yet, she and the kids were just about to dig into the stew of cabbage, served with pickles and smoked sausage…  Now there’s a dish I don’t say no to, and her phone call came right in the nick of time!

Savoring the tasty dish, we sat and talked, and a few wayward thoughts began to coalesce in my mind. Was that the inspiration still required for dessert? Nope, dessert was a bowl of pear custard. But the freshness of it did help those thoughts to emerge. And the fresh air on the three hundred meter walk back home finished it off!

It’s not like we haven’t had our share of Just-in-Time events over the ages. In fact, we may be aching to get certain stuff done, but deep down inside we all feel that no matter how much we want it, time isn’t right for it. But that of course is something we need a certain level of evolution for, in order to admit that to ourselves and others. I know, I’ve been a terrible pain in the butt when it came to wanting too much too soon. And that mainly came from reading certain signals, and attributing them far more relevance with regard to time than they ever warranted. I saw solid waves of opportunity, where others barely perceived whiffs of possibility. It’s all about perspective, you see?

But let me give an example: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, much debated in these circles for the lack of abundant hybrid species,  which should have been present in the fossil record, is just another case of Just-in-Time: the survival of the fittest (not the strongest) is mainly a mechanism of being in the right place at exactly the right time. Humans simply couldn’t have become the dominant species if they hadn’t survived where the dinosaurs no longer could. And likewise, the meek shall inherit the Earth when the dinosaurs of War have outgrown their usefulness.

Just like there have always been people way ahead of their time, like , many more have been right there where they belonged: not always playing starring roles, they simply did what needed to be done, to further the evolution of mankind. Not all of it was considered good by everyone, and a few really excelled in their personification of Evil, but all of it was needed to get us to Right Here, Right Now!  And that even goes for future players…. 

Consider just a few of the less believable inventions that are said to be still in the future: matter transformation and . And let me ask you this: when is ever invented in the future, can we then deduce that the presence of future beings among us is unavoidable? And if so, and matter transformation is sufficiently developed, can we then also deduce that these beings or objects could pretty much have ANY form?

But let’s get back to another Just-in-Time application, brilliantly enacted in the movie Twelve Monkeys, with Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and Madeline Stowe:

What is especially Just-in-Time about this movie is the ending: I’ll have to sacrifice your dislike for spoilers, but it can’t be helped: Twelve Monkeys is about time travel, more specifically travelling back in time to gather intel on a devastating virus that wiped out (you got it: past tense) most of the world’s population. Bruce is one of the more adept advance guards, sent back to figure out where that virus came from and possibly obtain a sample of the clean, unmutated strain of the virus. There’s lots of double layers in there, but the ending scenes are by far the most awesome demonstration of Just-in-Time in action: there simply is no escaping it, because it just keeps on coming closer and closer, like the goalkeeper gun the Dutch navy once demonstrated: it was a high-powered Gatling type machine gun, driven by computerized target seeking capabilities. When they dragged a target into its field of fire with a plane, the system engaged, completely obliterated the target, and then started to follow the steel cable attached to it into the direction of the towing plane! I know, stuff of war, to be avoided in New Age conversation, but I simply want to convey the voracity of Just-in-Time as a mechanism.

I’m convinced that Just-in-Time is not only found in Nature, but is an essential mechanism intimately intertwined in the super-balanced structure of the Cosmos. And I know, I’ve abused a lot of words right now, only to say what many of you summarize in just a few words: there is no better timing than Divine timing!

Love your Time,