I am feeling very good lately. 

I don&;t know exactly what
all has shifted, but a lot has.  The active part from my conscious end
has at the root, a deepened commitment to exploring the ways in which I
love myself/or NOT, and uprooting all the little ways I don’t do what
exactly is appealing to my inner self.  The other thing is there has
been an enormous increase in acceptance&;of self, of others–which means
just letting them do and be and say and act however and just not
letting it interfere with me at all. 

Often with people close to
me who seem to be bent on repeating the choices that got them things
they didn’t want, this means "Acting as If" I don’t notice this
recurrence!  Which by and large often means not saying anything and
practically ignoring all kinds of stuff until I learn to have more
grace!  Regardless, it’s working. 

The thing is: I realized that
if I believe (as I do) that life is PERFECT, lacking nothing.  As am
I.  Then at any given moment this is, indeed true.  Right?  Which means
if there is anytime in which I’m not feeling this–it’s ME–it’s not
that it’s not true.  So its up to me to harmonize into this
and find that feeling so I can know and relish life as it is.

means if I am irritated that what I want that I don’t have isn’t
here–I AM out of sync with LIFE.  I’m at war in a way with life,
myself and the Universe.  (Yuck!)  Guess who needs to budge here?  Me.

and responding to life as though all is PERFECT…that life is showing
up in the perfect way in the perfect time is easier said then done
(obviously) for anyone who has attempted this energetic entry to

Yup—that’s what it is, really ALLOWING.  And when
we get good at it, we realize it’s more than allowing, it’s RECEIVING. 
We’re receiving.  We’re been given to, abundantly!  In each and every

Let’s explore some of the simple awareness that is
involved with being in harmony and peace with our lives…check in and
see if you have these feelings at least daily, and preferably
repeatedly throughout the day.

Here goes…

I AM alive.  I
have this amazing body in which my spiritual vessel exists.  My body. 
Wow.  How I love this body?  It goes right on doing everything and
knowing how to, without my direction.  Even when in the past I didn’t
like the way it looked very much or the way it felt.  It goes right on,
not being difficult, but being a wise, tapped in way for me to
experience LIFE on .  I know you think this is basic and take it
for granted.  But how can we take this for granted?  Isn’t it
everything?  It’s HOME.  Without this we would not have a home.  So
instead of feeling frustrated that I don’t know "how" to buy a big
style house yet in Pasadena that also has a studio for
painting and a pool, I’m going to LOVE my body for being my home. 
Loyal.  Devoted.  Hard working.  Self-repairing.  Excellent.

AM breathing.  I am effortlessly being supported by mother Earth and
the beautiful trees around me who produce oxygen in spades so I never
feel out of breath unless I’m stretching myself physically and that’s
not about available oxygen.

I AM profoundly LOVED.  All-that-is
is flowing love to me all the time if I just allow myself to know that I
am innately worthy of everything and I choose to believe and
experience this.  When I KNOW I AM profoundly loved (which I do) I feel
SO good!  SO happy!  I am alive, breathing and in the world flooded
with LOVE…excellent!!!

Now what?

I AM impulsed by my
desires which give my life orientation and direction!  I can trust
these impulses entirely.  I don’t have to figure life out!  Everything
that feels good to me is something I can trust.  I don’t even have to
understand it.  How cool is that?  I can just allow myself to be led by
my inner voice and watch the mystery of how the Universe makes my life
amazing happen without me figuring it out!

I AM in perfect
harmony with everyone else! The universe choreographs all of our inner
impulses and as long as I’m following mine and letting everyone else do
their things I AM totally free!  And I live in absolute peace and
harmony!  Things flow into my life with ease and I am able to enjoy
living in a peaceful world and a peaceful Universe.

Guess what? 
No one else needs to participate for any of this to be the way you
experience life.  So you’ve heard all of this kind of stuff before and
the Law of Attraction/Allowing bit isn’t working?

I can
confidently say that the only reason we get the results that feel like
our life is "now working" is because we’re NOT allowing and enjoying,
we’re noticing how much our life is not working.  Abraham-Hicks says
all of this so often, diversely and well, and it’s simple.

If we’re unhappy with life we’re not allowing.  If we’re trying to
figure stuff out with our brain by analyzing the problem and deciding
what to do we’re not being divinely inspired and led.

subtle to notice this and make the shift–for it’s really lots and lots
of small shifts.  You have to pay attention to YOU.  Not anyone else,
nor what they say or do, but to you and how you feel about YOU and YOUR

I discovered my own personal trick to getting in this
space because of one very deeply held desire I have: I want to do what I
want each and every day without exception.

That might appeal to some of you?

this is what I discovered.  To have a sustainable life–meaning one in
harmony with the world, one which I can maintain easily and without
negative impact on anything or anyone and for me, with ease, I have to
first and foremost make peace with life as it is.  RIGHT NOW.

(and now we’re getting to the good stuff–money and all) if what I
want is to be self-employed as a /channel and do what I am
inspired to do on a daily basis, I have to live that way right now.

for me meant in the beginning entirely altering my standard of living
until I could organically grow the lifestyle I wanted BE-ing ME.

it happened rather organically.  I had mercury poisoning and was sick
for a couple of years.  That’ll get you down to the bare bones!  I
spent my retirement, my savings and eventually had to declare
bankruptcy because I didn’t get well that fast.  Then I got well and I
started over.  But when I started over I chose to only do things that
were, for me sustainable.

Which means–things that feel innately
me to me.  Stuff I know I can keep up because I love it.  Stuff that if
I decide I want to change it I can and it’s only up to me.  And I
refused to take my monthly "nut" (the amount of bills I have monthly)
and let it get big and stress me out.  I want to first of all
experience receiving money from my business.  I can and do receive
things in other ways, but I enjoy the experience of making money from
my work.  So my lifestyle had to adjust to the income that I know how
to manifest right now–what came easily and reliably.  Which at the
beginning was practically nothing.  Which was fine–because it lets me
grown as I’m inspired without feeling pressure or a need to "make
money" to pay bills.  I create things that I offer for money because I
AM inspired to experience these things!

So I simplified, organically.

I think this is happening to a lot of people I know.  Only it doesn’t feel like our choice when it begins.

some kind of combination of ascension + blueprint emerging.  Our inner
life is coming forth.  We get activated.  We need to go inward.  We
need to spend time alone.  THAT is what will make us feel aligned and
good.  So we get that–however it shows up.  Which is often through
getting fired, laid-off, business declining, or health issues. 

we get tired of all this instead of seeing that we’re being led to a
sustainable life of ease and joy, peace and love, creativity and YES,

As we go through the process of integrating more
light, and letting go of so many things, we have the opportunity to
choose to live this life of ease.  We create this anew by truly
considering what we are capable of enjoying and appreciating!

toward a simple life is not about deprivation.  It’s not about denying
ourselves what makes us happy.  It’s about awareness.  For me it is
about getting rid of things that no longer contribute to my happiness. 
It’s about making sure my outer life–the way I create my experience
in the world–is truly aligned and balanced with my inner life.

The result?

feel SO rich!  I am abundantly resourced!  I have all my days to
myself.  I’m 48 and I can do whatever I want all the time.  Okay–I
don’t have the ability to put my dog in a private jet and shoot off to
for a vacation.  But do I want that?  Not sure–hadn’t thought of
it until now.  Sounds like it might be fun.  If I get to some point
where I’m really certain this kind of thing would give me profound
happiness, I am confident it will show up.

I live in luxury.  I
have the most wonderful office.  My work connects me to cool,
interesting people.  I make more than enough money to pay all my bills
on time and in full plus.   I have money to buy clothes, the
high-end face cream I love, get my hair done and go out for dinner when
I feel like it.  I took a 4 day vacation in July and went to the Ritz
in Pasadena, stayed in a private suite and just wrote and ordered room
service.  I buy any book I want and treat my cats and dogs to organic

The point is, somehow, I’ve simplified.  I’m even
considering getting a different car when my lease is up.  Not because I
can’t pay for it, but because I’ve realized it’s just too much car for
me–considering I work from home and don’t drive too much (as in 14K
miles in 3+ years).  I think it would be fun to have something that was
about , good mileage + fun design.  So instead of my
luxury SUV I’m looking at VW convertable bugs!  They’re so cute and
fun.  And I have to wonder when I got so serious about cars?  My
resources are being re-allocated and flowing toward what gives me really
deep pleasure!  Some of that extra money from the car will likely go
elsewhere–vacations, or maybe it’s time to start saving for a house
with a pool or on a lake or wherever I decide I want to live next.

in this process of simplification I did the thing I always encourage
other people to do: I leaned hard on the universe.  And guess what? 
The Universe came through–in spades.

During my time with mercury
poisoning I had gifts and friends who supported me in ways I could not
have imagined.  One dear friend even took out a dental loan to pay for
the proper removal of all of my fillings (10+) and has continued to
pay off that debt to this day, just happy to be able to help me.

am no longer buying Manolo Blahnick sandals for $545 like I used to. 
Or shopping for Dana Buchman suits as I bought in Chicago during my
consulting days.  I don’t get a massage at Burke Williams every week
either like I used to.  I don’t live in a high rise on Lake Shore
Drive, or go shopping just to see if I find something I like.  None of
these things interest me anymore!  In fact?  Some of them even seem
boring to me!   I’ve changed.

What I love now is how deeply
involved in my life I am and discovering the things that do have bang
for me–what gives me really deep happiness, makes me laugh out loud
often and what is truly fun!  Those things were wonderful before, but
they don’t give me the buzz they used to. Truth is?  I’m too busy
having fun WORKING because work for me is all about what I’m learning
and sharing and I love it!  I wear jeans every day and a white tank top
underneath a sweater or t-shirt.  Scarves and cashmere come out in the
winter–but I have a couple of beautiful ones, not 20, and as a result
my closet stays organized which I love!  I wear UGGS and Birkenstocks
because I adore them and they suit me.  I love jeans from the Gap and
have two pair I rotate. 

I play with and walk my dogs out side
everyday.  I spend time in the mountains.  I eat lunch on my front
porch in the sun amidst flowers and amazing beauty.  I rendezvous with
friends or lie on the couch and have lengthy conversations over the
phone in the middle of the day then take a nap.  Sometimes in the middle
of the day I take a bath.  I cook for myself and enjoy growing herbs
on my porch.  I sleep deeply at night when I feel tired and wake up
when I want to.  My life is entirely my own.

It’s perfect.

And more than perfect.  It’s satisfying.  Deeply deeply satisfying.

have ideas.  Things I’d like to experience that are new for me.  I’d
like to learn Italian.  I loved learning Greek which was hard, but this
one I suspect will be easier, and a trip to Italy at the end would be
so much fun!  I keep seeing pictures of and I’ve never been there
and am sure I would love a road trip there with lots of hiking. 

also want to finish my book and have the experience of connecting with
my perfect agent, getting it published and seeing my life change with
that and from that new platform imagining new stuff to create.

amazingly…I now, could no longer care less when all this happens.  I
know I’m a timeless, eternal being having a beautiful and perfect
experience in this human body and focus of .

I AM blessed.  Grateful.  And allowing.  And the Universe is listening…and I’m receiving more all the time.

invite you to explore in detail what ways you are not at peace with
your life.  It’s the doorway to allowing.  And it’s so much easier to
open then you might think.

So many of us have changed so much and
are still changing!  It’s time: make peace with who you are NOW and
let all the old things go.  Which also means the "things" that feel
like a burden or hard to sustain.

Choose instead to live a life
totally your own, that’s perfect and in alignment with your vibe as it
is RIGHT NOW.  However your life is right now is facilitating for you
the perfect experience. 

Make peace with life…by making peace with yourself.

Most of us are at war with our inner, most beautiful selves, day-in-day-out!

Cry "Uncle," and give the olive branch to YOU.  The relief and joy
that are available to you will blow your mind.  Which will be
helpful–then you can just listen to your heart.

All love to you,


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