I got stranded at home today, by a lack of oxygen that had me put the bicycle back where it was, and mail my boss I’d not be joining him today. Since providence had already provided me with EagleEyes’ comments on the topic, I decided to simply follow his advice, and keep up the good work of downing numerous glasses of during the day, and adding a little salt every now and then to my brain about the impending rescue from dehydration….

Since I’ve also avoided coffee today, shortness of breath was however replaced by a nagging but not yet painful headache. And that had me wondering: if we are taught here we can have it all, why must everything we do here seem like a trade-off? I love coffee, but for the sake of my lungs I should give it up. But in return, I get a headache because of caffeine shortage. I’d rather write than test software, but if you want to write you must first be able to live, and in order to do that, you need to work…

The only stuff I do get for free without having asked for them are the numerous syncs that promise me impossible things, until I finally cave in and go after them. And then impossible becomes "quite plausible, but when?" And that puts me right back in the trade-off mechanism again. I just cannot seem to let go! If I let go, I let go of , not of . And that headache makes it for me even to finish this of thought…

Well, something brought back the hope a bit this afternoon: a reply from the publisher about that change I requested in my regarding the of meeting which their publication voided: They wanted to change it, but needed help finding the correct passages. So perhaps everything will work out alright…..

At least my novel is now on again, and I am rid of my Asthma. The Quiche Lorainne is baking in the oven (yeah, ready-made), and I will be leaning back for supper and a relaxed nite on the couch practicing my detachment. It is just a matter of uncoupling a few tangled concepts in my . Once I’ve got that straightened out, I should be .

Bon Appetit, if it is that time for you,