Just sat here talking to Tinus, a friend of my girls. He is a very curious guy, and we were talking about . And then, in the middle of our conversation, it occurred to me: the perfect method to get rid of your doubts: just leverage what you know to be true, to eradicate it!

In my case, Bashar’s 4 Laws of Creation and the resulting view of the Cosmos is the crowbar I need: it says that All already is, that Infinity is huge enough to contain all realities we can think of, and even those we can’t think of. So doubt about whether any situation truly is possible can be thrown right out of the door!

He also says we skip from reality to reality in order to reach what we want or need. Now there the doubt comes in again, because I have rather quirky navigational skills where this type of travel is concerned. Some impossible trips I make with zero effort, but the ones I deem possible tend to send me up the river with a broken ore.

But, if the impossible is doable, then the possible should be a piece of proverbial cake! And boy do I love cake! Just at that moment my youngest is proposing making Apfelstrudel, so I’ll be  gone for a few moments, in order to finish this story while they bake….

Apfelstrudel, one of our treats: only one euro a piece, 40 minutes in the oven, and you’ve got Heaven on a plate! At such moments, Now is absolutely the place where I am! No plans for the future other than the next five minutes, munching away at hot apple and crunchy pastry.

But back to those future intentions, and their seemingly doubtful Nature. I’m up against the hurdle of "Will I ever be able to master that trick?". Well, that can only be leveraged away with the past: I’ve acquired thousands of skills, both small and large. And it’s not that I’m looking for something that might not exist, Bashar took care of that. So if it is there, I can find it!

And even better still, it’s not just one reality that would be OK. Hundreds or thousands, quite possibly even many more would be absolutely delightful. So I may not reach the ultimate possibility, but there will be plenty that would do! And the only thing I really need is a compass! But I have one! It’s called personal  preference, and it shows the way to what Bashar calls "your highest excitement". So, every choice I make gets me one reality closer to where I want to be. 

Who cares if something we expect goes wrong? Any choice, even a choice to end something not quite agreeable gets us one step closer to what we do want to choose.  So I think I finally have this thing down: whatever I expect to encounter in the future is no matter of doubt and hesitation, but a subset of my personal preferences. Not some wish that may be forgotten, but a set of preferences that is always with me. And  these may  not lead me to the exact object of my desires, but they sure as Heaven point to something similar or even better. Who cares that the last desire combined 99.9% of my preferences? They will point me in that direction no matter what I try, and might even get me to the 100% mark yet!

So, no plans, just do what feels right in the moment, and things should work out fine!

No worries, no hurries,